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Smallville: Trespass

Chloe: "She's been orbiting your secret for years, and I think she may finally be coming in for a landing."

This episode was one big horror movie cliche. Obsessed stalker, Lana slinking around with a knife, creepy music and lighting... all that was missing were a hockey mask and a chainsaw. The ending sequence with the snow-bound mansion, axing the door, and the chase through the snow was lifted directly from The Shining. All that was missing was Psycho Lovelorn Security Guard pushing his head through the door and yelling, "Here's Johnny!"

I did think for a bit that Lex was gaslighting Lana for some diabolical reason of his own, but it was so obviously one of the security guards that I didn't think that for long. We're not getting a lot of Lex these days. I used to think he really did love Lana, but I'm not so sure now. And I'm getting a feeling (*big sigh*) that, as much as I want it to be, it's still not over for Lana and Clark.

Clark used to barge in on Lex in the mansion. Here we got a fun reversal with Lex barging in on Clark in the barn in order to figuratively smack Clark in the face with a wedding invitation. The wedding is set for February 24, which is very soon. Lana told Psycho Lovelorn Security Guard that she hadn't realized what she was getting into with Lex, and that she felt trapped. That had the ring of truth.

Will Lana go through with the wedding? Will she bolt? I honestly don't have a clue. I like it when I don't have a clue.

Bits and pieces:

— Why didn't Lana hide in Lex's panic room?

— Lana searching Clark's room made me laugh out loud. But all she found was her old necklace. She probably noticed that it's not green any more.

— Yeah, let's put Lana in the old wing of the Smallville Medical Center, so that the killer would definitely be sure to get her alone.

— I thought that tumble down the stairs was the end of Lana's pregnancy, but no. Lana has been pregnant forever. Why isn't she showing yet?

— The "Lexana" thing on the tabloid had to be an acknowledgment of the shipper fans out there. Speaking of shippers, Chloe and Jimmy weren't apart for long. I'm really enjoying the two of them together. They're so cute.

— Jimmy called Clark "impossibly gigantic."

— Major Sprint product placement. Can we please have a Smallville episode without product placement? It's getting annoying. I feel used.

— Lex must have that bent chisel now. He can add it to his collection.

I was very sarcastic about it, but this one was actually not bad for a Lana-centric episode. Two and a half stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Lex has problems hiring the right security service. Our borders are safer then the Luthor mansion.

  2. At least Smalllville and Sprint had some sort of subtlety and sense to their Product Placement-ing. I watched the show Riverdale and there were times I could barely focus on and enjoy the show; because Covergirl popped up so much.


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