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Still obsessed with La Femme Nikita... and Roy Dupuis

Back in July, a member of my Lostreviews list recommended I try La Femme Nikita (thanks, Katherine). I Netflixed it. By the time I reached the third disk, I realized I had to have all of it, now, now, now -- so I went out and bought the first three seasons. I watched several episodes a day until I reached the end of season three. And then I watched them again.

I kept thinking about the show. I kept writing reviews in my head. I kept telling myself, the show has been off the air for four years. What's the point in writing episode reviews now? Be logical, Billie. Who is going to read them? Hasn't everyone moved on by this time?

Finally, I gave up the fight and started writing them. This fall, as much as I've enjoyed the new episodes of Lost, Alias, and Smallville, (well, maybe not so much with the Alias), my mind kept returning to Nikita. We can't control these things, you know.

I'm so glad now that I succumbed, and did it for myself. As I said in my previous post, I'm surprised and pleased to report that my Nikita page is getting a significant number of hits. I'm getting lots of lovely letters, too. Who knew? What this proves, as far as I'm concerned, is that DVDs have made it much easier for people to get into cult series after the fact, and that certain fandoms are so strong that they just hang on, even after the show is gone.

I'm the first to admit that Nikita isn't for everybody. But the extreme darkness and dehumanization of Section One and the forbidden Michael/Nikita romance just do it for me, though. I have no idea why. Why do some things just click with us, and other things don't? It's the eternal question.

A significant part of my obsession with La Femme Nikita can be attributed to my fascination with Roy Dupuis. He's not just a one series flash in the pan. He's been doing movies and television series since 1990 and is sort of the Harrison Ford of Quebec, even though he's almost unknown in the States. I'm gradually amassing a good-sized Roy collection, and I'm even reviewing them, too.

So, anyway, the point of all this is that I just finished my Nikita reviews, up to the end of season three, and I want to thank all the people who wrote to me, and all the people who are reading them and forwarding the link, for their support. Season four will have to wait for the DVD release, which I hope will be soon.

(Here's a link to my Nikita reviews and my Roy Dupuis reviews.)


  1. I watched La Femme Nikita religiously when it aired on the USA Network. I was very bummed when it was off the air. And now that the series is coming out on DVD, I'm very excited to rewatch the whole series. I wish they weren't so expensive though! But Nikita is one of my favorite shows still, after all these years! Glad to hear that you enjoy it!

    1. I just finished watching ALL 5 seasons of La Femme Nikita on Tubi..for free. 30 years after watching only the first season and I still love the show and the forbidden romance of Michael and Nikita.Wwatching other movies they've both done, but it's just not the same...

  2. Oh I forgot to add, Roy Dupuis is hot. I always loved Nikita/Michael forbidden romance. They do a great job with that story line. :-p

  3. I've absolutely LOVED LFN ever since it first aired, in 1997. I've been obsessed ever since. I still watch the episodes, and get online on message boards and discuss them. Every time I see an episode, I discover something new about the characters, the relationship. I've throughly enjoyed your reviews, since it's always refreshing to "see" the episode from a new-comers eyes :) So...thanx for doing them

  4. I am crazy about that show, even named my dog after Nikita, and I always watch my dvd's for the Roy fix. Wish they would bering them back.

    Faithfull fan,


  5. Hi Billie!
    I just want to tell you I L-O-V-E your LFN reviews! They are funny AND smart without being too long! Like you I'm a new LFN addict(I was young when it originally aired and couldn't always watch it because it was too late)
    Can't wait to see your reviews of season 4!

  6. LOL I forgot too: Roy Dupuis is, indeed, HOT!

  7. Can I express how sad I was when I lost USA Network (this was before the DVDs were available)?

    I was so excited when the DVDs came out!!!

    and Michael, omg Michael. I don't even know if I'd want to watch Roy Dupuis in other roles, cuz he'll always be Michael in my heart.

  8. The reviews are fabulous--I'm echoing others when I say that it's fun to see the episodes through the eyes of someone who wasn't obsessed with the show during production. Like many rabid LFN fans, I cheer when we get a new recruit to the cause!

  9. I can't believe I hit publish without adding a fangirl sigh over the great Roy Dupuis. They're going to take away my membership card.

