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The Dead Zone: Into the Heart of Darkness

Sarah: "They say you can't love two people. But they're wrong. They're wrong."

This was the strongest, most emotional episode they've done in a long time.

At first, I wasn't buying in, because I've been way too disengaged and nitpicky with this show lately. But when J.J. was left bound and gagged on the highway, this episode started to get to me. And it just escalated from there.

It takes a lot to get the audience to the point where they'll believe one of the cast is going to die. I thought it was going to happen twice: first with Sarah, and then in the kitchen, I truly thought the ultimate twist was that Walt was going to die. When it turned out that Linda was trying to commit "suicide by cop," I even thought for a moment that Walt would go through with it, and kill her. Very good writing there.

I know not all the fans are behind the Johnny/Sarah relationship, but I've always been on board. Johnny was the tragic figure here, because this incident revived the love between Johnny and Sarah, and tore them apart forever. Sarah still loves Johnny. Johnny saved Sarah for Walt. Sarah is finally having Walt's baby. It finally feels like the end, and I don't want it to be the end.

This episode was a sequel to season four's "The Collector," which wasn't anywhere near as good as this one. Linda here was much, much scarier than Mr. Suds there. Bravo. Or brava. Gold acting stars for Chris Bruno, Nicole de Boer (whom we've barely seen this season), and the actress who played Linda.

Bits and pieces:

— They showed both Johnny and the dead Mr. Suds watching the same black and white horror movie, probably because the story was much like a horror movie.

— I particularly loved Sarah carving initials in the wood and leaving a psychic farewell for Johnny. Very moving. The long flashback showing scenes of Sarah throughout the series made it seem that they were indeed writing her out.

This one actually made me cry. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. This was a great episode. The Johnny-Sarah-Walt conundrum need never be resolved, as it's a cornerstone for the whole series.
    Walt's a good guy who doesn't deserve to be tossed aside because Johnny returned to the world of the living.
    Johnny's a good guy who has lost a great deal, through not fault of his own.
    Sarah shouldn't be put in such a miserable position.
    Milking this for all it's worth could really have kept this show on a lot longer than it did. That unresolved angst is a gold mine.

  2. sarah is kidnapped and pregnant with walt's baby while johnny and walt were trying to find out what happened to her and at the end sarah was inside a trailer tied up and gagged. johnny and sarah's relationship really shows in this episode and her love for johnny hasn't gone away because sarah really loves johnny and still does. sarah is found safe and alive at the hospital while she found out she was pregnant.

  3. Sarah is missing.... The greatest episodes of TDZ are definitely the ones involving disappearances! Let’s dive into it. The episode starts in the middle of the night, Johny watching one of those black and white horror movie before getting a phone call from Walt. As he meets him, he learns his wife is missing as well as his son. Once again, it was great to have Johny and Walt teaming up to find the two persons they care the most for. Having said that, Walt was a little bit obnoxious, despite the fact he knows how Johny’s abilities work, he keeps shouting at him, blaming him for not trying hard enough. Finally, JJ shows up and they learn that the so-called “Collector” is behind their abduction but they later find out he’s dead and Linda, his lover is the real kidnapper! I found it great that a female was involved in such a horrendous thing instead of the typical disturbed man. She sends instructions to Johny who has to abide by them if he wants her to spare Sarah’s life! That whole “cat and mouse” game was purely awesome and frighening at the same time, she obviously knew pretty well how Johny’s powers work and still found a way to remain unapproachable. Johny has a vision of Sarah where she admits always loving him as well as Walt, we have that love triangle revived and that was so profound and sad... As the episode goes, we find out that Linda was simply a very disturbed lady who wanted to die but was too afraid to do it herself so she lied to Walt making him believe she killed his beloved wife while she didn’t and once more Johny shows up right before Walt did the irreparable! Sarah is found later on in an abandoned house, under the floorboards, she’s safe and yeah I forgot the good news, she’s gonna have a baby! Very great episode. 8/10. I know I’m gonna sound a bit dramatic there but Linda could’ve been a little crazier and kill Sarah a week from the Season finale, the reason I’m saying this is because her last words “goodbye Johny” would’ve made a perfect ending for her character and it would’ve showed how far a woman would’ve been willing to go to take her revenge! Plus, the sad music was perfectly fitting for the loss of one of the main character, all the flashbacks from her and Johny could have foreshadowed it, right? Having said that, I love happy endings and Sarah is pregnant so much better that way I guess. 😊


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