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Smallville: Gone

Lana: "Well, I'm gonna go."
Lois: "But the awkward tension is just getting started."

Big, busy, climactic episode, with helicopters and multiple nude shower scenes and everything. And Chloe's finally back. Hallelujah.

God, I love Lois. Digging up Chloe's grave. Walking in on Clark in the shower. (Was she hoping for a second glimpse of Clark Jr., or just trying to catch him off guard?) There was some wonderful chemistry between Clark and Lois. Much more so, in my opinion, than there has ever been between Clark and Lana.

Turned out Lex was hiding Chloe, which made sense, and even saved her life. Lex won this round of the Lionel/Lex death match, although I just don't believe Lionel will be in jail for long. During the early scene when Lionel implied he was behind Lex's poisoning and told Lex he would never, ever be safe from him, Lex's usual bravado deserted him. I think Lex was finally afraid of his father. Who wouldn't be?

The Clark/Lex friendship was still on the rocks, and Lex was all obsessed with the plane incident. Clark has even started to believe Lex may be Sageeth. Are they finally on the road to being enemies?

Lionel hired an interesting meteor freak from Belle Reve, Trent a.k.a. Ginsu-boy. Clark and Lois blew him up into little pieces together. Does that mean that Clark finally killed someone?

Bits and pieces:

— Michael Ironside appeared as General Sam Lane, Lois' father. Great character actor. I've always been fond of Michael Ironside.

— Clark, nude shower scene. And Lionel even nuder shower scene! Lionel was injured yet again. I think Lionel has been injured nearly as many times as they've put Lana in danger.

— Lois' mother died when Lois was six.

— Lana's boring new tattoo appears to be related to the caves, just like everything else.

— I've never cared much for Lana Lang as a character, but I'll freely admit that Kristin Kreuk is one of the prettier people on the planet, and her new look is a good one for her. Now if they could just cut Tom Welling's hair and get him out of plaid.

— Lex saved the Talon for Lana. He's in loooovve.

— Lois called Clark "Smallville."

— Clark threw Ginsu Boy across the foundry floor. One point.


Lois: "Nothing like a little North by Northwest action to get the blood pumping, huh?"

Lois: "I don't understand what the big deal is here. We just took a shower."
Clark: "Showersss. We took separate showersss."

Clark: "She's bossy, she's stuck up, she's rude. I can't stand her."
Lana: "The best ones always start out that way."

Jason: "I'm freaking you out with the whole Cary Grant moment, aren't I?"
Jensen Ackles is way cute. I liked him two years ago when this episode first aired. (I'm writing retro reviews.) But I like him even better in Supernatural.

Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. I LOVE Lois. It might be because of how much this show lacked any strong and fun female characters *cough* Lana *cough* but it's mostly because she's just an awesome character thus far. I agree on the Kristin Kreuk being very pretty though, but I AM extremely jealous. She got to cuddle with Damon (aka Ian Somerhalder) AND Dean (Jensen Ackles), two of my big time tv crushes. Particularly Jensen since Supernatural is one of my all time favorite shows. I love your reviews Billie. Supernatural ones as well. I read them after every episode :D

  2. Yeah, I love Lois, too. She was a big reason I kept hanging in there with Smallville. Thanks so much for your comment, Cristina N.

  3. God bless, Lois. She is exactly what this show needed -- a woman who is not only all the adjectives I listed in the last show but who is brave and can kick some serious ass.

    Plus, she gives us a good dose of some much needed humour. The shower scene and the post shower scene make me laugh every time I watch them. And the exchange you quote about "separate showers" just kills me.

    The chemistry between these two is already great. They are like a 40's romantic comedy -- all zings and barbs and rolling eyes. I love it!

    Honestly, although I am enjoying the Lionel in prison storyline and the Lex/Clark split, my attention is 100% when Miss Durance turns up.

  4. Honestly, as charmed as I was by Lois' entrance, it made me worry about Chloe because I wondered if Chloe's death might be what pushes her to become a reporter. Though she IS still in the cast. I was also initially confused as to her age, as she is noticeably older than Kreuk and Mack. Granted, Tom Welling is even older but I'm used to him and, um, maybe Kryptonians mature more quickly than humans.


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