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2008 guest book

Yes, this is my blog, not an actual guest book. But I use my blog as a sort of attachment to my web site as a place to post general articles. I also wanted a place where people could post feedback, anonymously if they liked, without having to send me an email. And this is it.

So please feel free to post any comment you like. I always read every comment posted on my blog.


  1. Very good choice with dexter.

  2. I knew it! I knew it was Dexter. And you are so right about "Lets Give The Boy A Hand". It's one of the best episodes in the first half of the season.

    The only aspect I couldn't quite get was why that woman next door acted in the way she did. I mean, it seems like she doesn't care about the dog, but then in the end she does. Strange.

    Oh, and you're also right about how we Buffy/Angel fans have some sort of attachment to the writers. I'm happy whenever I see Jane Espenson's, Tim Minear's or David Fury.

  3. I just got back to watching La Femme Nikita and started with season 4 after a break of several months (I only watch one old series at a time to be able to keep up with the shows airing now, so I watch in turn one season Nikita and one season The Practice...) and I have to say that it feels so good to read your reviews again :) They really do a lot to make the show even better than it already is!
    Thank you again for all your effort, and a belated happy new year! ;)

  4. More people voted for an end to the writer's strike than for peace on earth in your latest poll... and people can choose more than one option. That's just sad.

  5. Well John, as long as humans are the dominate species on earth, I think most people realize that peace is impossible. Most people, when given the choice, will hope for things that have a reasonable chance of occurring.

  6. I agree with Joseph. When I went voted, I definitely went with the choices that have a reasonable chance of happening in 2008.

    I enjoyed pondering your possible new obsession over the holidays, Billie. I thought "Dexter" was the most likely candidate. I secretly hoped that maybe you'd become a huge fan of "The Wire," but thought it was unlikely. It's a fantastic show, but a bit different than your normal fare. :)

    Hope you had a great holiday season! Looking forward to the return of Lost and BSG and the last few Supernatural episodes!

  7. Billie! I just started watching Six Feet Under from where I had left, season 4, and I remembered you and your reviews. I'm also eager to see Lost's new season so I also remembered you.

    Read (again) reviews for both shows, damn you're good. I love watching an episode and come here to read your comments. You're turning to be TV Shows Best Companion, like the books use to read. hehe

    Anyway, congrats for your work, and hope you keep up the awesome work through 2008!

  8. Glad you're reviewing Dexter. In my opinion, it's the best show (not favorite, but best quality) on television right now. HBO better step it up; no Sopranos, no Deadwood, no Wire after this season...Showtime's got a few good shows going for them.

  9. Hi Billie,
    I just watched the last episodes of LFN season 4 and I dont even know how to express what I'm feeling about what I've just seen... did the writers really just say "to hell with this, let's make the whole series pointless"??! I can't believe what they did in the last three episodes.
    Throughout these episodes I had this growing feeling, that they would screw something up... yes, there were some really nice moments but plotwise it was a downward spiral pretty much from the beginning (and even though I really liked some of it's moments, I have to disagree with your four-star rating for "Up the Rabbit Hole", all three of the last season 4-episodes were really painful to watch for me).
    I don't know what to expect from (short) season 5 as I can't see any way how they could fix the damages they've done to LFN but I do hope that in the end I feel at least somewhat better then I do now.

    Well, that being said (I just had to give vent to my feelings toward LFN and couldn't think of a better place ^^), I still love your reviews and I am looking forward to read through the last series of LFN and all the upcoming Lost episodes ;)

    Thanks for all your work, keep it up!


  10. Just watched the latest episode of Lost ("The economist") and was badly disappointed (once again) by the poor research they did on the German menu board in the restaurant. I happen to be German and I've noticed those bad translations in Alias earlier, where they really did some (for Germans) funny translations.

    Examples from the latest Lost episode:

    "Grilltes Hühnerfilet" would be "Gegrilltes Hähnchenfilet", "Kartoffem" is "Kartoffeln".
    By the way, the prices in that restaurant are daylight robbery!

    The Alias translations are priceless. They are translating "server" with "Bediener" which is more like an operator or maybe even a waiter. In one episode there is this piece of paper for a room to rent. I bet they ran the whole text through Google translations. The result is so strange that you have to translate every word (word by word) back to English to understand it. "Das Bringen ordnet: ein" is another example when uploading data to a computer. I could not figure out what this could possibly mean in English, because this is complete nonsense.
    Alias plays in many countries. I sometimes wonder what the signs in Cyrillic script are supposed to say (and what they really do).

    What I'm trying to say is: Don't they have not even one German speaking employee (or friend or whatever) who can look at something like this before they shoot an episode. Come on, please! And if you really don't have send it to me!

