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Smallville: Wither

Lex: "Sorry, Clark. I'm all out of evil."

Little greenhouse of horrors.

Lex and Lana went to the ball as Caesar and Cleopatra, and they finally consummated their passion. (Lana even took off his breast plate for him.) Oliver Queen and Lois Lane were Robin Hood and Maid Marian, and Lois had yet another superhero panting after her. Chloe and Jimmy Olsen made out passionately at the local inspiration point.

And poor Clark got skewered by a tree monster alien. Now, is that fair? Okay, so Jimmy ended up skewered, too. At least he had a girlfriend who was willing to hit him with paddles in order to save his life. Brave, clever, audacious Chloe got to make out with Jimmy and defibrillate him in the same episode. And she saved Clark's life, as well as Jimmy's. What would we do without Chloe?

Lana was afraid she'd lose her identity if she gave into Lex's "sleep with me or else" ultimatum. She has to know that this is no fleeting affair, though, that she's not just one of Lex's "girls." Now that they've made the Lex/Lana relationship such a big part of the ongoing story, I bet that Lana (or possibly, her death) will have something to do with Lex finally making his big turn toward evil. If it ever happens. I'm starting to wonder.

It appeared at first that Gloria from the Park Service was going to be a possible new amour for Clark. Suddenly, there she was, all gorgeous, with her hair blowing in the breeze. As soon as she hit the screen, though, Dan immediately said, "She's the monster." He's good, isn't he? That's one out of the Phantom Zone. How many more?

The non-monster stuff was DawsonCreek-like, with the ballad musical score and seductions by the fire, but I still enjoyed it.

Bits and pieces:

— Again with the Jesus imagery, with Clark pretty much crucified in the forest. There were even thorns.

— Green Arrow came to the Dark Thursday party as Robin Hood. Sort of perfect. I'm not warming to Oliver Queen so much yet, but he certainly has a nice chest.

— Chloe is now living with Lois in the Talon apartment until Met U opens back up. One of these days, I'll have to make a list of who all has lived in that apartment. Why make a new set when you can have an apartment with a revolving door?

— Clark is still wondering if there's any Zod still lurking in Lex. But I think Lex has his own demons, so who needs residual Zod?

— At thirteen, Lex found out his mother had died because a reporter asked him how he felt about it. How horrible.

— Poor Jimmy Olsen. Vines down the throat? Maybe Aaron should have stayed on Veronica Mars. Aaron Ashmore's eyes looked weirdly blue in a couple of scenes. Lighting, or contacts?

— Gloria looked a lot like Ashley Judd. What was she? A Kryptonian monster of some kind? She talked about Kryptonians like she wasn't one of them.

— Is Lois blonder, or is it me? Yes, I know, she's the anti-Lana, so going lighter makes sense.

— Lana had very cool eye makeup at the ball. Of course, her eyes are twice as big as a normal human being's so it doesn't take much to make them stand out.


Martha: "You know, I responded for two."
Clark: "Thanks, Mom. But costumes really aren't my thing."

Clark: "How goes life living with Lois?"
Chloe: "Closer to coffee, further from sanity."

Lois: (to Green Arrow) "Seriously. Aim higher."

Clark actually said, "A strange vine has cropped up." :)

Oliver: "You have a quick tongue. I find that very attractive."
Lois: "Well, keep it in your quiver, jolly green bandit."

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Lex is a piece of work. I loved the showdown with Lana as they both had a point. Lex has had a revolving door of women, but Lana certainly has issues because of the men in her past. But, he absolutely lied to her when he told her that he's never asked a woman to move in with him -- even Lana knows that he's been married twice. I thought Lana's big issue was lies? Apparently not when they come out of Lex.

    The final scene with Clark in the barn makes me sad. Everyone has someone -- except him. I want to break through the fourth wall and give him a cuddle.

    1. That last scene really got to me, too. It was a powerful image: poor Clark, with all these incredible abilities, but all alone.

  2. Jeez I didn't remember "James" Olsen getting deep throated...
    Clark-kun... what a callback to see him doing the same little activity he did after Alicia died. I was already feeling sorry enough for him when the relationship tanking happened at the same time as Jonathan's death, but this fake-out with the ranger is almost mean lol... this is what Shelby is for, Clark! At least make him watch you bounce the ball against the wall, or something.


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