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Pray for New Orleans

I write about television and science fiction, not the state of the world. I try hard to stay non-political when it comes to reviews and articles (although my political leanings tend to creep in, because I'm giving my opinion.) Maybe I have no right to speak... but fuck it. I absolutely have to say something about the current situation in New Orleans.

A few years ago, right after graduate school, I took a temporary job in southern Mississippi. I spent a good bit of my off time in the beautiful Gulf coast cities of Gulfport and Biloxi, because it was gorgeous there; there was a lot of fun stuff to do, like casinos and shopping and miniature golf and driving down that beautiful coastal highway. And I vacationed in New Orleans, touring the French Quarter and the Garden District.

I don't care where you are politically; if you're honest with yourself, you must admit that what is happening right now should not be happening. And it's clear to me that with one party in charge of all branches of government, there's only one place to lay the blame. I find it hard to believe that this would be happening if New Orleans were, say, Kennebunkport, and the residents white and middle-class, instead of black and poor.

For several years now, I've been ashamed to be an American. My level of shame has just overflowed, like the levees of New Orleans.

I promise I won't post anything else that's political. Or I'll try. If there's a major earthquake here in California and the level of response is like the current one, I may go back on that promise.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you;it's become embarrassing to be American. When did that happen? Pray for us all.


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