    Have a nice weekend,

  11. Hehe, it's the same with LFN... whenever they are supposed to be in Germany and a 'German' talks, the pronounciation is far from right :D tbh, I don't think they are really trying to get the different languages right all the time... I guess they think to convince their (american) viewers it's enough to just throw in some foreign words/phrases that look or sound German/Greek/whatever to the average viewer who doesn't speak the language. Of course it looks kinda funny to us as native speakers ^^

  12. :( just finished LFN *grieving*

  13. Hi, everyone. Nikita4ever9000 and I have good news! After many weeks of teamwork, brainstorming, and editing rough drafts, the official LFN petition has been written and is now available for signatures. You can access it by clicking the following link:

    All those who signed their names in the original post, please go to the website linked above and add your names to the official version. It is the one that will ultimately be sent to Joel Surnow and the other creators of La Femme Nikita. We are grateful to all of you who helped make this moment a reality. We want to offer a special thanks to reduanst, jovi, and operativebob for their time and contributions to this cause. It has definitely been a labor of love for all those involved. So, if you are a fan and love this show as passionately as we do, go sign the petition and show your support. Spread the word in your communities and to all of your family and friends. Together let's bring back LFN!


  14. Billie! I love your site. I only recently discovered it, and you have reviewed basically every show i find worthwhile. I just finished Veronica Mars (yes, I was very late), and was SO UPSET WITH THE ENDING! What were they thinking? Is there any news of it coming back or a movie? Please say yes!

  15. As far as I know, there's no talk anywhere about a resolution to the end of Veronica Mars. Bummer.

    Thanks so much for your comment.

  16. I think once upon a time you said if you could get paid to do reviews you would quit your job and do it (assuming I am remembering correctly.) Someday when I win millions of dollars in the lottery, I'm going to pay you to review 8 seasons of Charmed. ha ha.

    Seriously, I love everything of yours that I've read so far and I appreciate the time it takes to do it. I know it is very time consuming.

  17. Hey long time reader here, just wanted to say I love the reviews and glad to see you somehow manage to keep up with them. I have a hard enough time just trying to watch them all. And as the buffyverse writers continue to branch out all over TV it only gets harder and harder. Bring on Dollhouse....let's hope it gets a better deal than Firefly.

    And I saw someone mention the Wire which is probably my favorite show ever next to Buffy although its impossible to compare those. So I'd recommend giving it a try but that would be a summer project for sure.

    Oh and did I read that Helo is gonna be in Dollhouse? That would be cool.

  18. Hey, big fan of the site. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, and did you here that Amy Acker is now going to be a a part of Dollhouse. I keep getting more excited about that show every day.

  19. Hey, Love your Buffy reviews! In the midst of writing my own. Just wanted to point out something though, in your review of No Where But Here... Willow's fantasy did not involve Kennedy, it involved "Television's Tina Fey"... I only think I caught this because as a fellow dyke, I know how much Tina Fey is beloved of lesbians.

    Anyway, just thought I'd point that out. I don't like Willow and Kennedy together, so I wanted to be sure to point out she's not a part of Willow's fantasy life.

  20. I've gotten a bunch of letters about my Tina Fey booboo, so I just fixed it. I don't like Kennedy, either. For the eighteenth time, I want Tara back!

  21. Just want to say that I'm a longtime viewer of your site because we love a lot of the same shows and keep it up! I just ran across one of your old blogs when I was googling The L Word special features and I just thought that I'd put out the idea of you reviewing that lovely show as well if you ever get the time, or if you still watch it, as I saw it was a review of an old season. I just became a huge fan of the show about a month or so ago when I netflixed season 1...now I've seen all of the seasons and own the first four and am very sad that there will only ever be 8 more new eps of the show.

  22. Hi, Billie. I think i discovered your website when i started watching Battlestar Galactica. I've already had watched Angel and Buffy, so i spent a lot of time on reading lots and lots of those reviews-which should probably be spent in studying engineering. I blame you for my low GPA :)
    I've watched half of the shows you've written after Battlestar, and it's becoming an addiction for me. I'm almost not using my brain anymore for trying to figure out waht's going on in those shows, because there's someone doing it much better than I do. You'd better stop doing what you do or my academic career is over. Well I've got to stop bitchin' about my problems and thank you a lot for your efforts and time on the website. I think you're doing a terrific job.
    Hope to read more from you

  23. I love you enough said... all ur reviews are great... and i look forward to reading them each friday at 1.23pm when am on a break from work with my feet up on the desk and a cup of coffee in my hands... oh and a few biscuits (that might be why am a bit over weight) anyhyows am starting to ramble on a bit... point is i love you!!

    Your Friend


  24. Hi Billie!

    Totally agree with you on the latest BSG Sine qua non being a total letdown. Instead of building tension it felt like air seeping out of a flat tire. Disappointing.

    Funny that you "got" early on that Lee would be president, good call.

    I myself am beginning to think that this will happen:

    The cylons and humans will indeed work, more or less, together. The resurrection hub will be destroyed, cylons and humans will reach earth and it'll be around year 0 of mankind.
    So that's where all the greco-roman mythos will come from - also the legend of Jesus.
    That would fit quite nicely, don't you think?

  25. Hello Billie,
    Remember season 1 episode 18 of the show Lost.You said the only number missing is 47 (rambaldi)!It's not!! It's the thing that brought them all down on the island! The airplane! A boeing 747 *grin* No far fetched theory this time:) (we have mailed before about alias. Guess you don't remember after the so many mails you got in between!) It's nice to read your reviews again.. They are still sharp!!

