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Supernatural 2:17: Heart

Yes, I expected dog jokes, but the last thing I expected in a Supernatural episode was tears. Sam's were exceptionally effective, as was Dean's single tear. Yes, the musical score sort of ran away with them in that last big scene and I didn't cry myself or anything, but this was a really good episode. I keep expecting the obvious from Supernatural (that it was Kurt, the religious guy with the t-shirt, for example), but they keep not doing the obvious. Good writing there.


-- "Human hearts behind the Haagen-Daz." Alliteration, and everything.

-- Detectives Landis and Dante. They were the directors of The Howling and American Werewolf in London.

-- Emmanuelle Vaugier keeps showing up in shows I like. She got to be the honey of another favorite of mine, Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) on Smallville.

-- Have we seen Sam with his shirt off before? I think I would remember. Wow. And it deserves repeating. Wow, again.

Three out of four silver bullets,



  1. Hey Billie! I really enjoy your site and always make a point to read your reviews since we have several favorite shows in common: Smallville, Lost, Veronica Mars, Heroes. I even bought the first season of Buffy in big part because of your recommendation! But I admit that my favorite right now is Supernatural... such a great show!! And I don't even like horror! But, Supernatural is far from only being horror. So, I'm glad to see that you liked Heart and it's great to see that even if you don't review it (which would be awesome!!!), you still write blog posts about the show! Thanks!
    P.S. Yes, we have seen Sam shirtless before, it was in Hell House! And yes, I have to agree: wow!

  2. I wanted to see Emmanuelle Vaugier naked. But noooooooooo the 2 parts of a woman I love the most are against the FCC regulations! Go screw FCC :-(

    Excellent episode, though :-P


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