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Smallville: Hypnotic

Lex: "You think the ship's in Honduras."
Fine: "Well, I'm certainly not here for the coffee."

This episode seemed odd and disjointed. Maybe it was Clark acting weird when it wasn't any form of strange K. Maybe it was the sex and partial nudity. Maybe it was Milton Fine showing up in Honduras. Ah, well.

At least it was a happy episode, because



And even better – an angry Lana immediately ran to Lex. I even thought for one bright, shining moment that she was going to throw herself into his waiting arms. Maybe next week. Or maybe they'll make us wait for the season finale. That's okay. I can wait.

All that racy, non-Smallville-like sex, and Clark didn't actually do it with Simone? That's sort of disappointing, because it leaves the whole "Superman can't have sex because he might hurt his partner" plot device still in force. But on second thought, that's a fairly good plot device to explore with, say, Lois? She's right there, waiting around the plot corner.

I did enjoy seeing James Marsters doing all that super stuff. It seems Milton Fine can do what Clark does, but more so, because I'm fairly certain Clark can't divide himself into four people, channel the T-1000, or liquify himself. It appears that Fine is looking for a specific drug in the pharmaceutical cornucopia that is the rain forest. What does he want to do with it? Something for Zod. Taking the opener into account and assuming they stay with the supervillain staple, he's probably planning to destroy the human race.

Bits and pieces:

— We got both Lois and Lana this week, but mostly Lana. Maybe it'll be Lois next week.

— No John Glover. So we didn't get anything more about the marvelous "Your secret is safe with me, Kal-El" cliffhanger. Again, maybe next week.

— Lex thinks Fine works for the state department. Lex is not usually dense.

— Simone is dead, right? The bullet appeared to smash the jewel, though; would that be enough to kill her? Or do we have yet another person running around the world knowing Clark's secret?

— Loved the unabashed kitsch of Clark literally giving Simone a piece of Mom's apple pie. This show isn't afraid of parodying itself.

— There was yet more throwing of a character across the room. This seems to happen in every episode. This time it was Lex's turn. It's Lex's turn a lot.

— I liked the way Clark knocked out Lois with the tip of his finger. She does seem to end up unconscious in every episode, doesn't she?

— This week's Superman reference: Clark bent that aluminum bat into a big S, for Simone.

— John Schneider is still in the cast. I'm going to stop mentioning it now.

— They did a dedication to Dana Reeve, 1961-2006. Bless her. It said donations can be made in her name at christopherreeve.org.


Lois: "Clark is no different than any other red-blooded male. His brain is not his commanding officer."

Clark: "I need to be honest with you."
Lana: "That would be refreshing."
And to add insult to injury, he wasn't being honest at all.

Only so-so, but at least James Marsters is back. Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. It took far too long, but I agree with you. At last, this boring romance is over.

    Bring on the Lana/Lex and Clark/Lois rebounds!

  2. Simone is dead, you can see the bullet wound. although I am v.glad Lana and Clark broke up.

  3. I hate to say I have noticed the following fact: Whenever Clark strips down to his boxers, he always has the blue ones on. This is going back to ALL the previous seasons. Does he ever change his underwear?

  4. I love the cold open of this episode... Milton Fine doing his thing.

    But damn Clark why couldn't you just tell her "I'm sorry but there's sensitive information that I realized I just can't bring myself to share with you" instead of telling her you don't love her anymore.


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