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Winter guest book

Here's my guest book for the winter of 2006/2007. Feel free to check in, say hi, and leave a comment. I always read every comment that is posted.


  1. Hi Billie,

    I thought that the bomb threat in "Spit and Eggs" was a way that Veronica thought would be the best way to get law enforcement to the dorm with Lamb getting in the way or any of the Neptune cops - which they ended up doing.

  2. hey I was wondering when we would find out the results of your latest poll. Love all your revews btw. Keep up the good work.

  3. hey billie,

    just finally started watch BSG and I was reading your review on Episode 7: Six Degrees of Separation. I haven't read on yet since I haven't gotten to the rest of the episodes yet, but I thought I'd throw out an idea to one of your questions. Sorry if it's already been suggested:

    "Shelly Godfrey. That couldn't have been her name when they were dating on Caprica, or he wouldn't have been so sarcastic about it. The "God" part of Godfrey was a joke, of course, but what about Shelly? Am I missing something?"

    Could it have to do with Mary Shelley and Frankenstein? Symbolism everywhere with that. Thanks again for the great reviews!

  4. Hey Billie!

    This year I'm getting into a kind of tv-show-overload, I'm watching waaaaay too many shows. And today it occurred to me that you either review all of them, or at least have mentioned them in your posts on this page and/or in your articles, except one! So now I'm curious what you think about that one show that I totally love but that I've never heard you talk about, and that show is: The West Wing (I've only seen the first and half the second season, so beware of spoilers). I know it's totally not fitting your profile of sci-fi/fantasy-shows, so I won't be disappointed if you've nothing to say about it, but hey, don't blam me for being curious... :-)


  5. Thunderflips -- this is a terrific theory (about the Shelly being a reference to Mary Shelley).

    Jonathan -- I've never seen the West Wing but it's on my list of "maybe I'll try it on DVD someday." I've heard how good it is.

    And by the way, I really want to keep the ability to add comments anonymously, but I was getting pretty seriously spammed. That's why it's necessary to do the word verification now.

  6. Hey Billie. Glad to see you've added Heroes to your list of shows to review. I know the show was initially suppossed to be a "hiatus only" show, but you took of the "reviews might be delayed" warning you used to have on the page. So I was wondering if perhaps, you decided to review the show live? :)

  7. Hey, Miguel:

    I'll try. But at this point, I don't know what will happen when all five of the shows I'm reviewing start running a new episode every week, and it goes on for several weeks in a row. I may run screaming to the exits. Or, actually, I may start getting seriously behind. We shall see.

  8. Another show to consider watching /reviewing should be Dexter. (with Michael C. Hall from Six Feet Under) :)

  9. Hi Billie!

    I am thrilled you are reviewing Heroes now too! Did you already know it received an early renewal for season 2 ?? :-D

    There is a new show on Sci-Fi channel I want to point out to you called The Dresden Files with the Excellent Paul Blackthorne :-) Read more about it at the following link: http://www.tv.com/the-dresden-files/show/50381/summary.html?tag=tabs;summary

    A belated happy new year to you also!


  10. Hey Billie!

    I'm re-watching season 3 of Buffy at the moment, and re-reading your reviews. And on your review of "The Zeppo" you wrote the following remark:

    "-- It occurred to me while I was watching that if I'd never seen BtVS before, this episode would make virtually no sense."

    Which got me thinking about how much tv-shows have changed in only 8 years. Back then it was remarkable when you really had to know the show well to understand a certain episode, and now... Try watching one of the mid-season episodes of Lost, Alias, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and so on, when you've never seen an episode before, and I guess it will be complete gibberish too... I like it :-)

    It's an evolution that has been going on for a long time now, but what would have really set of the complex storylines for tv-shows, do you think? My best guess is the succes of Lost...

    Greetings from Belgium!

