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The Dead Zone: The Hunting Party

"Frost is just a patsy. It's Oswald all over again."

Again, Johnny tried to help a maladjusted, obnoxious schmuck. Only this time, he didn't succeed. And the "heroic" Greg Stillson is now on the way to the White House, and there's a good chance he will indeed be vice president in 2008.

The parallels between vice president Danbury and the current vice president (hunting enthusiast, right-wing extremist, suspected of criminal activity) could not have been coincidental, and Frost's resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald was obvious. They even did a clever take-off of the single bullet theory. Plus there was the hunting party itself, with the shooting incident. Torn from the headlines, you might say.

Will Johnny take Janus' offer in order to get an inside track? Or was that the mistake that caused Armageddon?

This was a fairly good episode, although it didn't flow. It felt like it was intended to get Stillson to the VP slot, and that's just what it did.

Bits and pieces:

— The action took place at the end of August, and the show aired at the end of August.

— During the opening scenes, Johnny got hits off a computer and a TV remote. I've always had problems with that, because it doesn't seem to follow the "rules."

— "The first stone has been cast. Welcome to the revolution."

— The episode ended approximately five minutes early. Production problems?

— Johnny: "I think my luck just ran out."

Three out of four stars. And now, how long do we have to wait for another season, another episode? And what if The Dead Zone is cancelled, and we never get the end of the story?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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