  10. Thank you, Billie for taking the time to enjoy and review La Femme Nikita. The show's writers did a terrific job in having us glued in watching the series. Am pretty much looking forward (like you) for the Season 4 and 5 DVDs. Though Season 5 only has about 8 eppies just to pacify the loyal followers of the show.
    Best of life to you,
    Platinum Rosebud

  11. nikitta was one of the best shows ever.i mean how many shows have you always on edge and hungry for more at the end of every ep.its always refreshing to see other loyal fans of a show that still gets us when so few shows today do.

  12. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the LFN series. I started watching it when it first started and was totally obsessed with the show. It sounds like the bug has biten you also. I am looking forward to your opinions on season 5 as soon as you get them. And I agree with someone else who said Roy will always be Michael to me.

    Kind Regards,

  13. I too have been an avid fan since the beginning. I have all five seasons on VHS tape recorded at the time of airing. Just got done re-viewing the entire series. It plays like one long, terrific movie! It can still make me laugh and cry. So many shows have copied from Nikita. It never got the recognition it deserved, including the wonderful supporting cast and superb soundtrack. I did not know it was now available on DVD, but am looking forward to having another way to visit this old friend. Welcome to all the new fans of this wonderful, unique show.

  14. I just started watching LFN early this year, and it's been so much fun to read your review after each episode I see. Doesn't hurt that I tend to agree with your episode ratings.

    Not as into Michael/Nikita as you are but that's probably because after Spuffy (yay you for supporting them in your Buffy ep reviews...also thanks) nothing seems to measure up in my eyes. And while you won't be getting any arguments from me about Roy's prettiness, as Michael, so far (mid s2) I find his acting too stoic for my tastes. I definitely hope that changes in the later seasons, where I'm guessing the M/N thing really heats up.

  15. I´m so glad for all these coments!
    I´m brazilian and here it´s very difficult buy the seasons. I almost cry when i saw Michael and Nikita together.

    Roy will always be my love, my Michael.

    Cíntia Regina
    the fanatic brazilian girl

  16. Dear Billie,
    It's great to read your reviews of LFN and of Roy's films...they are a valuable resource and offer many interesting views about the series and Roy's films. What's best about your LFN reviews is that you've watched the series a good many years after it's aired and still been bowled over by it, thus proving that it hasn't dated and hopefully, will continue to be aired and loved for many years and by thousands of new fans.
    Can't wait for season 4 DVDs to be released on July 25th!
    Thanks again!

  17. Dear Billie,
    Thanks for your website and your reviews! I found your website after becoming addicted to Alias last summer. I had not heard of LFN, but decided to give it a try since your Alias reviews reflected so many of my own thoughts. My first reaction was negative, and I would never have continued except for your reviews and the encouragement to stick with it. I am still a huge fan of Alias and love the atmosphere on that series, but I am now completely hooked on LFN. As with you, the relationship between Michael and Nikita is the big draw.

    LFN owes you a great debt. You are recruiting new fans, even after all these years have passed. Keep up the good work.

  18. i truly thank whatever powers intervened and brought me to your site. i love LFN and i was just reliving my addiction by purchasing the DVD box set. i sleep at 4am every night, savoring each episode.

    i am hopeful that i get to find seasons 4 and 5 here in the Philippines.

  19. I just want to add my thanks for your reviews of Nikita. I, too, just discovered the series last year and have become addicted. Thanks again. Donna

  20. I'm a great fan of LFN. Your reviews are excellent and very close to my point of view. Reading them is like watching the episodes again. I hated the endings of seasons 4 and 5, so I don't think I'll buy the DVD's, but the first three seasons were exceptional.

  21. Ciao a tutti anch'io sono pazza di LFN sin dalla prima volta che l'ho visto in tv in Italia!!! La mia vita è cambiata da allora ed ho iniziato attivamente ad interessarmi al telefilm e sopratutto a Roy Dupuis (The Best Canadian Actor for me). Faccio parte di un Forum Italiano (http://www.telefilm-central.org/s1) attraverso il quale ho conosciuto tante altre fans Italiane pazze quanto me per LFN ed attraverso il quale possiamo mantenere SEMPRE VIVA LA NOSTRA PASSIONE per LFN!!!


  22. Thanks for all your reviews! I just love to read someone else's opinion on the things that happened each episode, especially if they have something funny to say.
    I absolutely love Nikita especially Seasons 3-5. And Season 5 was great.
    I own all 5 seasons on DVD. The only other series I own all on DVD is Buffy (what can I say I'm a sucker for tortured romance).
    Nikita is a romance, but it isn't soppy and both the male and female characters are strong.
    Anyway thanks again!! Yes it's 2007 and Nikita is NOT finished.

