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January guestbook

Happy new year!

I finished season one of Veronica Mars. I was impressed. And now comes the long wait until season two is released on DVD. I just have one question. Would someone let me know if Logan is alive and in season two? I don't want to check a VM site and expose myself to too many spoilers... but I don't think I can wait until next fall to find out.

Anyway, enough about Veronica. Here's my guest book for January. Please feel free to check in, say hi, and leave comments or feedback.


  1. A splendiferous new year to all!

  2. Logan is indeed alive. I won't say anything else about the season.

    You could consider watching the aired part of the season using bittorrent. It's illegal in your country but it's actually better for the show because UPN will have an extra viewer when new episodes air.

  3. Veronica Mars is starting here at the end of the month, so I will finally be able to see what everybody is raving about!
    Can't wait.

  4. just wanted to let you know how much i love your posts and how great i think your site is! in honor of lost's return this coming wednesday, i read all of your reviews for this season so far (i usually only read the alias reviews...) and it was a fantastic reminder! at least i have something to look forward to, seeing as how alias won't be back till march. no, i'm not bitter at all. :) so yeah, thanks!

  5. Billie, just wanted to say thanks for your brilliant reviews and wish you all the best in the new year. I have just discovered your "Lost" reviews on TV.com and headed straight to your site, and the amazement never stops: your reviews are condensed yet profound, well thought-out and incredibly witty. (Not to mention, your opinion almost always matches mine!) Please go on writing and sharing them. Thanks again.

    Stan in Dublin, Ireland

  6. Hi Billie,
    I want to thank you so much for your great reviews. I'm german and I get the latest Lost episodes via internet. When I have it (normally on Fridays) first thing afterwards (and I'm always soo looking forward to it) I read your reviews. You always get the point and share my opinion. I found you and your reviewson TV Tome. Since it has changed to TV.com I'm not so often around ... there are too many bad reviews (exept yours). What happend to the other review writer on TV Tome?

    Lost has affected me so much, that I'm going to Oahu this month!
    I'm so excited!


  7. Hi Billie,

    I got to know your reviews because of Alias - started to read the Alias-reviews on the dearly departed TV-tome site, and since then I have read all the Buffy and Angel reviews and check your site each week for the new reviews on Lost and Alias (I'm watching the shows by downloading them from the internet, evil me *blush*). But now I have a question for you.
    It's very obvious that you REALLY don't like season five of Alias, which I think is rather strange. I have the feeling that everything that made Alias great is there: a great story-arc that is connected with everything that has happened in the show's past, interesting characters, well-written, well-acted, mystery, shocking surprises and tension. In a way, I think it's even better written than it has been at some times in the past: we really don't know what is going on, the entire Prophet-5-story is one big mystery, but at least I have the impression the writers know what they are doing, that they are building up to something specific. While in season three it became painfully obvious that the writers didn't have a clue where they had been going with the Rambaldi-mystery since at least the middle of season two. So as a matter of fact, the writing makes a lot more sense now than it did back then. Of course, that's just my humble opinion. But so I started wondering, why would Billie think it's all that bad? So I have a question, do you think it's possible that you don't like the show anymore just because and only because Michael Vaughn died? It makes perfect sense, another friend of mine has the exact same reaction: he didn't want Vaughn to die, and that has taken the pleasure out of the show for him. Yet I think it was a good choice, painful, but good. Sydney has always been personally connected with everything that is going on, and this year they did that by making the story about Vaughn. Moreover, it is very well possible that Vartan wanted to stop, so that the writers did not have another choice then to write him off the show.
    Anyway, the only thing I wanted to ask was, do you think you would like this season more if Vaughn hand't been killed - and everything else would have been the same?

    Jonathan from Brussels

  8. Thank you all so much. You make me blush.

    Sisa: I don't know who the other TV Tome reviewer was, unfortunately. My connection with TV Tome was very limited and I never even made contact with the people in charge of the show pages.

    Jonathan in Brussels: Yes, it's Vartan -- but it's not just that. They got rid of Greg Grunberg, too. Jennifer Garner's role changed because of her pregnancy. And they left Mia Maestro in a coma, and cast another woman instead. They've done exactly one episode with Sark. And Sloane, who was once one of the best villains on TV, has been so diluted that they might as well kill off the character. But I'm still reviewing, and I hope they go out with a bang.

    Stan in Dublin: Will you marry me? :)

  9. I started watching Angel accidently as I turned on TNT in the middle of the day last March while studying for the MCAT. Before I knew it, I watched the last half of Season 5.
    Then I wanted more, so I started watching everyday at 6 AM and in the afternoon and squeezed the entire series in by the time summer hit.
    Your reviews on all the episodes helped me pick up on a lot I probably would've missed otherwise and also got me wondering about where all the characters started out on Buffy.
    So I spent the last 5 months, my first of med school, taking a break from all the biochemistry and cadavers by slowly watching all of Buffy via Netflix. I definitely cheated and read your reviews as I was waiting for the next DVD to arive.
    You provide an invaluable service for everyone who has far too much interest in all of these shows.


  10. Ok, can I just say that I love the way you write, it's full of spirit!

    Now to the point..
    I’ve been on Alias fever for the past six months ever since I got my hands on season one. And since then I’ve watched all the rest but the fifth one and I must say I became a true alias fan. Since my home tv-networks don’t air this series, I (and four friends of mine) had to have it on dvd… But you see it’s not imported here in Greece (and can I just add that Parental Credit Cards are on a higher Clearance Level and out of the question for Internet Purchasing). .So we had a mini quest of our own.. A visit to Amsterdam, a friend in Düsseldorf and a cousin in Switzerland were enough. Our own mission: Accomplished.

    So, I really wanted an opinion on season five and I red it here on your board without having to go through all the spoilers. Thanx. But really I’m not so sure I will miss Vaughn. He was a good character and eye-candy of course and he served his purpose well but mainly on the first two seasons. On three he got stuck with the miserable look all season long and on four the most enjoyable moment for me was when he turned to the dark side... I just wish they could kill him midseason or something, so that it doesn’t scream out loud –I’m not signed for five. As for Sloane, agreed.. I wish he could go back to his old deceitful, evil self that we all know and love.

    I adored one and two, three was.. just ok, triangle thingy and all. Four though was.. merely enjoyable and far from breathtaking. So it dawned on me.. It’s just lost its freshness! We’ve learned to expect the highly unexpected in super spy world that nothing amazes us any more. It’s happened before.. 24 after season three could count one fan less. The same with Charmed. (Season three must be a really decisive period or what?!).
    Now I’m really looking forward to seeing lost. It’s coming on greek Television next month!
    Marshall: "You're going to bust her out, aren't you? Kick some NSC booty?
    Can I just say, love?"
    So..With Love
    Mapia (Reads>Maria in Greek)

  11. Billie, followed you from TV Tome. Love to read if you are thinking the same thing I am about LOST and if I caught all that you did. Really look forward to reading your reviews. I did not tape the episode Fire+Water but was wondering if I heard right...I could have swore I heard Charlie call his niece Aaron/Erin when he saw her the 1st time and his sister-in-law said her name is Megan....

  12. Thank you, thank you for writing the LOST blog. I've been watching the first season on disc by myself and I've been dying to talk to someone about it. Next best thing -- maybe better. Love your eye for the detail and now I don't feel like I have to run up to perfect strangers and yell, "the light went on in the hatch!" You're probably saving me from an arrest record.

    Carry on!