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Spring guest book

Here's my guest book for spring, 2007. Feel free to check in, say hi, leave me feedback, etc. I always read every comment posted on my blog.


  1. just to let you know that i recently got myself hooked on LFN ! this time its serious:) not only that.. what is it about roy dupuis that just gets to someone? maybe its those eyes.
    i'm a bit frustrated that i can't get copies of his films - notably memoires affectives and manners of dying .. any suggestions?

  2. Can't find how to contact you, other than here. You asked in your 'Enter 77' review about the russin dialogue. Here you go (courtesy of lostpedia.com)

    Klugh: Mikhail. Mikhail! You know what to do.
    Mikhail: We still have another way [out].
    Klugh: We cannot risk it. You know the conditions.
    Mikhail: There is another way.
    Klugh: They captured us. We will not let them to get into the territory.
    Klugh: You know what to do. That's an order.
    Mikhail: We still have another way!
    Klugh (in English): Just do it, Mikhail.
    Mikhail: Forgive me. (shoots)

  3. Love your reviews,specially of Heroes and lost.

    I think you should try House. Its formulaic, but Hugh Laurie gets me everytime

  4. Thanks, Scott!

    Siddharth, I tried "House" and thought it was really excellent, but not my kind of thing. I don't get into medical shows.

    Anonymous, Roy Dupuis' movies are often available on eBay. Copies of his movies routinely show up there and are usually available for about $20-$30. Some of the recent ones are also available on Amazon Canada.

  5. *cough*bUfFySeAsOnEiGhtReViEw*cough*

    I should really get that cough checked out!

    Sorry for being a nuisance. I do it cuz I love. Thanks again for reviewing Heroes. God knows I harrassed you enough.

    Keep up the good work,

  6. Love your reviews!

    I wish you could review The Black Donnellys, its like Veronica Mars meets Six Feet Under, meets Irish gangsters that are easy on the eyes.


    Veronica (not to be confused with the P.I)

  7. Just noticed that most of your latest reviews all begin with P - Parasite, Par Avion, Promise, Papas cabin, just thought it was strange lol.

    Your reviews are awesome, often picking up on things I missed, its much appreciated.

  8. Just signed the petition for Veronica Mars and wanted to let you know that one of the best is the Kristin Veitch's S.O.S (Save One Show) Poll at eonline.com. You should vote. It just started and she describes in her post about how much it helps and how much people take notice. During the first season, Veronica Mars won and UPN even made a promo touting the results. Her page has spoilers, but I managed to avoid them. The post is at the top, so all I did was scroll down just enough so that I could click on the link to the full post and avoid the other posts below. On the page of the full post, it has a side section listing recent posts, so all I did was cover up that part with a book and I was set.

  9. About Heroes... we know peter doesnt die! hiro from the future told him "almost didnt recognize you without the scar".. so the bad news is that we will have an ugly scar on Peters forehead.. too bad..

  10. Thanks for the awesome reviews!

    Hey just wanted to say that I love reading your reviews! Followed you over from your Buffy reviews at TVtome. Thanks for putting up some reviews on Supernatural even though its not one of the shows you do regularly, its one of my favourites to watch.

  11. Hey Billie!

    This is a really really really stupid nitpick about the last episode of Lost, but as a guy, I cannot know this for sure and I'm curious if I'm right.
    If Sun conceived 53 days ago, and they crashed on the island 90 days ago, then that means that she got pregnant on the 37th day on the island... (Man, this is rocket science :-p)
    But doesn't this mean that Sun should already have known that she couldn't have been pregnant when she arrived on the island? I mean, she must have been in her second cycle on the island when she got pregnant, so...
    I know it's a nitpick, but it got me thinking. It's possible that it's a small mistake made by the writers, but the math is pretty simple, and Juliet actually SAYS in the episode "crashed 90 days ago, got pregnant 53 days ago", so surely SOMEONE must have noticed this... and if that someone at that point couldn't say "Hey, shouldn't we say it was, like, 63 days ago? It would be safer...", maybe that means that Sun had to get pregnant EXACTLY on the 37th day.
    Do you know if anything special happened on the 37th day?

