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Smallville: Zero

Jonathan: "And I used to think perseverence was an admirable quality."

A story about a scandal in Lex's past should be stronger than this one.

The past comes back to haunt Lex when a man he supposedly killed in a bar fight suddenly shows up, very much not dead. Turns out Lex has an unexpected streak of gallantry and was covering for a woman at the time. The flashbacks in the club were three years ago. How old is Lex? I thought he was 21. Which means he wasn't of drinking age three years ago.

Chloe used an assigned biographical sketch as an excuse to delve into Clark's life and ask uncomfortable questions about Clark's adoption. An adoption that appears to have been arranged illegally by Jonathan and Martha using a front called "Metropolis United Charities." Chloe said she would stop, but she's incapable of letting go when she smells a story. I'm fairly certain we won't hear the last of this.

Lana, who failed miserably at waitressing just a few episodes ago, is now opening a coffee shop. It's to her credit that she wouldn't let a little thing like a rogue body part stop the grand reopening of the Talon.

Bits and quotes:

— Michael Rosenbaum must have spent a lot of time hanging upside down in a straight jacket for this episode. Couldn't have been comfortable.

— The Luthors did bad things to Pete's family, huh?

— Detective Phelan, who died in "Rogue," showed up in the flashbacks. Nice continuity there.

— Clark doesn't like peas. We needed to know that.

— Lex went through a glass panel. One point.

— All those dead Kent cows. I was somewhat relieved that they looked like dead CGI cows. Even though it wasn't Lex's fault, it certainly did not endear him to Jonathan.

Clark: "We just got the assignment today. I didn't know she'd go Mike Wallace on me."

Chloe: "Do you ever wonder about your biological parents?"
Clark: "Every day of my life."
I sense a future plotline approaching.

Two stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Corin Nemec, who played Jude Royce, was recently in Supernatural as Christian Campbell, and also starred in a show when he was younger called Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

  2. I see this show as about secrets, and a lot of people have them.

    Clark's is obvious. But, we also learn that his parents have been keeping secret the details of his adoption. I found it interesting that both Jonathan and Martha were reluctant to discuss anything about it with Clark.

    Lex's secret is the crux of the story and he is desperate to keep it from his new friends. Of course, the truth comes out and he actually looks all the better for it. Something tells me he has more skeletons rattling around that won't end so well.

    Now, even Chloe has a secret. I guess it would be too much to ask the journalist in her to let go of such an interesting bit of information. But, she did promise Clark she would let it go. Oh no.


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