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Smallville: Witness

Clark: "Why is it every time you see us together, you look at me like I'm cheating on you?"

Yes, it was another meteor freak episode. But this one was uncharacteristically intense.

K-snorting Eric Marsh, played by Home Improvement alum Zachery Bryan, was super nasty. (Bryan almost always plays villains or jerks, doesn't he?) Mounting Jonathan and Martha on the barn wall was scary enough, but Eric actually threw Clark into a blast furnace. But then again, all of Clark's clothes burned off and Tom Welling did a nude scene, so that wasn't all bad. I'm easy to placate, aren't I?

Chloe was tired of playing second fiddle to Lana, so Clark and Chloe called it quits and Clark stopped working at the Torch. After the Torch was vandalized (who did that? We never found out, did we?), Lionel showed up and started throwing money at Chloe. Chloe and Lionel, partners? What does he really want? He must have some sort of evil ulterior motive. This is Lionel, after all.

Jennifer Small is divorcing Henry because of his interest in Lana. (Yeah, that's a good reason to divorce someone: because he's taking an interest in his child.) Lana did the courageous and selfless thing; she told Henry to put his marriage first. Frankly, I think Henry would be better off without Jennifer. Anyone who would say what Jennifer did to Lana – twice – well, the words "colossal bitch" keep coming to mind.

Bits and quotes:

— Lionel is moving K at night in unmarked trucks, which means he is (as usual) up to no good.

— There was an overturned van in the teaser, and Clark was thrown into a field: two points. Eric threw Clark across a room. Then in the big fight at the end, I counted four body tossings, one of which was through a window. Does that make eight points?

— Clark: "When did he go from zero to hero?"

Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. The thing that stands out for me in this episode is how badly the adults are treating the children/young adults.

    What Jennifer did to Lana is beyond the pale. Imagine "confiding" in a child that you are divorcing her father because he is paying too much attention to her. The mind boggles. I give Lana a lot of credit for how she handled it.

    Secondly, what is Lionel up to with Chloe? Again, credit to Chloe for approaching the whole thing with scepticism, but she is young and inexperienced up against the master manipulator. This is going to be interesting to watch.

    Finally, the whole Lex/Clark friendship is really entering shaky ground. It seems so obvious that Lex doesn't believe a word Clark says anymore, and why should he? Clark is such a bad liar, anyone can see that he avoiding the subject. Life would probably be a whole lot easier for both of them if Clark just came clean -- but then, we wouldn't have a villain, would we?

  2. Just here to reiterate the above comment. Jennifer be evil! And this is after the incident she tried to "warn" Lana about Henry's commitment troubles and aloofness regarding his kids. I wonder if that's a complete lie. Like wow, Lana's being victimized in almost every conceivable way recently


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