  23. Amazing reviews, amazing everything!
    Luckily here in Argentina they are airing the episodes again on cable.
    I also like your reviews on Lost. But Nikita is the best show that ever existed.
    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks so much
    Nikita's Fan from Argentina.

  24. Nothing makes my heart prouder and happier than someone else discovering what a great show LFN is.

    I'm happy that you love it like we do. For those into it, it grips you like nothing else can, keeps you wanting so much more and makes you wish it could have continued on. Thank goodness for DVD's, now the show can and does live on.

    So, here's to you... enjoy and cherish.

  25. After all these years still my favourite show.

    I haven't rewatched any ep for 2 years and i put on the dvd from Season 2, Hard Landing, last week, and i was pulled back to Section in a blink!

    Still addicted!

    Isabel, Portugal!

  26. It's funny you should say that you're still obsessed. Because I have no idea how long ago you wrote this. I have the complete set (5 seasons) of Nikita on DVD, and every so often I sit down and watch the whole series from beginning to end. I don't actually watch much TV (if any), the only other show I do this with is Star Trek Deep Space Nine. But there is something about Nikita for me too, that simply draws me in, and I can only describe my feelings as completely obsessive. Nikita is good, but Michael is amazing. And the two together is like nothing else.

  27. I saw this site after looking up the eps of Nikita i had missed. Loved your reviews(theyre echoing my thoughts on the show). I saw the show as very symmetrical in characters and plot lines. that's what got me hooked. The stuff that happens in S1 also happens in S4. Loved that michael and Nikita brought out the good qualities in each other and yes, they did compeletely switch from the first episode to the last. Also, they once said the show was about relationships and you can see that parallel everywhere. The development of Nikita was amazing, and billie, you say that she isn't that good at aliases, but I thought that that was the best thing about her. the fact that she could do so much and be very dimensional in her approach to things. Her heart on her sleeve approach obviously wouldn't have made her survive very long and she changes through the series like a chamelion between a young woman to capable spy agent.
    Loved LFN because she was so compelling, even more so than sydney because she hadn't had alot of support while growing up. Sydney, however, just didn't capture me like Nikita did. Sydney's surrounded by people, Nikita'a pretty isolated. The ending of Alias was something I would have wished for Michael and Nikita because they so deserved it. Nikita more so than Michael. I'll keep watching probably til i'm 80 and in a nursing home. That definitely makes me crazy!!!!

  28. If you miss this show and would like to see them back please sign the online petition and ask your friends to sign it to:

  29. I am a greatest fan of LFN,I was only able to catch till the second season when it aired but since now it's out in DVD ,have watched all episodes repeatedly.Although, the content and most characters are dark,I don't know what it is about the series....that always does it for me.Now i've become great great fan of michael and Nikita as well as Roy and Peta....I'd like to remember other parts rather than the end though, cause it was sad..

  30. Hi Billie,

    I just want to say thank you for the wonderful reviews you posted here. I started watching LFN recently and became a big fan. It haunts me - credit to Roy Dupuis' superb performance. I enjoyed all your reviews and articles tremendously.

    Season 5 provided a satisfying ending to the show. As to Nikita and Michael's romantic future - we know from their history that these two don't do well without each other. Michael gets out of sync and Nikita gets lost. So it is a reasonable conclusion that they will find each other again, probably sooner than later. That, to me, is enough :)

    Thanks again!

  31. You're so welcome, Yong Yong, and thank you for your lovely comment. You made my day.

  32. I loved LFN when it originally came out, and forgot about it till recently. I stumbled across it online and have just finished watching all 5 seasons again after all these years. I think I love it even more now! As much as I love Nikita, its definitley Michael that gets me! I was half way through S4 when i discovered your blog Billie, which is amazing! I wish I'd found it sooner! I found myself reading your corresponding review after every episode, checking if I missed anything, and if we felt the same -which we did. I also have to agree with your Roy Dupuis fascination, to quote Nikita he's 'pretty delicious'. So thanks for the fantastic LFN reviews, they're still being read and enjoyed.


  33. You're very welcome, spin, and thank you for your comment. Five years of comments! It's hard to believe it's been that long.