    Oh, and ps, if all goes well (meaning: passing the test to get in...), next year I'll be doing a one-year course for writing, directing, camerawork and montage for TV... (and I'm hoping to get a job as a writer for a tv-show after that). So if my dreams come true... Too bad you can't review Dutch shows :-p

  11. Greetings from NJ

    I am a newcomer to get sucked into the Six Feet Under series and I'm glad I did. I just completed viewing the first entire season and wanted to tell you I enjoy your reviews of the series.

    Thanks for posting!

  12. Hey Billie,

    still loving your reviews,been reading them since tvtome.someone should hire you do to them professionally for a newspaper or magazine!

    just read your Heroes reviews for Godsend. I think the Haitian's quote was actually ""What you can do. What I can do. That is God. Respect the calling". Which is actually a better tag line than "are you on the list". So I reckon anyway! :)

  13. Hey Billie!

    About the survivor-count in the last epi of Galactica: Caprica Six is now also on board of Galactica, and if they count Athena and Hera as "survivors", I guess they'll count Caprica as well. And then maybe another birth? It isn't the first time the numbers implie a birth in the fleet, is it?

    Greetz from Belgium!

  14. Hi Billie!!

    I'm from Brazil and i discovered your web site today, looking for coments about La Femme Nikita and... I loved your site!
    In despite of don't speak English fluently, i tried to read everything. I, just like tou, didn't watch Nikita when it was in air and now, a tv channel in Brazil is showing LFN. I'm loving the show. Michael is the best!and nikita rules!

    I do think that Nikita is better than Alias, much better!! Nikita is darker and more intelligent than Alias.

    I'm sorry, my english is poor.

    Greetings From Brazil!!!

  15. Hey Billie,
    Grettings from Maine.
    I just wanted to say I discovered your site from Alias-tv.com, and love pretty much all of the shows you do: Lost, BTVS, Angel, Firefly, Veronica Mars, Alias, BSG, and Heroes. Your reviews have provided a great way to procrastinate, and some insight and theories I have never thought about. Thanks for continuing to write great reviews!

  16. Hey, just wondering if you'd gotten to check out The Dresden Files yet. I think you'll like it (the books they're based on are good as well)

  17. Jennifer, your English is better than my Portuguese. Probably because I have no Portuguese. :)

    Yes, I'm watching "The Dresden Files" and I really like it. I liked the second and third episodes better than the first.

  18. Hey Billie! Greetings from the Dominican Republic. I read all of your LOST and Veronica Mars reviews. You make a wonderful job.

    Take care and keep up the good work!

  19. Hi Billie,

    Could you please talk about this season's Prison Break in a blog post or something?


  20. hey billie,

    just something about your latest veronica reveiw. (mars bars). i'm pretty sure veronica's tatoo said thug life. but i might have just assumed that without really reading it.

  21. Hi Billie - do you regularly watch shows other than the ones you review? If so, what are they?


  22. Hey Billie,

    I posted a while ago. I've been so inspired by your work and I created my own site where I write reviews of my fave shows, daily ratings...I also have a blog on tvguide.com. What a great community to be part of.

    I have loved your writing all this time and I would be honoured if you checked out my site. Thanks.

  23. Hi Billie,

    I have loved your writing all this time and I would be honoured if you checked out my site. Thanks.

  24. Hi! i know my comment is a little late.. i just read your blog. On lost 3 season episode "the cost of living" I would love to know what the hell was Sayid doing, walking around with locke, desmond, eko, etc if he is supposed to be who knows where with Sun and Jin trying to get back... did i miss something?

  25. Hey, Joel:

    The only shows I've been watching live other than the ones I review are Prison Break, Supernatural, and the Dresden Files. I mostly watch stuff on DVD because I am losing patience with commercials. (Like 24, and Stargate Atlantis. Much better on DVD. I can wait.) I used to love ER, but it lost me last year. My favorite sitcoms are, unfortunately, all in the past: MASH and Frasier.

  26. Hi! i know my comment is a little late.. i just read your blog. On lost 3 season episode "the cost of living" I would love to know what the hell was Sayid doing, walking around with locke, desmond, eko, etc if he is supposed to be who knows where with Sun and Jin trying to get back... did i miss something?


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