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Yes, I'm finally watching Veronica Mars

I get letters recommending that I check out certain shows. I get them fairly often. I don't think I've ever gotten as many for any other show than I have for Veronica Mars. (Must be that Buffy feel.)

Even though I've only seen the first four episodes of the first season, I am deeply impressed, and definitely hooked. Veronica is like a combination of Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy and Alison Mack's Chloe, but with a streak of serious angst all her very own. I'm intrigued by the two big mysteries that have already been introduced: who killed Lily Kane, and who raped Veronica. The characters are fascinating. It's hard to tell at this point who is semi-good and who is evil. The atmosphere of the school is like moody paranoia, like everyone is going to turn on you at any moment. It's not Sunnydale High, but it sure feels like the real life version.

And I have no intention of watching even a minute of season two until I've gotten through season one. Please tell those Veronica Mars people that they should get on the stick with those DVD sets. December, people? Come on. Get with it.

[Oops. I'm informed (thanks, Magnolia) that it was released in October. Okay, still too late to see it all before the new season started, though. I must be confusing Veronica Mars with 24. Of course, that's so easy to do. (That was my sarcastic voice.)]


  1. What do you mean by "December"? The Veronica Mars season one DVD was released on October 11, 2005.

    Season two is currently in production and they've only aired ten episodes so far on UPN. The season two DVD won't be coming out until next August at the earliest. Probably September or October.

  2. I can't believe you caved and are watching Veronica Mars. If you like it then you know that means I will like it. Well, I guess I will have to get the DVD.

    your pal (still resisting Smallville)

  3. Billie,

    I am almost envious that you get to watch VM fresh. It's a SUPERB show and I know that you'll love it. There are so many plot twists and turns to come (and stellar writing all the way)

    You'll love it. Promise.

    - Michael

  4. Hi Billie! Pretty cool you are watching VM now :) Can we expect some reviews soon? :D

  5. Yay, Billie's watching VM. Does that mean you'd be writing reviews for them soon?

    One word of advice. This is one show you definately don't want to be spoiled. Avoid spoilers like the plague.

  6. Yay!! If you ever get around to reviewing it also, I'd love to read them :D Happy Holidays!


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