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The Dead Zone: Switch

Johnny: "I'd have to touch you."
Maggie: "You have permission. I won't tell Sarah."

Boy meets girl, romantic train trip, chased by murderers. Sort of like North by Northwest but with a psychic. Johnny does lead an exciting life at times. It also felt a little like one of my favorite Dead Zone episodes, "Deja Voodoo": a heavy-duty flirtation for Johnny, him saving her life, and his eventual realization (aided by a vision) that her happy future wasn't going to be with him. Not as good as "Deja Voodoo," unfortunately.

Anyway, moving right along. Maggie was the cliche, the bad girl with the heart of gold trapped into her lifestyle by an evil guy who wouldn't let her go. She dressed like a film star from the fifties, with the perfect blonde wavy hair, stylish clothes, movie star make-up. Yes, she was fun, her life was definitely worth saving, and she and Johnny did have some chemistry. And she brought a big issue to the surface.

Is Johnny still in love with Sarah? Are they meant to be together? Maggie thought that Johnny should let Sarah go, but she wasn't exactly impartial since she wanted Johnny for herself. Johnny must be confused about his relationship with Sarah, or he wouldn't be confiding in a total stranger.

What does Johnny really want? It's almost impossible to tell.

Bits and pieces:

— No Sarah, no J.J. And dammit, no Bruce. I feel cheated. I thought we were going to get some Bruce.

— I think my favorite scene was the one near the end, where Maggie was all over Johnny in an effort to distract the train guy looking at the passports. Very cute.

— This episode was big with the scenic. That train, in particular, was old, shabby, picturesque, and full of character. At one point, Maggie was waxing poetic about how beautiful Montreal was.

— Maggie: "I'll miss you more than she would." Is that true? For that matter, what does Sarah want? Is Sarah even capable of knowing what she wants at this point, with Walt so freshly gone and with a new baby?

Two and a half stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. this is my favorite episode. maggie was very beautiful and johnny could'nt resist her. maggie's boyfriend was a loser and found her. the cop malone was a good addition. maggie and johnny's kiss at the end was sweet and johnny was falling in love with her.

  2. johnny with a beautiful woman on a train bound for montreal and maggie finding her boyfriend craig palladino on the same train with a cop named malone. i love the scenes inside the train as it's very pretty and so is maggie when johnny looks at her all while falling for her as she is not what she seems to be. sarah is not in the episode. maggie gave malone the diamond necklace but it turned out to be fake as he's got johnny cornered then johnny fights him. johnny was going to his fishing trip with bruce while taking a train saving maggie's life. maggie steals and schemes her way out of situations and johnny is attracted to her the whole episode.

  3. johnny was on his way to see bruce to go fishing and everything falls apart when he's on the train with a very beautiful woman named maggie. this episode was a lot better than the one where we found johnny sarah and walt on a mountain where the plane crashed in the trees. i thought we for sure were going to see bruce or sarah but neither one was in this episode. well written show and a great script to go along with it. johnny sitting on the train while maggie has her way with him while running from her boyfriend and a cop that was on the same train.

  4. some people are seen walking outside while johnny gets out of his car on the phone with bruce and says they'll have dinner get some sleep and be on the water by morning before a woman named maggie is trying to get the ticket machine to work when johnny walks up as he said come on don't make me look bad in front of the pretty lady as the machine spits out two train tickets for both of them. johnny and maggie walk to their train and he asks her if she's a detective and she said she's working undercover whenshe asks johnny where he's sitting on the train as he said it depends. johnny and maggie sit together on the train as he tells her he's psychic and has visions as she takes his hand and he has a vision of her falling off the train. johnny asks her if she has a husband or boyfriend with a bad temper that would follow her on the train and she says no. johnny said he can see things that trigger a vision and maggie said she sees a woman who's not his wife or girlfriend and johnny said he lives with sarah and they have a son and she has a baby. johnny hears a woman calling out for her son named tyler and johnny said go to the next train as johnny got a vision of him hiding in there after johnny turns around and sees that maggie is gone. maggie is sitting with a man named phillip when johnny walks over to them when phillips reaches over to shake hands when maggie says he better not touch johnny as he gets visions and johnny said it's the killer that called him that as phillip walks off and johnny sits down with maggie and tells her she's going to die if she doesn't get off the train and johnny offers to take her with him and bruce and she stays with him and said she'll go with johnny because he'll protect her. maggie and johnny get off the train and she says she's cute for a nutcase and goes her own way. johnny picks up her earring and has a vision of her falling off a train as he calls bruce and cancels his fishing trip. maggie walks on the train when she turns around and sees johnny following her and asks him to stop following her as he said he's not going to when they walk to their room and she says there's barely enough room in here for me and johnny says he'll keep an eye on her until they get to the next stop. maggie says she's in alot of trouble and she's running when johnny has a vision from her purse of her being pushed off the train when maggie sees that he gets visions off objects when he touches them. johnny asks her why she's running as she tells him she's running from her boyfriend craig palladino and she said he's a drug dealer an extortionist and a pimp as johnny said that's an impressive resume. maggie says she wants to have children and get married when she asks johnny why he doesn't believe her and he says since they met that she's been so honest. maggie asks him if his visions are wrong and he said no as maggie sees that she can't get rid of him and she says she's been running this long and johnny tells her now she's got to get off the train if she wants to live. johnny and maggie are playing gin and she asks him if he played cards with sarah as he said she used to and he said he's banned from several las vegas casinos because of cheating. maggie said she was kicked out of casinos too as she says his charm if making her blush and says the train does not stop for two hours and she's starving when johnny said he'll go get some sandwiches and tells her to lock the door. craig is walking around asking for maggie and johnny finds maggie by phillip and tells her craig is on the train while they find another room to go in when craig sees johnny and asks him if he saw maggie and johnny said there's no maggie here before he leaves and maggie hides underneath him.


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