  34. I as well re-discovered LFN after many years and am re-watching it while reading your thoughts on the episodes. It's such a joy to find a show you enjoyed over a decade ago still exciting, engaging and intelligent- your analyses are truely on point and really help to get sucked back in. Thank you for your work!
    Michael and Nikita might have the best on screen chemistry ever and i agree with Yong Yong... in the end, they will find each other again... after all, there is a time for every purpose:)

  35. I only watched LFN this month more than 10 years after it aired and I wondered where I have been. The chemistry between Roy and Peta is like nothing I have seen on TV. I Loved their forbidden affair and was soo sad when it ended. I have been so haunted with thots of this amazing show and Billie I totally Loved ur reviews. Stephanie Nigeria

  36. I'm another that didn't actually catch La Femme Nikita during it's initial run but rather around the time of it's 4th and final year when it was already on syndication. I probably didn't see all the episodes or that I even saw them in the order they were meant to be viewed..But at that time I was immediately struck by the chemistry Nikita and Michael in a way that tv characters had never grabbed me before. I was addicted..and Roy Dupuis was a revelation that I've never forgotten.
    The options for watching back then were not like they are today. But here, some 15 years and a decade watching later, I was able to do a rewatch to see if my obsession still held. It did in leaps and bounds..addicted to Roy Dupuis, Micheal and Nikita and La femme Nikita like never before. I just watched until the end of S4 and was becoming profoundly effected so I elected to start all over again before the inevitable conclusion. I'll leave comments this time around to keep this blog timely ..and to thank you profusely for your wonderful blog that was like a secret voice speaking out of my very bones.

  37. Thank you so much, Rosanna, and I'm looking forward to your re-watch comments.

    Back when I discovered LFN, long after it had aired, I spent a long time trying to talk myself out of writing reviews because I didn't think anyone would read them. I'm so glad I was wrong.

  38. I started watching LFN about two weeks ago after having a glance of the new show "Nikita". For some reason I remembered that when I was in my early teens there was this other show, LFN, but as I was quite young and the show aired rather late the only episode I can remember was Love.

    Well, long story short: I looked it up and what shell I say...I couldn't stop watching it. two weeks and 5 season later (I skipped some eps, mostly all the ones that hadn't explizit references to Nikita and Michael :-D)..gosh..I want to watch them all over again. No! No, time to get back to real life!!

    The first three season were amazing. Why was the series cancelled?

    Ok, we all love Michael and Nikita but even beside the two the show was great. From a persons point of view that hasn't seen the show beforehand I found it intriguingly timeless - aside from the use of CDs.

    But also that the characters didn't look flawless was such a good part of the show. I mean Nikita is rather bulky (still famine {surprisingly}) unlike most female actors nowadays and Michaels hair moments....hmmm...but it worked and to a certain extent made it more realistic because, hey, if you're on a killing mission how cares about fluffy hair?!

    I even liked the last episode of season four. I found it was one of the better ones in the season. That said I also knew that 8 eps are still waiting for me and there is plenty of time for Michael and Nikita getting back together. If I would have started watching this show 15 years ago I also would have been infuriated.

    Billie, thanks for the reviews. Loved them! Your comment about Madeline having a new hobby: clipping Bonsai tree, so Madeline - brilliant. I didn't noticed the twins - another reason to watch the show again ~.~

    I'm not to sure whether to start on Roy Dupuis movies now as after watching Michael it only can be disappointing, or?? On the other hand...

  39. I just forgot to mentioned that I, of course, fall utterly in love with Michael over my last two weeks encounter with LNF. What a man, ^.^

    P.S.: Nikita is yummi, too!

  40. Hello, Anonymous: Thank you so much for your comments. There are a few of Roy Dupuis' movies that I enjoyed very much. My reviews of the movies don't spoil them, if that will help. My favorite of his movies is Memoires Affectives.

  41. startn from snz1 epi 1,i loved the serie although it dragged on forever and the only thing that kept me going night after night was me waitn for the passion btn nikky and mikeal to burst open!even in his tightly coiled stuckup emotional status quo,i fell madly in love with micheal samuelle although am not so sure i cud say the same for roy dupuis!
    but the final episode had me in tears as i kept wondering why they dint just leave mikael,nikky and adam live happily ever after!
    do we need the further heartbreak after enduring it for a full 97 episodes?
    the writers should hve done sth.up to now,am still tryn to get over mikeal samuelle by using dupuis who i dont bond with that much as a way to get this obsession over with.pathetic,ha?
    but ofcourse i doesnt help wen am always rewatchn it over n over again.
    i still think operations-spent longer than warranted on the scene.he should ve burst 4 epis after his beloved madeline!

  42. its been six years since i was in this site, im a die hard fan of LFN, i miss the love team,,, im so glad there still new positive comments about the series... LFN will always be in my heart! longlive!

