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Smallville: Kara

Chloe: "I should have known you were Clark's cousin from all the primary colors."

Competing cousins. We actually had a theme.

Dan liked Kara. I'm still on the fence. At least she has more of an acting range than any other blonde Kryptonian they've had so far, and she's already mastered that mean, superior Kryptonian look. I liked that she was impatient and not all that careful, that they gave her a little darkness. And I thought it was fun that she was Clark's babysitter. I wonder if she changed his diapers?

Those lovable battling Luthors were back. Lana was cloned? That actually shocked me, but all the baby stuff last season finally made something in the way of sense. I'm actually semi-interested in Lana again, and I didn't think that was possible. Please tell me we're going to have an evil Lana clone running around all season. It would fit, since we started the season with Clark's evil clone. Cousins and clones.

Was Lex manipulating Lana again, or was he sincere? I honestly believe he really does love her. She couldn't pull the trigger, too. Does Lana still have a weakness for big bad Lex? It occurred to me that Shanghai Lana could be a clone, too. Wouldn't that be interesting?

So a nuke is about to go off somewhere in Kansas, and where's Lois? Right there. Grant Gabriel, the new whiz kid editor of the Daily Plant, has apparently just put Lois on the road to her destiny as the Daily Planet's star reporter. One thing I didn't like was Grant setting Lois and Chloe up as competitors, and the way he kept putting Chloe down. Maybe he was right that Chloe needed the competition. Whatever. I kind of wanted to smack him.

Finally, I could swear that there was Lois and Clark sparkage in the opening scene. Did I just imagine it? Lois and Clark together is sort of like writing out Lana. Which will never happen.

Bits and pieces:

— Kara has Daisy Dukes, red boots, and silver bracelets. And perfect hair, even after eighteen years in suspended animation. Can I mention the obvious? Yes, Clark finally has a blood relation, but she's not his sister. If this were science fiction and not fantasy, they would probably be each other's only opportunity to have children.

— No Lionel. And still no Jimmy. I miss Lionel; I don't miss Jimmy.

— At least having some super competition around finally got Clark to return to the Fortress and train with Jor-El. Except Jor-El sent him right back again to keep an eye on Kara. So much for that.

— Jor-El and Zor-El? What were their parents thinking when they named them that? I wonder if we're going to get Zor-El around as a disembodied voice, too?

— Again, a member of the cast was certain she saw a spaceship. Probably because she did. Deja vu. And more deja vu: Lex was wearing an orange jumpsuit. I wonder if it was the same one Lionel wore when he didn't murder Chloe?

— Lex called Lana "Lan." I don't remember him doing that before.

— Lex's assistant was that cool guy from Dark Angel who played Logan's assistant.

— Grant Gabriel used to work for the Star City Post. Please tell me they're not introducing yet another non-Clark love interest for Lois.

— The new bad guys from the Department of Homeland Security have Kara's crystal. Clones, cousins, and crystals.


Clark: "Lois, you had a near death experience. You should be resting."

Clark: "Not only is she as strong as I am, she can fly."
Chloe: "Whoa. Sounds like we got ourselves a true blue supergirl."

Chloe: "Once again a Luthor snake manages to slither away from the grip of justice."
That line made me laugh out loud. I love Chloe so much. How can she say lines like this with a straight face?

Lex: "Tell me, Chloe. Tell me everything you know."
Chloe: "Here's everything I know, Lex. You need some serious psychiatry."

Kara: "Explain to me again why you can't fly?"
I must admit it's great to see someone flying. I just wanted it to be Clark. At least she hasn't discovered some of her other abilities, and Clark was ahead of her there.

Grant: "Your prose leaps off the page like a Bengal tiger."
I absolutely loved that line.

Good one. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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