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Supernatural 2.22: All Hell breaks loose

Jake: "We're soldiers in a demon war to bring on the Apocalypse?"
Sam: "Well, when you put it like that..."

It's resurrection time. Although what else could they do? It's a two character show; we're not going to buy into them killing off one of them. Unless the series was ending, and it's not.

Unlike Sam, I was definitely expecting them to kill off Bobby and/or Ellen, and they didn't. I'm glad they didn't. I think Bobby in particular works better as a supporting character than Daddy Winchester did, although I did love Daddy coming up from Hell to save the day. Night. Anyway, the Dean/Bobby scene about Dean's Deal might have been the strongest in the season so far. Just excellent.

I'm glad the yellow-eyed demon plot is over, because it was time for it to be over. And it's going to be big with the repercussions; they just gave Dean and Sam fuel for an entire third season of emotional angst, as well as a couple of hundred more demons to fight. They even built in the third season finale, if it takes Sam that long to figure out how to untangle Dean from his deal with the Crossroads Demon. Which it probably will.

Season one was fairly light. Season two has been a good bit darker. Sounds like season three is going into the charcoal range. Can't wait.

Bits and pieces:

-- I haven't mentioned it before, but I love the "then" and "now" previously on's set to classic rock. They're special.

-- Ash of the world-class mullet is dead. I liked Ash. At least Ellen is still alive. I thought they were going to do her in. I kind of like her and Bobby as substitute parents for the boys. It works.

-- Where's Jo? She wasn't even mentioned.

-- Andy: "I just woke up in friggin' Frontier Land."

-- Dean: "Well, check that off the to-do list."

-- Sam: "Did you sell your soul for me, like Dad did for you?"

Supernatural has had an outstanding second season, and I can't wait for the third. Four out four silver bullets,



  1. Hey Billie! I'm glad you liked the finale! I absolutely loved it and I'm was disappointed to read that others were not happy with it.

    And now that Veronica Mars has been unfortunately cancelled, would you consider adding Supernatural to your weekly reviews? That would be awesome :). You review all the shows that I love, except my favorite, Supernatural! And I would really like (I'm speaking for myself here, but I'm sure others would agree1) to read your input on every episode. Well, no pressure!

  2. It was a very good end, to a very good season.

  3. They wrapped up the story arc flawlessly. I didn't like most of the non-arc episodes, though, with two exceptions--the gene, and the trickster episode. I'm hoping the non-arc and arc episodes are kept in balance--unlike The Dead Zone in the latest seasons.


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