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Guest book: September

I don't have a guest book on my site, so I thought it might be fun to put one here every month. Please feel free to check in, write a comment, and say hi. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? What would you like me to write about?

Lines are open!


  1. Billie-
    I would REALLY love it if you would check out Veronica Mars. I bet you would really like it (they are calling it the new Buffy, after all), and I would love to read your take on it.

  2. Was that spam? Sheesh, it seems you can't hide from it anywhere these days.

  3. Tim is correct. Veronica Mars is something you would probably like considering the other shows you tend to like. I just wanted to say that the site is quite professional-looking. I'm very impressed.

  4. Oops... I just noticed my post could be misinterpreted. It was not directed at Tim, but at 'comment deleted'.

  5. Hi,

    I'm glad I found your site. I enjoyed reading your reviews on Lost year very much and was afraid that tith the new TVcom I wouldn't fin your reviews anymore.

    Will be checking your site regularly from now on.

  6. Billie, I think you missed it. In "Orientation" the project is called Dharma, which in the Buddhist religion means " protection " By following His teachings we protect ourselves from suffering and problems.
    Now what does the swan mean and how many other stations are there besides three?

  7. Hey Pat... there are five more hatches. There were two students per hatch and the proffessors were in the sixth one.10 students plus 2 professors= twelve people going by Jin and Ecko on chapter 5. ;)

  8. Hi Billie!!
    I'm sorry (for my sake) that I never read you blog before.
    I discoved your site a while ago while I was searching Google for people who are agreeing with me about how awful Dead Zone became in season 4. I don't know if you remember but I even emailed you about that!
    Now I'm really a fan of your reviews! I read every new review you write about my favorite shows (currently Lost and The Dead Zone) and I'm really enjoying it.
    I like it how you write in your Lost reviews everything I needed to read after watching the episode in order for it to feel whole. I agree with nearly everything you write... for example I felt bad for Jin when Michael and Sawyer didn't seem to care for him after their raft blew up.
    I'm starting to regain hope for The Dead Zone by the way, I'm trying not to keep my hopes up but we'll see...

    Thank you Billie!
    -Ido Beeri (Fishos)


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