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See, I told you clowns were evil

This episode was about killer clowns and I hate clowns! Dean and Sam are off to find the demon again by tracking down an old friend of their father. While they are visiting this friend, Ellen at her roadside joint they have exactly 51 hours to kill and just happen to find something to hunt. This particular Hindu spirit disguises itself as a creepy little clown who makes friends with children and then tears their parents to pieces when the little ones invite him in to play. As one dad says – “don’t be afraid, clowns are our friends”. Then just before the clown attacks the parents the young boy says, “you’re right dad he is my friend” – cue to blood flying as parents are torn to bits!

If clowns don’t creep you out I could see how this might not have been an edge of your seat episode but for those of us who find clowns one of the scariest things around this episode was terrifying to watch. The episode was a shout out to us clown phobics as Sam played out our fears during the whole episode.

I enjoy watching these two brothers interact. Their relationship is very realistic. As with many of the brothers I know, the touchy feely stuff often loses ground to the one upmanship, playing on and showing up your brother and his fears. Making your brother sit in a clown seat when he’s deathly afraid of clowns is just what brothers do.

In fact, that kind of banter is part of what I love about this show. My favourite line in the whole show happened when Dean was ribbing Sam about his fear of clowns, Sam shoots back that Dean is afraid of flying – Dean answers – “Planes crash!” Sam retorts – “Well apparently, clowns kill”. That put everything into perspective for me – of course I’m afraid of clowns, they’re killers!

The brothers and their relationship are what make the show and I, for one, am glad that it is just them again. It was obvious that dad was going to bite it and his death creates all kinds of complications, emotional issues and new problems that will take the entire season to work through. Will Sam be able to forgive himself? What did dad say to Dean before he left? My guess is that it was something about who/what Sam is and I also think that Dean knows that his dad gave his life for him. Exactly how do you live with that?

Billie mentioned in her review of the premiere episode that “the car” is another character. I agree and I was happy to see Dean restore it and his attack on his beloved car at the end of the episode shows the depth of his pain and grief. (By the way Dean driving that van was hilarious – please bring back the car!).

Speaking of other characters there were some fun new additions. Ellen and her daughter with their little roadside bar are a nice addition with plenty of atmosphere and more unanswered questions. Ash, the “Lynyrd Skynrd roadie” genius who’s a dropout from MIT is perfect. His mullet, “all business in front, party in the back” is a great touch. A country boy who builds his own computer to track the demon just seems to fit right in. I hope we see more of him. I really enjoyed this episode. How many shows can make you laugh out loud when you are absolutely terrified?


  1. Only one that I can think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  2. I love Supernatural for all of the same reasons as you. I thought it really picked up in Season 1 when they showed that episode of Dean having to take care of Sam at the motel when their dad was off trying to find that demon.

    I hope they do add some more ongoing characters so that they can keep the brother-chemistry fresh while adding more interactive experiences.

  3. More blogposts about Supernatural please!!! Or Billie... might I persuade you with this post to start reviewing this excellent show? :D


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