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The Dead Zone: Transgressions

Johnny: "I somehow still feel guilty about it all."
Sarah: "That's probably because of all the Catholics you've been hanging around."

A christening and an exorcism. They don't usually go together.

They again did a good job exploring a possibly theological solution for Johnny's visions. (And fortunately, they didn't presume to give us an answer.) Men of the church always seem to think the visions are from, well, God. Purdy always did, and Father Brendan certainly did as well. I think Johnny's brain is just different, but what do I know.

The whole Kelly-Brian-Father Tony love triangle and Tony's terrible, undeserved sense of guilt was meant to echo the situation with Sarah, Walt and Johnny. Except that it sort of didn't. I could understand why Johnny felt guilty about what happened to Walt, but this wasn't a David and Bathsheba situation. Johnny saved Walt's life countless times and most certainly did not cause his death. Maybe Johnny felt guilty because a part of him probably always wished that Walt would just disappear.

Why on earth did they kill off Walt and put Sarah and her baby in Johnny's house if they're never going to be a couple again? Are they saving the big Johnny/Sarah reunion for the series finale? Were the past few weeks just intended to bring it back on our radar?

Walt owned a cabin in the woods and didn't tell Sarah. That was his big secret? I doubt that it was a surprise he planned to spring on her, so what options are left? Walt didn't cheat on Sarah, and since they were finally having the baby he wanted, I doubt he was planning to leave her. Criminal activity would be way out of character. So I've got nothing.

Bits and pieces:

— I hadn't realized that Johnny and Sarah were Catholic. Where have I been? Maybe Johnny's mother being so involved with Reverend Purdy's church threw me off. Or maybe it just hasn't been mentioned before. Or... maybe only Sarah is Catholic. Moving right along.

— Father Brendan made the common mistake of thinking he could keep something from Johnny.

— The acid in the holy water was an interesting touch. Painful and creepy, too.

— Sheriff Turner was actually pretty nice this time. All positive.

I wasn't sure how to rate this one. I didn't like it as much as last week and the end ticked me off. Two stars?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. i thought this episode was very good. sarah had feelings for johnny in the beginning.johnny would'nt tell her what happened with walt. not a very good ending.

  2. i loved this one. father tony's affair with a younger woman and johnny in the room with them was creepy sheriff turner going through walt's computer is what johnny would've found out eventually. sarah's love for johnny was showing in the beginning of this episode. father brennan's exorcism on johnny was scary and he thought he could hide something from johnny.


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