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Smallville: Pariah

Lois: "First he married the girl, and now he's dating her?"

Poor Alicia. She was perfect for Clark, and clearly wasn't going to revert to being evil again, so of course she had to die.

Alicia desperately wanted Clark to come out of the closet about his powers, so she did something about it. The scene where a super-shocked Chloe watched Clark catch a speeding car in his bare hands and then run off at super speed was very cool. And it had that feel to it where you knew there would be no re-set button, no amnesia. I loved that Chloe took it so seriously, that she wasn't even slightly tempted to expose him, and that she took the articles about Clark off the Wall of Weird. Now, when will she tell Clark that she knows?

Lois showed some surprising sensitivity and maturity. She kept an enraged Clark from killing Tim. And she gave good advice to Chloe about keeping Clark's secret, even though she didn't know what Chloe was asking about. In fact, a lot of this episode was about maturity. Clark had a growing, serious relationship with Alicia, and had to face grief and loss, as well as the possibility that he had made the wrong decision. And Chloe had to make some heavy decisions when she learned Clark's secret.

It was pretty obvious from the first five minutes that the non-Alicia culprit was Tim, the boy we saw sitting in the karaoke bar in the teaser. At least it wasn't a meteor freak obsessed with Lana Lang; it was a meteor freak obsessed with a rigid interpretation of sexual morality.

Bits and pieces:

— Evil mumsy Genevieve was very seductive with Lex, but he didn't fall for it. Lex and Jason have something essential in common: an evil parent trying to control them. Lionel and Genevieve should go out, or something. It's a match made in Smallville.

— Lois and Chloe doing karaoke was fun. They were very cute together. They even looked like they're related.

— Did Lana light twenty candles before she took a shower... alone? Yeah, I do that all the time.

— Chloe still doesn't know that Clark is an alien. Did he ever tell Alicia the truth? I think she just thought he was a meteor freak, like she was.

— Clark broke the glass in Jason's car in order to save him. Auto glass is two points. Does Clark "catching" Alicia's car count, since it was still in one piece?


Sheriff Adams: "I'm getting a funny sense of 'deja view' here, Mr. Kent."

Lois: "So they're wearing their letters on their shirts. They sing group songs. The fraternities are having a power-puking contest."

I think I want to give this episode four stars. So I will,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. This episode is so serious and sad. I find myself crying on and off through the whole thing.

    I love the way the episode opens with Chloe and Lois singing and happy -- obviously enjoying the evening and being with each other.

    At the end, they are both much more serious. Lois has saved her friend from committing homicide. The tears flow when she tells Clark that everything is going to be all right. The look of concern and care on her face is our first sign that these two are going to be friends and not just verbal sparring partners. And her advice to Chloe at the end is dead on.

    Chloe -- wow! She does have a huge burden to carry now. How tempting it must have been at the graveyard to just wrap her arms around her sad friend and tell him that she knows. Instead, she just talks to him, but as we know that she knows, the words are so poignant. More tears.

    I am very interested to see how Chloe acts with Clark moving forward. Should be fun to watch.

  2. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! (Think of Willow screaming at the Osiris messenger.. IYKYK) :( !!!! Worst episode ever Alicia best gf T_______T
    It took forever to get through, because I forgot she had two whole episodes to her return so I kept dreading her fate from the beginning of the previous ep and pausing and doing other stuff before automatically returning to the episode because I forget what's in store... torturous. 0 stars from me!!!!
    K sry about that clutter. This episode turned out to be a little better in a few scenes than I remember, which is cool because I already had a high opinion. Clark bouncing the ball against the wall at the end there, I wrongly remembered him bouncing it that last time hard enough to break through the wall, but he really just bounces it offside and I thought this better suits him being discouraged rather than still furious. There's also the scene earlier where he catches the vehicle. He has an uncharacteristically sad expression on his face wondering what happened, and I liked that and never noticed it before.
    Chloe absorbing it all was a little more silly than I'd like... I see how it's funny but her fumbling her words and slipping up about Clark to Lois makes her look worse at handling it than Pete. Though I do appreciate Chloe's incredibly awkward position of basically finding out the secret without Clark's consent. And I do think it'll be more interesting to watch her support him from the shadows, hopefully.
    Honestly it's such a glorious power move to reveal Clark's secret to someone who'll appreciate it, to get Clark to come out in the open with her. I just really like everything about that. It's really such a shame...
    Also I wanna give props to the character of Jason and his subplot. I'm actually pretty invested in it, I can sympathize with his possibly unhinged paranoia about his mother arranging everything and his own discouragement about pursuing anything with Lana because of it. Leagues better than what they did with Adam, considering the similar premise of him moving closer to be with her. I have hopes for it - actually, the Luthor subplot is surprisingly what I'm least invested in right now, and was relieved Jason's mom was finally contacting Lex. I wanna know what that scary biznatch is up to!


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