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Smallville: Void

Jonathan: "I am so very proud that I died protecting you."

Last week, un-Smallville-like sex; this week, un-Smallville-like gross out.

The total improbability of Lana becoming a flatlining junkie overnight made it difficult for me to get into this one. At first. But then it moved into some exceptionally cool territory in the second half, with Lex and Clark both making very interesting journeys to the afterlife that made the whole episode worthwhile.

Clark's "visit" with Jonathan was just lovely. It actually choked me up. Clark finally told Jonathan it was all his fault, and of course, Jonathan forgave him. Note that Jonathan wanted Clark to go back and live, while Lillian wanted Lex to stay dead.

Lillian: "Stay with me, Alexander. Don't let the blood wash away what's left of your soul."
Lex: "What blood?"
Lillian: "Of all the people you're going to murder."


Lillian referred to their previous "encounter" in the Christmas episode. Once again, Lex was told that he will become evil if he doesn't change. And he keeps choosing the dark path, anyway. That's what villains do, I know, but I'm so fond of Lex that it makes me sad. That's one of the drawbacks of giving us Lex pre-villain for so long, and having him portrayed by such a lovable actor, I suppose.

The all-over-the-place Lionel is finally back. Is he bad? Is he good? Is he possessed by Jor-El? We still don't know, and it's starting to bug me. At least Jonathan told Clark that Lionel knew his secret, so fireworks are approaching. I don't usually comment on the previews, but they sure look interesting.

Just a little more bitching before I go. Ripping Lex off was as out of character for Lana as becoming a junkie overnight. Why didn't Lana just ask Lex for the money? He'd do anything for her, and unless she's a complete moron, she has to know it. Maybe she knew he'd try to stop her, though, so never mind. But let me also make a continuity comment: Lex and Clark showed no signs of needing to go back and do it again. And Lana looked better way too quickly. They hit the re-set button again.

Bits and pieces:

— No Milton Fine this week, but we had Clark do a cool zip to the southern hemisphere in order to show James Marsters' photo around. And there's an epidemic in Honduras. That can't be good.

— Clark arrived at Chloe's door in a split second. But there were other students in the hallway. Wouldn't they have, you know, noticed?

— Lana chose an appropriate place to die: the gross anatomy lab. How gross. And her student ID got her into the lab. How improbable is that?

— In the afterlife experience with Lillian, Lex was wearing a black leather glove.

— There was an ankh on "death girl" Ally's door. An ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol for life. A little irony, since she died in that scene.

— Martha introduced legislation to raise taxes for schools. Good for her.

— Martha looked fabulous in that rust-colored evening dress. And she told Lionel up front that there would never be anything between them. Again, good for her. Good episode for Martha.


Lillian: "A field of beautiful flowers lay barren by an emptiness that can never be filled."
Lillian said Lex would suffer. Could that mean Lana will bite it for real, like she did in the Christmas episode?

Lionel: "You should always wear that color, Martha."
I totally agree.

Lana: "They don't make a card for 'sorry I got you killed.'"

Lionel: "Good night... Clark."
It was so like he wanted to say, "Good night, Kal-El."

One star for strung-out Lana. Three stars for Lex's and Clark's after-death scenes. That averages out to two out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Clark arrived at Chloe's door in a split second. But there were other students in the hallway. Wouldn't they have, you know, noticed?

    LOL One of the joys of this show is that one has to completely suspend disbelief and just go along for the ride.

    Why didn't Lana just ask Lex for the money? He'd do anything for her, and unless she's a complete moron, she has to know it.

    I'm beginning to think Lana's not the brightest bulb in the box. I mean, how often can Clark do what he does in front of her and she just accepts his (very often) lame excuses. At least now they're broken up and, hopefully, he won't have to lie to her too often any more. I don't want her to know the secret.

  2. If the show ends up following close to the comics own mythology, then I'm afraid you might be disappointed.

  3. It's funny the same way Splinter was to me. Though unlike you I could buy that it affected Lana worse than it did Lex and Clark. The Lionel-Martha friend-courtship thing continues to oddly captivate me

    1. Onigirli, I genuinely adore John Glover, and I always enjoyed Lionel's thing for Martha. Lionel and Martha were so much more fun than Jonathan and Martha. Not even close.


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