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The Dead Zone: Exile

Alex: "That's why I always see pink spoons on my birthday."

I like Alex. She's as freaky and gifted as Johnny is. They even sort of communicate in shorthand. He showed up in handcuffs, wanted for murder, and Alex acted like it happened every day. And I really liked the way she resolved her own inescapable death by car trunk. I was thinking that, if I were in that situation, I'd duct tape a crowbar to my leg – so when she pulled out the flashlight, screwdriver, and goggles, I laughed out loud. Wanda turning out to be Alex's mother was predictable, but nice.

When they first introduced Alex a couple of seasons ago, I thought that she would be a good love interest for Johnny – but not now. I'm officially reinvested in Johnny finally reuniting with Sarah. Why did Johnny run away instead of confronting Sarah and getting their issues out in the open? Maybe it's just been too many years since they were separated. Maybe he's comfortable interfering in other people's lives, but finds it difficult to handle his own.

This whole Greg/Sarah thing gives me the shudders. I suppose I can't blame Sarah for her escalating flirtation with Greg Stillson. What woman wouldn't be flattered by the attentions of a young, handsome, single vice president who treats her like gold?

The scene where Alex saw Walt sitting next to Johnny in the car was touching. I've missed Walt. We just learned that Walt inherited money from someone named Brian Meeks, and Greg managed to fix things with Sheriff Turner. I'm sure they won't stay fixed, because this whole Walt thing isn't going away. The "Walt's secret" subplot hasn't done much for me; it had better turn out to be something cool.

Bits and pieces:

— Just as with John L. Adams last week, Chris Bruno was listed as cast.

— Last week, annoying Visa product placement. This week, annoying Tylenol product placement.


Alex: "We should plan on getting together when there's not, you know, a big crisis." But that would be so dull.

Johnny: "Where'd you find the handcuff key?"
Wanda: "Old boyfriend. Long story."

Alex: "I can't believe I'm going to die on my birthday. Whenever anyone sees my gravestone, it's all they're going to talk about."

Johnny: "What about how to break out of a car trunk?"
Alex: "I've been in a couple of bad relationships."

Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. i love this one episode because it shows johnny and alex's relationship and they are such a loving couple. alex finding out that wanda is her mom was sentimental since alex was adopted years ago. the car in the water bit was scary the cops weren't nice enough to let johnny and alex out so alex had to do it all herself. sarah and johnny getting back together would be great.

  2. another johnny and alex episode as johnny's girlfriend is back. johnny finds himself in trouble and he needs alex's help as they are in a barn and in a truck together in indiana.the cops think that johnny killed george in a fight as they arrested him. alex finding out that she was adopted years ago by a woman named wanda was sentimental before alex saw her mother. johnny and alex had a brief relationship but it's sarah and johnny who are meant to be and belong together. johnny's fight with george at the bar because he was harassing wanda was sweet as he told him to back off and got out of there.

  3. I love how we got a different version of the "you're not what I expected". I agree on the shorthand being great and they have a love relationship that isn't romantic love. I laughed so much at the conversation they had on shore after Alex and Johnny got out of the car. He wasn't surprised that she came up with such a wild plan, he was slightly impressed. The bar scene after was so much great follow-up to the shore scene. The look that Johnny gave Alex and they gave the Sheriff after Alex said, "I may be crazy but I'm not stupid" was just priceless. I loved that they threw in a fun look from Wanda as well. What does it say about how many life threatening situations you have been in when stuff like this is fun and funny.

  4. I loved that episode. Johny and Alex are making such a great team. I found it very ironic that Johny wound up in Indiana as he was trying to escape his own problems to end up helping one of his best friends dealing with hers. This is the Johny we like, always putting the life of his friends first. Also, the fact that for a moment Johny was a fugitive reminded me about the Season 3 Premiere “Finding Rachel” where he was the prime suspect. The Ex Sheriff’s wife was so likable, helping Johny escape and all, I really appreciated her presence. Also, the fact that Alex is the one who technically saves her Johny’s life as well as hers was a nice turn of events, after all she’s a psychic too, ain’t she? I really wish they’d make more episodes about Alex, she’s a great asset to the show and the great chemistry between her and Johny is so valuable!



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