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The Fall season

And so far, the winner is (and I can't believe I'm saying this) ... Supernatural. It's not terrific yet or anything, and I still think they should recast Sam, but wow, it's fun to watch. After last Tuesday's, I said to Dan that I was going to go into the bathroom and say "Bloody Mary" in front of the mirror three times, and he said (seriously), "Don't you dare." They're tapping into something fairly cool here with this semi-serious Ghostbusters thing.

For runner-up, I can't decide between Threshold and Night Stalker. Probably Threshold. It has serious butt-kicking potential as what X-Files could have been if they'd actually had a coherent plot. But at this point, we're still talking potential. I expected to hate Night Stalker, but the first two episodes have been very watchable. I'm in like with Stuart Townsend. I don't hate Gabrielle Union, either.

Returning shows aren't doing so bad, either. I've been floored by how good the first few episodes of Medium have been. I was getting worried about Lost, but last night's was excellent. Smallville just keeps getting better every season; great campy fun.

And then there's Alias. I'm so bummed about what's going on with Alias in terms of casting. (I won't spoil you; read my reviews if you don't know what I'm talking about and aren't saving yourself for the DVD or something.) I'm so unhappy about it that I actually went the spoiler route and checked out Ausiello ... and things don't look good for my guy.

I don't stop reviewing a show in the middle of its run. When I fall in love, I'm usually pretty faithful. But I'm disappointed enough with both Alias and The Dead Zone that I'm actually thinking about the possibility of dropping them. And that's not good.


  1. Last nights Lost... a massive, massive return to form. Not that the last three have been poor, just a little 'must cram info' heavy and missing the humour, emotion & character of this latest episode.

    Look forward to your review.

  2. Billie, no! Don't drop Alias! Please just stay with it until the end of this season, because it will probably end after that. But if you ultimately do decide do drop it, please check out Veronica Mars! If you were to trade the supernatural stuff on Buffy for detective fare, they feel like almost the same show. I love reading your Alias reviews, and you have stuck with it since the Lauren fiasco in season 3, so please don't give up now!

  3. I don't know, Tim. If the focus this season is going to be Rachel Nichols and Tom Grace, it just isn't Alias for me any more.

    Veronica Mars is probably terrific, but I can't do much about it until the DVD comes out in December.

  4. I'm sorry for spamming Veronica Mars this way, but it's so great! I wasn't a fan of VM up until just three weeks ago. Thank god for the internet. It's a great tool for Europeans who obviously don't receive American TV.

    Anyway, some new bits...

    Alysson Hannigan had a recurring role in season one, and will continue to have one in season 2.
    Charisma Carpenter (she's in GOOD shape!) has been in some of the season 2 episodes I've seen, and will probably be in some more episodes to come.

    And the best part: Joss Whedon will have a guest appearance in I believe episode six! I can't wait!

    Billie and others who haven't seen VM yet: Please watch season 1 before watching any of season 2! Season 2 has some HUGE spoilers for season 1 which will seriously hurt your enjoyment of the first season.

    It seems the first season DVD is already out. Prepare for some major sleep issues! ;) You won't stop until it's finished.

    Now I'll stop advertising VM. Just trying to spread the word. It's not doing too well, especially now that it's aired the same time as Lost.

  5. hi billie! i just wanted to comment because i'm a very faithful reader of your Alias reviews (they're wonderful, btw!). i can certainly understand why you're contemplating dropping the show ... i'm too depressed about what's going on for my own good i think :) that said, i really hope you don't. maybe things will work out. maybe. but even if this comment doesn't have any impact on your finaly decision, i wanted to say that i've always appreciated your take on the episodes!

  6. Well said, anonymous! I second that. Or 'third' that... whatever. ;)

  7. Alias is obviously having its worst time ever. I find myself waiting for Amy Acker to appear... If things don't get better soon, I'd rather they put the series out of its misery, instead of dragging it on and on forever like they did with The X-Files.
    And I too support Veronica Mars - season 1 was finger-lickin' good.

  8. I too support your reviews. I'm relatively a new Alias fan.. a few months ago my sister sent me the DVD's for seasons 1-3 and I watched them all and quickly bought season 4 to catch up on that, and finally catched up with the first six episodes of season 5. I know how it can be fustrating with the cast changes. But in ways at least we don't have to see repeated storylines with Sydney and Vaughn. I'm actually starting to like the new characters, at least Rachel.. I miss Vaughn.. but maybe becuase I'm a guy it doesn't bother me that much. I just say let's see where this season takes us. Anything can happen, we're just six episodes in :-) Thanks for the reviews.


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