    Greetz from Belgium!

  12. Oh my God!

    I don't know what it is, but each time I post something here, I see something even more post-worthy the next day.
    I just saw the pilot of Angel again, and the first vampire in it... is played by James Ford (Sawyer)! You knew that already?


  13. Hey, Jonathan:

    Yes, I noticed Sawyer on "Angel." He's actually one of three "Lost" actors who have been on "Angel" -- Jin and Bernard were both lawyers at Wolfram & Hart.


  14. Hey, Billie...

    Just wanted to say hi. I'm a fellow librarian, and I've been reading your reviews for years. I love reading them! (And I hope you never get discouraged when they keep cancelling so many good shows, like Veronica Mars and Firefly.)

    Have you seen Wonderfalls? Another great show that ended too soon - could be a fun summer project!

  15. Hi, Heather:

    Yes, I've seen Wonderfalls. It was hilarious. It's really too bad it didn't get a chance.


  16. Hi Billie,

    I emailed you when this season VMars started (about how it felt very different from S1 and S2) - and i have to agree with your sentiments on it's 5 episode last hurrah that left much to be desired. You can tell that they dropped in characters to provide curtain calls: the fitzpatricks, the casablancas, leo, cliff, vinnie - you can also tell that they were pushing for a S4. And it seems like they were in a whirlwind of directions. IF Veronica was going to be in the FBI and the show would change format, why set up the Sheriff Election story and leave it unsettled?

    I agree that the banter's USUALLY great (there have been some duds in the 2007 shows), but the one mystery-per-show format did end up being more focused on the soap rather than the whodunit. Sad. I loved all the characters of the show.

    BTW, I thought that Dick meant his apology to mack wholeheartedly.

    - john

  17. Love your reviews, Billie. Always read them after watching Lost or Veronica. (Season 2 on german tv got bannend to Friday nights around 1 a.m. after season one was such a ratings flop; guess that really helps) Or re-watching Buffy or LFN.

    On Highlander though, I am really interested on your take. S 1 was mostly terrible, but S2 had some good eps. Of course nothing ever came close to the awful mess of S6. The Paris segments were always better in the history of the show,it just gave the mythos more credibility.

    Looking forward for your reviews :-)


  18. Hey Billie

    Have just been watching the season 1 dvd for Veronica Mars (always read your review after watching an ep!) and noticed that you raised a question on your review of ep.15 (Ruskie Business) about Duncan's 80's outfit. Not sure if anyones mentioned it here but he's supposed to be dressed like Ducky from Pretty in Pink. That why Meg was wearing the Molly Ringwald dress from the same movie (someone on the writing team must be a fan!)

    Anyway Awesome site and keep up the good work ;-)



  19. On Highlander.
    It always is a matter oftate, isn´t is? :-)
    I liked Tessa - it wasn´t her fault that the writers didn´t know what to do with her - and thought Dr.Anne a terrible bore ;-)

    But you are right. Without Wingfields performance and charisma the series never would have become so good in the later seasons.

  20. I can't wait to read your reviews of two of my favorite shows Dead Zone and Battlestar Galactica after they air. So glad you're reviewing Highlander one of my old favorites. Did you ever watch Forever Knight? It was a great vampire cult show from the nineties.

  21. Just wanted to say thank you for helping me discover Buffy. I never watched it when it was on. Judging from the few trailers I saw on tv (I´m from Austria) I thought it was very trashy and mostly a girls show.

    But last year I stumbled upon your website because I´m a big fan of Alias and Lost. Since you described Buffy as your absolute favourite and I liked your reviews a lot I decided to give it a chance.

    Though I wasn´t too impressed with many season one episodues I soon got addicted. I´ve since bought - and watched - all Buffy and Angel DVDs. Really loved both shows (maybe Angel even a little bit more), especially Giles, Wesley and Willow.

    Now I´m afraid I will have to buy the comics, too. I just have to know what´s happening in the Buffyverse.:-)

    So thank you very much for bringing me into the world of the Slayer!

    Greetings, Michael

  22. hi from france !

    i'm really addicted to your site which is great ! just great don't change a thing, your reviews are also pretty good, keep up the great work.