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More about Supernatural

I've been trying to put my finger on what didn't work on Supernatural, and I've got it.

We had no opportunity to get to know and like the characters. In the first few minutes, we got burning women on the ceiling. Attention-getting, sure, but if you can't connect with the characters, there's no buy-in.

I think that Jensen Ackles (did I spell that correctly?) is worth a second viewing, though.


  1. I haven't had the chance to watch Supernatural yet, though I must ask, didn't you feel the same about threshold?

    I found the beginning of Threshold a bit sloppy. In two minutes an entire crew dies. Also, I found it challenging to suspend my disbelief when a 4D object shows up at the beginning of a new show. I know it is a scifi show, but come on, can't it be just a little bit more subtle? This is something for a finale. Or the end of the pilot.

  2. So, I just finished watching the second Supernatural. I had enjoyed the pilot. Yes, it was a bit "testosterone-laden", but I liked that - a nice change from the chick-shows I normally watch. And, that Jared
    "whoseywhatsit" was not as annoying in the pilot as he had been playing Dean on Gilmore Girls (yes, the character names are confusing me!). Yes, the pilot had some flaws, but it had entertained me enough to give it a chance and watch the second week. Um... what happened from last week to this week? Jared "Used to be Dean, but now is Dean's brother" is back to playing an annoying, whiny punk, and the whole plot seemed ridculous. And I realized (again) the genious that is Joss Whedon. During the scene that the guys are describing the "life cycle" of the Wendigo, I became completely annoyed and actually shouted at the TV, "Give me a break - this is retarded!". Then, it occured to me that this plot was really no more ridiculous than the bazillion or so plots of Buffy and Angel that I have watched (repeatedly) and adored. So, why did I love those, but found this, well, lame. Does this show just take itself too seriously? Hmm.. I'm no writer or critic, so I guess I will have to let Billie do the analysis. All I know is that this episode made me long for the Whedonverse. :(

    I hear what you are saying Remco - Threshold felt like it was hastily thrown together. It seemed like they could've drawn that story out over a few episodes and it would've been more interesting. I will watch it again - it entertained me enough to want to know what is going on, but I remain a little skeptical.

    - Dr. W


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