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Smallville: Rage

Clark: "Who am I dealing with? Jekyll or Hyde?"

Lana is pregnant? I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

But severe headaches and extreme multiple fainting spells? Those aren't typical pregnancy symptoms. Is Lana going to die in childbirth, just as she did in "Lexmas"? Dan reminded me that in the comic books, Lex Luthor had a child. I'm intrigued.

Again with the less-about-Clark and more-about-Green-Arrow. Oliver got his hands on super heal-y juice that was both addictive and rage-inducing, and it wasn't even K. (Unless it was a new type of purple K.) Oliver under the influence was definitely not as boring as when Lana was addicted to flatlining. And what an interesting coincidence, having an episode about a healing drug when Lana was so ill. Dan was hypothesizing that Lex knew Lana was sick and that it was why he was bribing Dr. Black away from Queen Industries. But we never learned what Lex was up to.

Oliver revealed a serious case of Clark envy, and I think it was justified. After all, Oliver risks his life every time he goes after a bad guy, and Clark doesn't. Unless it's a meteor freak or a supercriminal from the Phantom Zone, that is.

Lois was ready to hit the sheets with Oliver. Has Smallville taken a more adult turn this season, or what? Too bad Oliver was busy getting shot. (Oliver disappears, Green Arrow gets shot right outside? Do the math, Lois.) Yes, I understand her penchant for superheroes, but Lois, save yourself for Clark. Was Clark being protective, or was he jealous?

Interesting holiday groupings there in the final few minutes: Clark, Martha and Lionel, Lois and Oliver, Chloe and a text message from Jimmy Olsen, all having a warm holiday moment. Note that everyone had someone. Except Clark.

Cut to Lex and Lana on either end of a long, elegant, quiet table, with servants, secrets, and very little joy. When will Lana tell Lex he's going to be a father? Will he propose?

Bits and pieces:

— Lionel finally nearly almost kissed Martha. Come on. Stop teasing us. For a former evil mastermind, Lionel has come a long way. And it's been nearly a year; Martha can't stay in mourning forever.

— If Green Arrow was shot and unconscious, how did he take the shot of RL65 that healed him?

— Chloe, confidant of the world, knows Clark's secret and Lana's. At least she still doesn't know Oliver is Green Arrow. Rightly so, since it's not Clark's secret to tell.

— That Oliver Lex arrow bullet Mexican standoff was quite cool.

— Giving Lex something that induces rage? Probably not a good idea. Surprised we didn't get more of that. Maybe they ran out of time.

— Lex forbade Lana to volunteer at the Second Chance Halfway House. Lex, don't forbid Lana to do something. You know she's going to run right out and do it.

— How was Lana getting around town? If she was passing out, she shouldn't be driving. But then again, considering how many cars she's crashed, what's one more?

— We had a three car crash-up caused by an arrow. Oliver broke the glass of water he was holding, and tossed Lois through a glass coffee table. (People constantly crash through glass coffee tables in this show.) And Clark threw Oliver across Lex's office. Seven points.


Lois: "I'm pretty open minded, but kinky hide-and-seek really isn't my game."

Oliver: "Apparently you were too busy using your powers to bale hay to realize there was a crime wave in Metropolis. Let me ask you a question. Are you ever going to get off your ass and finally do something for a change?"

Oliver: (to Clark) "I'm not even in your league." Yet another Justice League groaner.

Clark: "Lois isn't Lana. If you two are meant to be together, then who am I to stand in the way?"
Let's just skate past the irony of Superman fixing Lois Lane up with Green Arrow, shall we?

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Cut to Lex and Lana on either end of a long, elegant, quiet table, with servants, secrets, and very little joy.

    This reminds me of the scene in Citizen Kane. Yet another really happy couple...

  2. 'Save yourself for Clark'???

    What is this---the 1950's ?


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