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Smallville: Sneeze

Lois: "Uh-oh. Does Clarkie have the sniffles?"

Light on the kidnapping and torture, heavy on the sneezing fun. I couldn't help laughing out loud at Clark blowing a barn door seven miles away, especially when it landed behind Lois.

Lots of wonderful Clark/Chloe scenes in this episode, as Clark figured out his brand new power. I love that Clark can tell Chloe all this stuff; it's the gift that keeps on giving. And Clark acquired his helpful new superbreath power just in time to save Lex and Lana from a horrible, flamey death.

Lana not only blew :) Clark off completely, she moved into the mansion. (Imagine about fifteen exclamation points after that statement.) I almost couldn't believe that virtuous little Lana moved in with big, bad Lex, even though they're not sleeping together. Yet. And she's staying, even after discovering that Lex had put a camera in her room? Shades of Clark and his telescope, but worse. If Clark had put a camera in Lana's bedroom, would she have been so quick to accept it? I don't think so. Lana even went off to save Lex on her own. She must be in looooove.

(Speaking of which, the previews last week hinted that there would be Lex and Lana sheet-hitting. I feel cheated.)

When Lionel was talking about the bad guys torturing Lex and learning Clark's secret, I thought, gee, Lionel, don't you care about your own son any more? Then I thought Lionel had to be behind it all, trying to find out what Lex knew about Clark, and never expecting his agent to go rogue and hurt Lex. I was relieved that it was Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow, who (what a coincidence) went to Excelsior boarding school with Lex back in the day. But is that something a superhero should be doing? Is Green Arrow a bad boy?

In other news, pun intended, Lois sold her first story... to the Inquisitor. Lois has found her calling. Now all she needs to do is discover the love of her life waiting for her behind a flannel shirt.

Bits and pieces:

— The very Bruce-Wayne-y Oliver Queen was from Star City, another city from the comics. Queen Industries had the only working satellite on Dark Thursday. (And a note from later: welcome to the series, Justin Hartley!)

— Clark wore himself out for the first time. Or he picked up a Kryptonian bug in the Phantom Zone. Superman with limits: that was new. He had a temperature of 98.6. But he's an alien, isn't he? That doesn't make sense.

— Clark is the reason Metropolis is recovering more quickly from Dark Thursday, a.k.a. hurricane Zod, than any other major city.

— In the final scene, Oliver shot a green arrow into the sky, and it hit the globe on the roof of the Daily Planet. That's what you call symbolism.

— We've seen the future Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and now Green Arrow. Are they planning to end the series by forming a league or something?

— In this season's hair report, Chloe's was looking wavier and much nicer. Lana looked like Parisian hot chick last year. This season, she's looking more mature. Appropriate, considering whom she is dating.


Lois: "Out of nowhere, a barn door comes out of the clear blue sky and almost crushes me. How does a thing like that happen?"
Clark: "Maybe it fell from an airplane."
Lois: "Good guess. But the only thing up there was a severely traumatized sparrow."

Clark: "I've come down with some sort of cold."
Chloe: "And become a walking air cannon."

Chloe: "When you escaped from the Kryptonian Land of the Lost, I bet you didn't think that you'd be rewarded by having to save Lex Luthor while battling a raging head cold, huh?"

Enjoyed this one a lot. Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. I like this one for two reasons -- the sneezing and the introduction of Oliver.

    But, the camera in the bedroom really creeped me out. I can't imagine any woman who would accept that and so it rather puts a damper on the romance for me.


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