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Smallville: Metamorphosis

Greg: "Just remember. Sometimes you're the windshield. Sometimes you're the bug."

Didn't David Cronenberg already do this one, and a whole lot better?

Even though Bug Boy was just revolting, the meteor freak idea does work as a plot device. It gives young Clark any number of super-nemeses to deal with right in his own home town, and has the added plot benefit of making Clark's powers seem almost normal. (Just another meteor freak here, folks. Move along.)

Lot of focus on Kryptonite. Bugboy's change was caused by K-infected insects that finally got to him in his (what else) green VW bug. The Kryptonite also gives Clark a much needed dramatic challenge, because Superman would be boring if he could easily defeat every bad guy.

Lex met Lana for the first time (a big event, in retrospect), and immediately tried to get her more interested in Clark. Lana Lang. Boys are obsessed with her, girls are jealous of her. I personally don't get it. Lana would undoubtedly be a much more interesting character if she were played by a stronger actress. Kristin Kreuk is lovely and personable and tries hard, but she has two expressions: smiling and serious. It's unfortunate that she is supposed to provide so much motivation for Clark.

Bits and pieces:

— I love the theme song. It's kinda sorta perfect. Somebody save me.

— The actor who played Bugboy was very good. He deserved a better part than this.

— Lex implied that he would have left Whitney to die in the crash.

— When she was ten, Lana saw Lex skinny-dipping with a girl. That's an interesting little tidbit.

— Liked the scene where Lana opened the box of CGI butterflies. Great effect. I also really liked Clark hovering over his own bed.

— Clark's pseudo "fortress of solitude" in the barn and his telescope were nice character touches. Clark is isolated because of who he is; he is alone, looking at life from a different vantage point.

— Clark learned about K and that lead can shield its effects from him.

— Clark is afraid of heights? How ironic.

-- Smallville hits: Bugboy crashed his VW bug and Whitney's truck. Greg tossed Jonathan, Whitney, and Clark (twice), and Clark tossed Greg as well. Seven points.

Clark: "It was just a stupid prank."
Lex: "You were tied to a stake in the middle of a field. Even the Romans saved that for special occasions."

One star,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.



    - Okay, I'm nerdy, wear glasses, and am named Greg, so alreaady, at the start of the episode, I'm thinking, "God damn it, Smallville."

    - Yeaaaaah. Bug Guy's creepy. Great actor.

    - Liked Lex's "At least I got a handshake this time" line.

    - Is it wrong that I kinda cheered when Greg killed his mother? I mean... she was kind of a bitch.

    - Bug Guy shower scene: Well.... that's ONE way to get rid of acne and skin problems.

    - That slow-mo effect of Clark saving Johnathan in the barn was pretty damn cool.

    - "Chloe, I could never outgrow you. Other than vertically." Nice one, Clark.

    - Kinda love Greg just flinging Whitney aside into the horse stall. Go Greg!!! Your creepy, but kinda lovable! :)

    - Why the hell did Greg run away, when he threw Clark out of the treehouse? Why didn't he go on the attack? It's not like he KNEW Clark's weakness and purposely lead him to the warehouse. Wait.... no, yeah, pretty sure he didn't know. Stupid Greg. I don't like you no more. GET HIM CLARK!!!

    - Oh, right. Nevermind. He kinda did know. Well.... he thought it was Clark getting sick, but still. Okay. Back on team Greg. GO GREG!!! WE SHARE THE SAME NAME!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

    - Damn it, Greg. Why'd ya have to go and kill yourself? Idiot.... Okay. Back on Team Clark now, I suppose.

    - Second episode in a row that ends with the camera panning up to the stars.


    - Yeah... another thing that always annoyed me aboot Lana? Her voice. Not much inflection at all, always kinda pretty much at the same volume. Annoying.

    - If it were me, I woulda let Whitney die, too.

  2. Ya know... this would be even more fun with someone else re-watching the series and commenting too. :D

  3. "I personally don't get it. Lana would undoubtedly be a much more interesting character if she were played by a stronger actress. Kristin Kreuk is lovely and personable and tries hard, but she has two expressions: smiling and serious."

    I completely agree with you! I have never understood the attraction. What's really interesting is that she was the first of the main cast to be shot because the WB thought they had found the next Katie Holmes.

    Re-watching the first two episodes, I have been struck with how good the music is. I actually have a playlist on my iPod called Smallville -- now I remember why. It starts with the theme song, which I have always loved.

    It's been a while since I've watched these first episodes. While they are by no means great, they do set up a lot of the premise and the character interactions very well.

  4. weird cause i do not like that intro

    its just 90s effects and looking dramatic at the screen lol

  5. Half the reason I decided to give this show a try when I was looking for something new to watch is that I love the theme song. It's a terrific vocal performance but I've never heard of the band that performed it.


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