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Supernatural premiere not all that super

I think the testosterone level on this show is a little too high for me. And ... is it me, or is this show not all that scary? I was yawning through the second half, and glancing at the clock. But that could have been because of a long day at work, so I'll certainly watch episode two next week.

Jensen Ackles, lately of Smallville, was my favorite part of the premiere episode. His character, Dean Winchester, is definitely a cutie pie, and a much better part for him than that of Lana's emasculated boyfriend. Jared Padalecki, who played Sam, was okay, but didn't do much for me. Maybe he's not my type.

At the end, Dan said that it was better than Point Pleasant. But then again, nearly everything is better than Point Pleasant. (Sorry about that, Marti Noxon.)


  1. I agree. I watched it via Yahoo! a few days before it premiered, and I was hoping for so much more. And I agree, Billie- Jared Padalecki kind of sucks. Didn't like him on Gilmore Girls, didn't like him here.

  2. I liked Jared Padalecki on Gilmore Girls at first, then I started to completely hate him, then he started to die in about half the movies I saw him in. I found myself finding that really entertaining because I wish he would die on Gilmore Girls and NOT destroy Rory's life. So I think I watched Supernatural because there's a chance he'll die on the show eventually. But I've decided that I can just rent House Of Wax and not have to watch this stupid show. The only part that scared me was the very beginning when the shadowy man-figure was standing over baby Sam...I couldn't sleep because of that. But it's not because the show was scary, it's because I'm afraid of the dark and that just exacerbated the situation.


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