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Supernatural hits it out of park. Twice

Bobby: "Aliens?"
Dean: "Yeah."
Bobby: "Aliens??"
Dean: "Yeah."

The last two episodes of Supernatural have been outstanding. In my opinion, the best of the entire series. So far.

Last week's was a Sam tour-de-force. I've always loved Dean but haven't been as gung ho about Sam. I'm gung ho now; this episode tipped me over the edge. Jared Padalecki's acting ability really impressed me. And I'm not easily impressed.

It was one thing to talk about the possibility of Sam turning to the dark side, and another whole thing to actually see it. Sam's innocence and confusion in the whole opening sequence completely threw me off. When Sam turned on Dean, it was chilling. Beating Dean, taunting Jo with the details of her father's death... it even felt for a moment that Sam would rape Jo. I was certain he was going to kill Bobby. Sam's lightness of tone, the obvious pleasure he took in evil, reminded me of another transformation: David Boreanaz as Angelus. I don't usually get frightened by television shows (maybe it's the commercials breaking up the tension) but this one got to me.

And then they followed this exceptional episode full of gut-wrenching drama with, of all things, Sam and Dean meet the National Inquirer. Slow-dancing aliens, alligators in the sewers... I think my favorite scene was Dean stuffing those huge candies in his mouth. I laughed so hard I almost passed out. And keeping the trickster god alive in the end? Smart move. Because they have to bring him back.

Supernatural is hitting its stride this season. Padalecki and Ackles have learned to play off each other like tennis masters. I am particularly enjoying Jim Beaver (late of Deadwood) as monster hunter Bobby, and Alona Tal as Dean's tomboy love interest. And they're adding some wonderful touches that really make the series fun. The hotel room in last week's heavy episode (for example) was decorated with fish and floating balls. It made the seriousness of the episode work a lot better than if they'd been in a dark mansion with lightning and thunder in the background.

Four out of four stars for both of them. And for the episodes, too,



  1. Yippee! So cool that you are enjoying Supernatural more and more! Its one of my favorite, can't miss shows that makes me laugh constantly and is certainly capable of making me cry (the episode when papa winchester died kind of got me misty). Anyhow, maybe one of these days you'll be able to add this one to your regular list. I know you are totally busy with other shows but who knows! Thanks for the great reviews though. I love them all!

  2. It's great when a show can do an intense episode like "Born Under a Bad Sign" one week, and a comedy like "Tall Tales" the next.

    "You're too precious for this world."

  3. supernatural has got to be the awesomeness show ever. specially dean OMG can anyone be alive and be that pretty lol........but yeah supernatural has got me hooked to the supernatural but not that much that i would do something crazy
    \(^v^)/ but im sad that its over

  4. Supernatural is the BEST show ever im the #1 FAN!!! Jared and Jensen are the hottest guys alive!!! im upsessed with this show!!! i have seasons 1 and 2 and i will get season 3 when it comes out on sale. i watch it every day!!! I wouldn't be able to live with out it!!! <3

  5. I agree, supernatural is like the best show ever. but do people just watch it to see Dean! OMG they proubably do!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


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