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Smallville: Nicodemus

Chloe: "What do you think made Lana Lang go soft core?"

Less Little Shop of Horrors, and more the spore episode from the original Star Trek.

Fun was definitely had, as our more straight-laced characters went all sexy and violent. How can you lose with Jonathan telling Lex off and belching in his face? (Jonathan shooting Clark in the chest would have been a lot less funny if Clark weren't Clark, though.) Lana stripping down to red undies and trying to seduce Clark was also fun; I think this was the first time I actually liked Lana. Her coming on to Lex was also pretty interesting.

Nice fake-out at the end when we thought Clark was infected, too. But wasn't Clark acting a little more super than he should have in front of Lex? As usual, Lex was both good and bad. Lex may have lied to Clark about Dr. Hamilton and the flower, but he also refused to take advantage of Lana. And he did make Hamilton find the cure. I do love Lex. Would have been interesting if he'd gotten hit with the spores too, wouldn't it?

Bits and quotes:

— Chloe was more Lois Lane than usual.

— We got a little more character development for Pete. He loves Chloe and hates Lex.

— Metropolis is visible from the top of the windmill tower. I guess it's not that far from Smallville, then. I always thought Smallville was in the back of beyond.

— Chloe told Lana to watch for anything strange. A sunflower spit in Lana's face, and she didn't think that was strange?

— Wrecked truck in the teaser; that's one point.

Chloe: "In 1871, the whole settlement went postal before they even had a post office."
Pete: "Nice to know Smallville was still whack even before the meteors got here."
What is Smallville? A center of mystical convergence? I thought the other Hellmouth was in Cleveland.

Lex: "What do they feed you on that farm?"

Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Bill Mondy, who played James Beals in this episode (the dude whole stole the flower in the first place), and later returns as Dr. Groll, was also, among many other things, in Niall Matter's Eureka debut episode, as the recruiter who brought Zane to Eureka.

  2. I have actually decided, and signed a contract with my parents, to not buy anymore TV on DVD (except, of course, for Game of Thrones in March) until I rewatch my whole collection. In case your wondering how extensive that is, well... here ya go:

    My TV on DVD Collection

    – Alias: C – Angel: C – Arrested Development: C - Battlestar Galactica: C - Big Bang Theory: 4 – Body Of Proof: 1 – BtvS: C – Breaking Bad: 3 – Burn Notice: 4 - Carnivale: C – Castle: 3 – Children's Hospital: 2 - Chuck: 4 – Community: 2 – Cougar Town: 2 – Covert Affairs: 1 - Criminal Minds: 1 – CSI:NY: S4 & 5 – Dead Like Me: C/M - Deadwood: C - Dexter: 5 – Dollhouse: C - Drawn Together: C – Eli Stone: S2 - Eureka: 4.0 – Family Guy: 7/M – Farscape: C - Firefly: C/M - Flight Of The Conchords: C – Fringe: 3 – Futurama: 1 – Glee: 2 – Greys Anatomy: 2 – Haven: 1 – Heroes: C - Hiccups: 1 – Invader Zim: C – Joan Of Arcadia: C – Justified: 1 – Kitchen Confidential: C – The League: 2 - Leverage: 2 - Lie To Me: 2 – Life Unexpected: C – Lost: C – Mad Men: 4 – Mentalist: 3 – Modern Family: 2 – Monk: S6-8 – Nikita: 1 – Parks & Recreation: 3 – Pillars Of The Earth: C - Prison Break: C/M – Psych: 5 – Pushing Daisies: C – Raising Hope: 1 – Reaper: C – ReBoot: C – Royal Pains: 1 – Sanctuary: 2 – The Shield: C – Six Feet Under: C – Smallville: C - Sons of Anarchy: 2 – Supernatural: 6 – Terminator: TSCC: C - Ugly Americans: 1 – Vampire Diaries: 2 – Veronica Mars: C - Walking Dead: 1 – Warehouse 13: 2 - Weeds: 6 – White Collar: 2 – Wonderfalls: C

    1. what are those letters/numbers beside each series? i figure the numbers are completed rewatches but there's C and C/M that i can't even guess at

  3. I've always liked this episode because I like watching people's reactions when the cold, unvarnished truth is told to them. Lana, especially, was great. There is a lot of UST between her and Lex, and oh boy, did she call it. Interesting that both Lex and Clark were able to resist the temptation, but good on them.

    And, Greg, I have to say -- that is one hell of a collection! I thought mine was extensive, but you win! :-)


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