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The Dead Zone: Numb

Dr. Cole: "Lions and flowers and the sheriff."
Sarah: "Oh, my."

Johnny and Sarah back together again, after twelve years apart. That was sort of major.

This season is starting to feel like a re-set button. For six seasons, nearly everything revolved around two major plot points: Johnny losing Sarah while he was in the coma, and Johnny's vision of Armageddon via Greg Stillson. Now Stillson is no longer Armageddon guy, Walt's dead, and Sarah is back with Johnny? Maybe this whole season is just one of Johnny's visions.

Okay, so six season (probably) isn't a vision, but most of this episode was. I had to go back and rewatch stuff to figure out when the extended vision started, which was when Sarah kissed Johnny, and the vision woke him up. (Sort of a gender-reversed Sleeping Beauty moment.) I thought it was different and interesting, having a Sarah-centric episode for a change. She got to be feisty crime-solving superwoman, both in and out of Johnny's vision.

There were two call-backs to the pilot episode, too: Johnny's second (and fortunately, drug-induced) coma, and Johnny and Sarah in a car, kissing. Like I said. Re-set button.

Bits and pieces:

— Did we even think for a moment that Johnny's brand new coma was caused naturally?

— Did Johnny also say "Freezing in Reno?"

— In this week's hair report, Sarah's longer do looks really good on her.

Good episode. It certainly kept me awake. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I just got done watching this episode - and yes, Johnny did indeed say "It's freezing in Reno."
    I thought it was clever what "Reno" actually turned out to be. I didn't see that coming, even though it was right there in front of us in several scenes.
    I also liked having Sarah take center stage as the main protagonist, saving Johnny, especially since we've seen so little of her in seasons five and six, too many episodes where she doesn't appear at all.
    I like it when a show steps out of its usual formula and does something different (except for re-tellings of A Christmas Carol or episodes where the regular cast play different characters in a story set in the past, both of which are things that way too many shows have done too many times.
    And no, didn't think for a second Johnny's coma was natural. Hospital, doctor and nurse were all way too creepy for that.
    In fact, this whole plot revolving around Johnny's coma reminded me of, uh, Coma. the movie.
    Overall, a cool episode.

  2. sarah saving johnny's life when johnny saved her life on numerous occasions while she was married to walt when sarah must face almost losing him all over again made the episode a sad one. johnny falls into a coma after undergoing a appendicitis surgery and dr cole is a bad man who wants johnny dead i could never trust that doctor when he attacked sarah. sarah kissed johnny when it woke him right up out of his coma. sarah and johnny kissing at the end was so sweet while telling him she was afraid to lose him and that her life wouldn't be worth living.

  3. sarah and johnny were out for the night at dinner when they were driving back home and johnny had stomach pains before sarah took him to a hospital. while she was at the hospital with johnny the nurse asked sarah how long she knew johnny and sarah said all her life while almost losing him during his coma. sarah asks dr. cole how long he's going to be in the hospital and johnny suddenly slips into a coma while sarah is figuring out what dr. cole is up to. sarah just can't bear to lose him again when she kisses him that vision causes him to wake up. jj is with allison his babysitter for the night while sarah is at the hospital with johnny before she asks sheriff turner for her help in finding out what dr. cole and the nurse are doing with johnny. the nurse said pulling the cord from johnny would bring the vision back before dr. cole attacks sarah and johnny says sarah's was fighting so hard for him as they see everyone sitting in the room. sarah and johnny sit in the car and she said she felt like she was losing everything before johnny kisses her.

  4. johnny is sitting in the car with sarah eating burgers when he said she's nervous since it's been after she had the baby and they could've been home by midnight and there's plenty of food in the fridge. johnny then said allison puts hope to be early then she beats jj at playing uno and she watches reruns of julia roberts before johnny asks where the ketchup is and sarah said she put it in the backseat. driving home sarah is listening to a song while johnny has abdominal pains while sarah drives him to a hospital when his fever goes way up and he collapses.


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