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Smallville: Fierce

Clark: "When I talked about fitting in, I was thinking of something with more clothes."

Meteors freaks and a beauty pageant? Make it stop. When I saw America's next top models strut into the Miss Sweet Corn beauty pageant, I got a sinking feeling this wasn't going to be a favorite of mine.

Clark managed to get Kara in plaid already. That made me laugh. The "patronizing watermelon tutorial" was fun, too. And I liked Kara in a red bikini and high heels with a book on her head, mostly because it freaked Lana out. Clark was very big brother with Kara, just a bit smothering and overbearing. Kara handled it well, though; she mostly didn't listen to him. I liked that Kara's heart is obviously in the right place, but Clark playing house with Kara just felt weird. Maybe I just miss the Kents. And Lionel. And where's Lois? Yes, she's off in Europe fulfilling her destiny, but I miss Lois, too.

Lana's crime has been conveniently resolved (because of Lex) and she managed to steal ten million bucks from him (go, Lana). Unfortunately, she's now staying at the Kent farm with Clark and his wacky cousin from Krypton, and all signs point to the Clark/Lana romance taking off yet again. Yes, things have changed a bit; she's been married to the Prince of Darkness, after all, and she knows Clark's secret. But still, I was really hoping she was an evil clone. Rats.

The Planet's new editor has a taste for the strange and unusual, so it was back to the Wall of Weird for our Chloe. Jimmy was jumping on the bandwagon, too. Unfortunately, Chloe not only has to compete with Lois; Jimmy and Kara were staring at each other. Uh oh. Jimmy said that all meteor freaks eventually snap and become killers. He doesn't know he's dating one. Do they? Not Chloe. I don't believe it.

Lex's minions have been passing around that sketch of Kara looking like her hair exploded, and now he's found her. And he knows she's super. That was actually the most interesting part of this episode for me. I hadn't thought about it, but as Lex pointed out, the way Lex met Clark was exactly the same way Lex met Kara. Is he going to try to capture her and experiment on her? Will he put two and two together? Or has he, already?

Bits and pieces:

— Kara Kent, Clark's cousin from Minnesota. (I immediately flashed on the Coneheads, "We're from France.")

— Kara already has a job at the Talon, because everyone in the cast has to work at the Talon at some time or another. It's a rite of passage.

— That scene with Clark fixing that same tractor Jonathan kept fixing made me miss the Kents again.

— Kara was angry about spending a dozen years frozen, and what did she encounter? Frozen people. How ironic.

— Floating unresolved plot point: where's the Kryptonian gold? And where's that Kryptonian from a hundred years ago? Kara mentioned not growing old. Lana wants to grow old with Clark. Not gonna happen, Lana.


Chloe: "It's twistedly brilliant. I mean, who would ever suspect vapid eye candy as white trash cat burglars?"

Lex actually said (about Kara): "She saved me from drowning in the evil of my ways." There aren't that many shows (or many actors, for that matter) that can get away with lines like this.

It wasn't terrible, but I was sort of waiting for it to be over. Two stars?

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. This episode is one big step backwards, I'm afraid.

    Clark was very big brother with Kara, just a bit smothering and overbearing.

    A bit? He was channeling Jonathan. Let me hasten to add that this is in no way a good thing, and both Lana and Chloe agreed with me. I thought we were past all that nonsense.

    [T]he way Lex met Clark was exactly the same way Lex met Kara.

    Exactly! The car off the bridge was now seven seasons ago. Let's try a different angle.

    I am tired and bored of Lana and Clark. Please let them break up again (will this be the third time??) -- soon!

    I have decided that the most overused line on this show is "I lied to you because I was trying to protect you." Just once, I would like someone to come up with a different excuse for lying to someone.

    A bit ranty -- sorry. But, the writers need to pull the story forward, not back.

  2. Lex better not quit his day job. He will never get a job as a sketch artist.


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