  43. LFN fan base still going on strong!! Even though it's been more than a decade, LFN doesn't feel dated at all. Peta is so beautiful and Roy is just just just soooo sexy! The way they look at each other just gives me the shivers. Am rewatching LFN which caused me to stumble on to your site , looks like I've got 5 seasons of LFN reviews to read. Yay!! Just can't get enoughh

  44. I am the biggest LFN fan!! I watched it all the way through when it first aired and I am now watching it again on the Bravo network and still can't get enough. No other show has come close for me. I LOVE Roy and Peta, they are amazing in this series. I have never seen other actors portray such emotion towards one another by just a glance! Not to mention the fashion and Peta's hair, AMAZING!! All of it still seems so relevant even though we are now in 2012. So happy to read all of the reviews I've been thoroughly enjoying it.

  45. Love your reviews. Spot on all I've read. I watched the series when it was on in my country for the first time, I was in elementary then. One TV station has started airing it again, and I'm just there and then again, obsessed with the show, it's immortal. Keep up the good work. ;)

  46. Hi Billie!
    Your title says it all...'Still obsessed with La Femme Nikita... and Roy Dupuis' No truer words spoken! I saw the original airing of LFN in 1997...immediately fell in love with it...planned my events so I could be in front of my tv at the start of each episode as well as taped it to watch over & over again...sigh! I purchased season 1 on VHS as soon as it was available...then later purchased all 5 seasons on DVD. I watch periodically to get my LFN fix.

    It is now July 2013 and I just stumbled across your site when I was recently looking for some of the songs from LFN that wasn't on the CD I purchased years ago.

    It is a testament to how terrific LFN was that all these years later, I & many others still love, love, love this show no matter how many times we watch it.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your insights about LFN...I have a few differing opinions which I will share in the future after I re-watch the episodes yet again:)

    LFN is indeed one of my all time favorite shows EVER. I never tire of watching this show, especially Michael & Nikita...adore them.

    Btw, I am now collecting Roy's movies thanks to your reviews...waiting for some to arrive next week.


  47. Thanks, Jan! I'll look forward to reading your comments. Do let me know what you think of Roy's movies, too.

  48. I am binge watching La Femme Nikita now! Nov of 2019.
    No, I didn't just discover it. I watched weekly when it was on USA... and I was hooked about two minutes into the pilot episode. Over the years, I've watched it many times. I have the original soundtrack on CD, the entire series on DVD, La Femme Nikita tank tops... my computer background is the cast of LFN AND I write for a LFN inspired online RPG group. Am I obsessed? I'd say I have been for over 20 years lol.

  49. I watched this series when it came out yrs ago and was so disappointed when it was done, loved the show one of my all time favorites, and now I'm watching all the seasons again and I find myself obsessed with the show and Michael, love this guy and how he acts in this show. What a fine looking man he is. After all these years this show still has all my attention. I've recently looked online for pictures of Roy and what he did after Nikita and he is still one handsome fellow.

  50. Roku channel has the series in full and on demand. Even so, I purchased the 5 seasons. I haven't watched season 4 in full yet, but it's still worth it to buy for Episodes 1-4. I would like to see the story resolved with Michael and Nikita together, but only with Roy and Peta. I can dream can't I? Sometimes all we have is our dreams.

  51. I also watched Roy's zombie movie Brain Freeze from 2021, the subtitled version. He was a very different character from Michael. The movie is very clever and not too gory, very low budget, well worth a Roy fan's time. He's credited as a producer, too. I think you can see it on youtube.

  52. I loved the show when it first aired and didn't watch it again until recently, on Tubi. I watched one episode by chance and got hooked and watched all 5 seasons- again. Now I'm obsessed with Roy Dupuis.
    I didn't liked the first ending then and more so now. I think Peta Wilson checked out as an actress on that last episode- so disappointed. The second ending was not much better either, the fact the she stayed behind and the love and passion they showed in earlier episodes was gone.
    I do wish they make a movie showing their lives afterwards, hopefully with a better ending.

  53. Didn't start watching lfn until a complete season or so was done and when I started watching it I was really glad when they started showing reruns so I could watch it from the beginning and that's been years ago and right now I am watching my live TV channel that shows all the old reruns and everything and there's an lfn Channel and I'm watching it again loved it love it now and always will especially Nikita and Michael. And also Walter and the way he came up himself with calling Nikita sugar. Always love it especially Roy!


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