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The Dead Zone: Ambush

Jake: "Did you see who did this?"
Sheriff Turner: "Abraham Lincoln."

I was so-so about the Abraham Lincoln killer plot. I sort of felt Anna's death coming, but then she didn't die, and I was actually mildly disappointed. The killer was obviously Doug O'Connell, too; he was a floating character introduced early on, and those are always big red plot flags for me. Plus the only other possible suspect was idiotic Deputy Jake, who was all over the place and didn't feel smart enough to be the bad guy. (Johnny knew him, but I didn't remember him from previous seasons.)

So, for about three quarters of this episode, I was thinking that this one was pointless. We've seen this episode a dozen times before. The whole weird mondo conspiracy about Walt and his stupid laptop has also felt pointless to me for the entire summer season, because I just couldn't imagine what they were leading up to.

And then, just when I was seriously losing interest... the password is "noddegamra." I'm terrible with name games, but I knew it was "Armageddon" immediately, even before Johnny did. That was what Walt was investigating? The Armageddon plot isn't over, after all? They even brought back Johnny's old Stillson Wall of Weird. And I finally got interested.

I also liked the subplot with J.J. getting a hit off Johnny's Boston Red Sox cap. The kid is a developing psychic; if he ever needed Johnny around, it's now. Come on, Sarah. Wake up and smell the coffee. Johnny is smart, generous, even-natured, and good-looking. He's the love of your life, the father of your son, and he's single as well as rich. So he's also a freak of nature. So what? Don't leave him in that huge mansion all by himself. What's wrong with you, Sarah?

Bits and pieces:

— Chris Bruno was again in the cast, and we got a longer scene this time. Cara Buono was listed as a "special guest." She's not cast any more?

— Vision Walt: (on phone) "Okay. you were right. we can get together and talk about Herb Smith." Johnny's long dead psychic father? That was intriguing. (We did get an episode about Herb; it was season four's episode nine, "Babble On.")

I don't quite know what to rate this one, so I won't. But I am now a lot more excited about the season finale. So that's good,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. sarah still won't give johnny a chance for their relationship and the future they have together. what was really on walt's laptop and what was he hiding? i could never figure that out all this time. don't leave sarah please for johnny you know you'll fall in love with him again and you two belong together. jj needs his father around and you won't let him. jj with johnny's boston red sox hat on was cute. johnny and sheriff turner almost being killed by doug o'connell he had a abraham lincoln mask on when he was walking through the place.


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