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Smallville: Hothead

Clark: "The Torch torched. How's that for dramatic irony?"

Evil coaches. This was another episode with delusions of Buffy as well as Stephen King's Firestarter. But the hothead title referred to more than just Coach Walt, since there were several other young hotheads.

Clark has a serious obsession with football. Jonathan was determined to keep him from playing. And we can see both Clark's and Jonathan's side of this argument. Clark is certainly an honest, dependable young man; he's Superman, for chrissakes. But he doesn't know the extent of his powers yet, and he's still a teenager. It would indeed be very easy for Clark to lose control for a microsecond and actually kill someone. In truth, I'm not sure what side I'm on. But it's obvious that Clark isn't going to let this one go anytime soon.

In a parallel domineering father-rebellious son conflict, Lex and Lionel tangled for control of the Smallville crap factory. Lex won this time. How about that. Guess he's not a future supervillain for nothing.

Trouble in paradise for Lana, who quit cheerleading because of her principles. She thought that football players cheating to stay on the team was wrong. Whitney gave them a pass, so to speak. How long is she going to stay with this yutz?

Bits and quotes:

— Coach Walt was totally insufferable even before he started setting things on fire with his temper. Was he an evil jerk before the K? Do I care? Not really.

— This week's hits: Principal Kwan's car blew up. Clark tossed Coach through a window and then into the bathroom. I think that's four points, if you count the window thing twice.

Chloe: "Clark Kent is a football player, and Lana Lang is a waitress."
Pete: "What's the matter with that?"
Chloe: "Nothing. I just want to click my heels and get back to reality."

One star,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.



    - Oh, look! It's Dan Lauria as the coach. He's a great actor. I like him.

    - Wow. Pete actually made it onto the team? That's.... surprising. He's kind of a small dude.

    - Who puts meteor rocks into their sauna thingy? I mean REALLY?

    - Coach: "I'VE BEEN EDUCATING KIDS FOR 25 YEARS!!" Really? Then... why are they failing math, jackass?

    - Lana: "I wanna find something that I'm great at." How aboot not evoking much of any emotion at all, hmmm? Your pretty good at THAT.

    - Lex: "Hey, Dominic. Tell your sister I said, "Hi"" Hah. Why do I get the feeling that she might be the one Lana saw Lex skinny dipping with when she was young, hence... the animosity between Lex and Dominic?

    - So he can turn even water into fire? That's... kinda wierd. Like really. I guess he can't be stopped by a Super Soaker.

    - If only ALL of the worlds problems could be solved by fencing for em.

    - Jumping over the fire with her jacket covering her head? Chloe's such a badass.

    - I'm sorry.... I know it was supposed to be sad/freaky, but.... Trevor hiding behind that wall/circle of fire extinguisher's made me laugh pretty hard.

    - The special effect of Clark walking through those flames in the locker room, AND HIS CLOTHES NOT BEING BURNED AT ALL IN THE PROCESS, was horrible.

    - I guess you could say that the Coach went out.... in a BLAZE of glory! Ha ha ha haaaaaaa. I'm funny.

    - That "scream" scene at the end was funny, I thought. And kinda adorable. :)


    - I'm kinda surprised myself that, other than the Coach, really noticed Clark jumping inhumanly high over those other players during that practice session.

  2. How are you liking my comments thus far, Billie?

  3. I do try my best to entertain, hehe. Glad your enjoying em. :)

  4. I like the parent/child debates in this one. The show is still finding its feet and the writing is still a bit pedestrian, but the stories are fun.

    But, what's really interesting, is that both Lana and Clark are rebelling against parents who have adopted them. Interesting that it was their example that Lex, the only one with a 'real' father, decided to follow.


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