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Invasion and Night Stalker

Sorry about the quietude. I've been (1) preoccupied with the premieres of all these new sci-fi shows, and (2) sick with the flu.

I've now watched two episodes of Invasion (which I am calling, "Invasion of the Thirty-Something Body Snatchers") and I'm sorry, but it's just not grabbing me. I think they're trying for another Lost, i.e., something subtle with a lot of mystery that develops slowly. But I don't think it's working for me because I keep waiting for something to happen, and it doesn't. I don't really like any of the characters, either, with the possible exception of everybody's brother-in-law, Dave. But this does not a series favorite make.

It's funny how some shows you don't think will catch you actually do catch you. I expected to like Threshold, and I do like Threshold, so I was spot on with that. But I didn't expect to like Supernatural (mostly because I'm still pissed off at The WB), and I do. I didn't think I'd like Night Stalker, either, but I kinda liked the premiere. I'm going to give it a few episodes.

I'd love to know what you all are liking and not liking this season. Post a comment. Don't be shy.


  1. At this point, I like Threshold. Not so much for quality, but it's quite scary. I hate every other new show.

    I like the new Lost season. Nice work on the hatch. Great scenes on the wreck.

    I just watched BSG season one. Damn good series! Way better than Star Trek.

    And a shocking revelation for myself... I don't like Alias anymore. I believe the show was gone halfway through season 3. After that the story went nuts, then disappeared all together. This season they managed to piss me off in 40 minutes. I usually don't draw conclusions that fast, but I think this season Alias should be axed.
    Unless Vaughn is alive, and tells Syd she doesn't work for the CIA. ;) They kinda blew that chance though, by using the father-story in episode 1.

    Oh, and I love Serenity. Which is weird, 'cause I haven't seen it yet. But I trust it's gonna be great.

  2. I adore SUPERNATURAL but as for THRESHOLD, I like it but don't love it. I like what I've seen of BONES so far. There are several sitcoms this season that I like too.

    I've been sucked into GREY'S ANATOMY from the first episode. Didn't plan to watch it til I found out the actress from Roswell was going to be in it, Heigl is her last name, I think.

    There's a show on Fox that I think will be great (if Fox actually keeps it). It's called REUNION. Starts with a murder of 1 of 6 good friends and over the course of the season you learn about their lives via flashbacks as the detective tries to solve the murder. This show sucked me in also right from the start, especially the way they show the actors as both 18-year olds and 38-year olds. A couple of them don't turn out the way you expect.

  3. 1. Lost is good, and I think it's only getting better.. Love Lost.
    2. BSG season 2 has been put on hold, while it was just getting started. I didn't believe it at first, but now, after three weeks (or so) it's still not returning, so I'll have te wait (wait, wait) until next year. (which is sad, really sad).

  4. Oh, and I just started watching Veronica Mars season 1. I must say... this show comes closest to beating Buffy as a tv-show will probably ever get.

    Veronica has the wit of Buffy, the (intellectual) strength of Sydney, and the scarred life of any Lostaway.

    Oh, and she's so hot. ;-)
    (Note to self: get out more.)

  5. BSG will be back in January. They're splitting the season in half. So we have something wonderful to look forward to. :)

  6. i tried watching Threshold but it didnt catch me either so i gave up after two epi's, heh, opting to spend the time slot (9pm Fri) between Reba/Hope&Faith...

    besides the usual faves (Lost, Smallville, Charmed, Alias); for the new shows, i'm also checking out Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Invasion, Reunion... 2nd season faves Veronica, DHousewives, Boston Legal... plus a bunch of sitcoms! :D


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