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December guestbook

So here's my bloggedy guest book. Please feel free to check in, write a comment, and say hi. Lines are open.


  1. Huh?

    I was dragging my mouse back and forth across this entry looking for the link to the guestbook and then realized that maybe this is one of those open conversation threads where Billie Doux blog visitors say Hi, I was here, and I'm wearing striped orange underware.

    I'd try and think of something more intelligent and/or thought-provoking to write, but I used the last of my Xs and Os in the previous entry's comments.

  2. Hi I've been reading your reviews for a while...2 or 3 seasons of Alias, but unfortunately I can't read season 5 of Alias or 2 of Lost because I live in the stupid UK! Anyway I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Thankyou :)

  3. Hi I've been reading your reviews for a while...2 or 3 seasons of Alias, but unfortunately I can't read season 5 of Alias or 2 of Lost because I live in the stupid UK! Anyway I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Thankyou :)

  4. Hi Billie,

    thanks for your great Alias reviews.. I've just gotten into Alias before few months but I've seen seasons 1 to 3 twice already, season 4 once and starting with s.5
    I really was stunned ocassionaly, but then and there I felt the storywriting was a little sloppy. But Vaughn, Nadia and Weiss gone is like a bullet in the head.

    Anyway... looking forward to read your other reviews, especially as I'm also an Angel and Buffy fan
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Sayid in the background?


  6. Hello Billie Doux. You are my reviewing hero. I became obsessed with Buffy last year. I'm only 16, and was probably too young to watch in the second or third grade. Anyways, I got in the habit of going straight to tv tome and reading your review after I watched a rerun, which came on daily. Then, I got into Angel, and also your Angel reviews. Recently, I got addicted to the spectacular Lost (I have an addictive personality which, luckily, hasn't translated into a drug addiction...yet) and am catching up with rented DVDs from Blockbuster. Anyways, I think your reviews are the best and I always feel the urge to read one after I've watched a Lost, Buffy or Angel episode. Your website is on my Favourites, along with IMDB, tv.com (though it isn't as good as tvtome.com) and various Buffy sites. You rock. Oh. How do you pronounce your name? I've always been pronouncing it like 'do' (rhymes with new). But I'm probably wrong. I pronounced Whedon with a soft 'e' (like wedding) forever.
    By the way, Veronica Mars was great, but I've lost interest now that Lost is in the same time slot. And, for once, I'd like to watch a show when it originally airs. Plus, the second season of VM is sort of crappy.

  7. by the way, my email is emilyr_16@hotmail.com. not that anyone cares, i just thought i'd put it out there. and now it's out there. okay.

  8. Thank you, everybody.

    Emily, I absolutely loved being called your reviewing hero. :)

    My pen name is a pun. The French expression "billet doux" (pronounced "bee yay doo") means "love letter." So my name is pronounced "billie doo." My friend Ana came up with this name for me, bless her.

  9. Hello Billie:

    I have been a LFN fan since the summer of 1997, and I have read many reviews of the shows and each episode and yours are a just pure delight. I love to read other fans assessments on the show. I found them refreshing. As a testament of the greatness of this show is that no matter how many time you have seen them you always find something new in their re-viewing. Believe me that even thought I have seen them to the infinitum you saw thing I didn’t. So my recommendation is keep seeing them,,, you will discover how new details you miss in the first viewing. That shows this Show is a Classic / Classy one.

    If you have not read Hkay comments of each episode, try them at: http://members.aol.com/mer1973/hayk/
    They are also very good!

    Thanks for a good reading

    Puerto Rico

  10. Hi, Blanca:

    Thanks so much! Never fear -- I'm definitely re-watching episodes. I noticed awhile back that they just seem to get better every time I watch them. Roy just gets cuter, too. I don't know how he does it. :)

  11. Hello billet doux,

    I'm a french fan of alias, angel, buffy, dead zone lost, nikita and smallville. Thanks for your site and blog which are very interesting! I would like to know if you've got informations about the Alias' fifth season dvd, when it will be available to order!

    I don't know if my english "is made understand" .

    Thanks for your help.

    Laurence the french support