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And yet more polls

Right now, I'm doing four shows: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Smallville. I love all four and I'm not dropping any of them. I'm considering doing reviews of a couple of other shows ONLY DURING THE WINTER HIATUS AND SUMMER. Keeping in mind that it won't be current, which show or shows would you most like me to add? You can vote for more than one.

[Note from later: I'm leaving the content of the polls intact, but of course, the polls are no longer active.]

Which shows would you most like me to review during the winter hiatus and summer break?

Prison Break
Something Else

If you chose "something else," please tell me what it is that interests you. Add a comment to this blog. I always read every comment that is added to my blog.

Let me hit you with a second poll. I'm always interested in knowing what you guys are reading, and I have so many pages on my site that my stats are not definitive. (I'm fairly certain Lost is the biggest attraction. But I could be wrong.) Again, you can check more than one.

Which show reviews do you usually come to my site to read?

Battlestar Galactica
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dead Zone
Six Feet Under
Veronica Mars
Articles on your blog

Thanks! And as always, thanks for your support. You guys are the best.


  1. for the first poll, i voted for heroes and 'something else'. that something else that i want you to review is Brothers and Sisters, thanks!

  2. For the first poll, I voted for 'something else', since the choice shows just don't do it for me. I'm still stuck on old favourites like Carnivale and Shield, but I'm not sure if the latter is your cup of tea at all. Still, a great show. And I'd still love to read your reviews of Farscape and Babylon 5...

  3. I would love you to review Medium. No other site I know reviews the show, and it would be really great to hear a talented reviewer's opinion on each episode.

  4. I voted for Prison Break and "something else".

    I watched the first season of Prison Break and was impressed enough to keep watching, although I didn't think it was quite as good as some of the other new shows creating a buzz in the past couple of years, like Lost or Veronica Mars.

    I have downloaded season two episodes from the Internet because it won't be on TV over here for a while, and the second season has really grabbed me. Obviously the show has taken a large shift in setting which I won't spoil in case anyone hasn't been watching so far (although it isn't too hard to work out what that change is) which completely opens up endless possibilities and has been extremely interesting to watch.

    In the "something else" category, and I believe I may have talked about this before, is 24. I have only been watching it on DVD in the proper order so I am currently at the start of season 4, and although it has its weaknesses and I'm not sure if it is still as good as the first couple of seasons, I still think it's a great show.

    Sure, the plots can often be ridiculously convoluted at times, but it's very entertaining, boasts some excellent performances and there is some great drama in there too.

    I'm not sure whether you would consider reviewing it or not, I think I remember you mentioning 24 briefly but not as something you really wanted to talk about. Apart from that, you are already reviewing or have reviewed practically all of my favourite shows so I don't have many other suggestions! ;)

  5. I voted for Heroes and something else, something else being Dexter, which is a wonderfully dark and cynical yet funny new show featuring Six Feet Under's Michael C. Hall.

  6. I voted for 'Heroes' and 'Something else'. For 'Something else' I'd like to recommend you Michael C. Hall's new show 'Dexter' which I think is just great. I hope it's not too gross for your taste and that you'll include it in your choice.

  7. Would be great if you could start reviewing Desperate Houseviwes, if you're into show, of course. But cmon, you watch smallville... : )

  8. I voted for "Something else", although I'd be happy with "Heroes" too. The something else is "Roswell" and/or "Grey's Anatomy".

  9. Heroes is great but the best new show this season is definitely Dexter (Showtime).

  10. I voted for Supernatural and Heroes. If I were to pick "something else" then I would vote for Grey's Anatomy.

  11. You definately gotta check out Dexter! I'd really like to hear your opinion on this amazing show!


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