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Heroes isn't ringing my chimes. Yet

However, I didn't get into a lot of my favorites this early. And the end of the second episode was certainly intriguing. (I love time travel.) I just can't tell if it's going to be great yet, or just derivative. And why so much grue?

So far, the stories I'm the most interested in are Clare the cheerleader and her evil father, Nicki the single mother/mirror person who has clearly gotten the most bizarre and as yet unexplained superpower, Hiro the Japanese time-traveling teleporting Star Trek fan, and Greg Grunberg the mind-reading cop, because Greg has always been a favorite of mine.

The flying brothers, eh. Not that interested. I'm sort of confused about the Indian guy and his father, who may have been behind all of this in a genetic experiments kind of way. Mildly intrigued by the artist painting the future.

I plan to keep watching, of course. Stay tuned.


  1. It's funny because I wasn't going to watch it based on the previews. But after watching the first and the second episodes I was really excited about it. I really like Hiro and while he is the comedic role in all this, I hope they do him justice. It's also very encouraging to see a real Indian actor playing an Indian in a lead role on a network show. (Naveen paved the way by playing an Iraqi, but its not the same.)Finally about one fith of the world's population is no longer simply represented by Apu working at the Kwiki Mart. But I digress.

    The show is derivitive for sure. But there is also a quality about it that I hope they can flesh out and make more solid. Tough to do with a large Lost-like cast. But I am sticking with this one.

  2. I was dissapointed in Heros. I found it rather stupid and unintreging. I'm giving myself a couple more episodes and then backing off.

  3. I hope you change your mind on this one Billie, Heroes is quickly turning into the best new show of the season, and its getting to be really intriguing! Doesn't seem to be as convoluted as Lost (yet), and has some very likeable characters, espeically Hiro.


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