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Responses to the reader survey

It's way past time for me to respond to all of the votes and wonderful comments and suggestions. You guys are terrific. Thank you all, so much.

What this poll gave me was a strong nudge toward Veronica Mars. I saw the first season on DVD and loved it. I'm missing the second season, partly because I didn't watch the DVD as soon as it came out, but mostly because it airs at the same time as Lost. If Veronica Mars is renewed for a third season, I'll probably review it.

Even though I put it on the poll list, I've done some thinking and I'm not sure I want to review Desperate Housewives. And as much as I like Medium, it may not be for me. Part of the reason is that I don't feel compelled to watch episodes twice and analyze them. I'm still on the fence with Supernatural, too, even though I'm seriously in love with Jensen Ackles. Supernatural started out so-so and has steadily improved. If it keeps acquiring depth and actually does become "Buffy with dudes," I may jump on board later in the game.

Three shows that I keep about thinking about reviewing and will probably get to someday are Six Feet Under, Babylon 5, and Highlander. Maybe not right away, but eventually. They're very much the type of show I review and I've been deeply into all three of them. And they're over, so I won't have a deadline.

I watch 24 and The 4400, but don't feel compelled to review them. I also loved Farscape, but never wanted to watch an episode twice.

Haven't seen yet, but may try on the recommendation of you guys: Weeds, Gilmore Girls, Numb3rs, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy. I'm afraid Nip/Tuck isn't for me; plastic surgery completely creeps me out.

Have tried, but failed to get into: Charmed, Firefly, Stargate SG1, and Stargate Atlantis. I may try Firefly again because it's Joss Whedon. And I'm planning to give Atlantis another shot when the second season DVD comes out.

Thank you to everyone who voted and/or left a comment.


  1. Don't be afraid to watch Nip/Tuck - the plastic surgergy scenes are about 30 seconds of gratutious gross out surgergy shots. I just look away - you don't need to see what they're doing to get the show - it's about the characters and their flaws. I just love it and can't wait for it to return for season three.

  2. You should definitely review Six Feet Under and to do some slightly shameless self promoting, I have reviews for all 63 episodes of the series (does anyone else get a Twin Peaks vibe off the series?)on tv.com and my yahoo group

    Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shawnlunn2002
    Group email address: shawnlunn2002@yahoogroups.com

    There's also reviews for Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives and Doctor Who and I plan to do overviews on Buffy/Angel/Lost if you or anyone else is interested. The reviews on tv.com under my name are easier to read though.

  3. Lisa - Nip/Tuck isn't anymore graphic than ER or shows like that and considering less than 60 seconds of the show is a surgery scene, it's easy to watch. And the show is phenomenal and only one of four that I watch. TV is so overly saturated with horrible reality tv and copycat crimedramas that it's refreshing to have such an original show like Nip/Tuck to watch.

  4. "If Veronica Mars is renewed for a third season, I'll probably review it."

    Here go my hopes of seeing any reviews...

  5. Veronica Mars is moving to Tuesdays, so its not going up against Lost anymore.And itsmoving to the CW, because they want it to be with Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights.


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