  26. billie, just wanted to tell you how i love your reviews. i am currently reading your buffy reviews, and i marvel in them. excellent! thank you and keep up the great work!

  27. I think I remember you asking in one your reviews why Harry Morgan never took Brian as well as Dexter and adopted them both. I think maybe I have an answer.

    I think that Harry left Brian behind because Brian was too old, and that he would remember that moment for the rest of his life. harry probably thought that there was no hope for Brian ever being normal and he was better off being institutionalized. He probably had hope that Dexter wouldn't remember anything, and he didn't, for a long time.

    This is so late that you probably already thought of this but i thought I would share : )

    Love your insight!

  28. Billie,

    I love all of your RD reviews I can relate to your surprise when you suddenly became obsessed and it sort of just took over. I own seasons 1-5 of LFN and I just watch them over and over. I just can't help but think that maybe something had to have happened while filming the series that would make RD just turn his back on the international audience. What do you know?

  29. Billie,

    I completely understand why you don't want to watch Shake Hands with the Devil. I saw your comment on the Roy Dupuis page, and I went to watch the movie. That was last week. Well, you warned me, it was the most horrifying movie I have ever seen. I feel so powerless, so angry against the world.

    I can handle torture. I can handle the most graphic movies ever made. But this was different. This was real. And most of it could have been prevented. All those children, all those innocent people. Just systematically butchered and trashed. On every street, everywhere you go, you see raped dead bodies lying around. There is just no looking away.

    It's almost disrespectful not to watch the movie. The Rwandan people have suffered so much because of the world's indifference. I feel like crap, but if I could go back, I'd watch it again.

    Roy Dupuis does a remarkable job here. I've never seen such great acting before. He just became Dallaire. His anger, his frustration, his sorrow... it's all real.

    The Rwandan Genocide must never be forgotten.

  30. Oh, Remco. You're so right. The main reason I didn't watch Shake Hands is because Hotel Rwanda was so overwhelming. How can people do such things to other people? I will never, ever, ever understand it.

    Anonymous, I honestly don't know why RD decided against Hollywood, but I believe staying in Quebec was ultimately more important to him. I'm fairly certain (and I'm not alone) that if he had moved to Los Angeles after LFN, he could have been a huge Hollywood star. I admire and respect his decision not to go that way, just as I greatly respect his environmental activism. At the same time, I don't like a lot of the movies he has chosen to do in the past few years.

  31. Hi Billie,
    I was wondering if you were going to write about or watch Alan Ball's new HBO show, True Blood? It's a mix of my two favorite things: Vampire shows and Alan Ball...I can only hope it's half as great as Six Feet Under

  32. I don't have HBO, so I probably won't see True Blood until it comes out on DVD. But who knows? Maybe I'll be crazy about it, feel compelled to review it, and do catch-up before the second season. If there is a second season.

    I'm waiting impatiently for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. And I'm really excited about the plot of a back-door pilot by Ron Moore called Virtuality. Will they be wonderful? We shall see.

  33. I have ejoyed your reviews even the ones about shows I have not watched... yet. Yes, I have read about things I do not know a word and liked them. Great everything about LFN and Monsieur Dupuis work. Thanks for them.

  34. First let me say that I enjoy your reviews very much. Even when I disagree with your overall rating of a particular episode I understand your reasoning. You have done reviews of some of my favorite shows (Firefly and Alias) and some shows that are joining the ranks of my favorites (just started watching BSG season 1). A question i have is, why no reviews of any Trek? I know that they have been reviewed by a million different people, and with so many different shows across the 5 different series it would be very time consuming, but I would enjoy your take on them. Keep up the good work!

  35. About Star Trek -- I think about doing reviews and it's just overwhelming. Too many shows, too many years, too much history. Plus a guy named Tim Lynch did some outstanding Trek reviews, so I feel like it's been done.

  36. Hey!

    I'm a huge fan of La Femme Nikita and I've recently found out your reviews about it.

    I'd like to say that I love them.

    After every episode, I like to read them. I just like to feel that someone else in the world is as puzzled as me, or has the answers that I don't or even that love so much seeing Michael and Nikita together.

    I absolutely agree this is an extraordinary series.

    Thank you for sharing your comments with us.

  37. I love your Six Feet Under reviews, I really love that show. Lost reviews are good too. Thank u.

  38. Hi,
    Just loved those comments about Nikita. I have to say that the series is like an old friend that you see once in a while and just brings back so many memories. It really lays down everything to the bone and makes me question my existence in a way. It really makes you think and i'm glad that you posted those comments because it makes me feel like i'm not the only idiot obsessed with this show.
    Also, about the fact that nikita was a mole those 3 years, it makes more sense to me that than Michael being married with a child? I think ultimately Nikita was put in a situation where she absolutely could not win, and i'm sure she realized before coming back in Hard landing that the only way to beat them is to outplay them at their own game. So, I was cheering for her when she was revealed as the mole because look at what she's suffered for the past 4 years. even with Michael there, could anybody really think that such a strong and independent woman would come back solely to be with a man. there had to be another reason and this makes more sense to me. He provided the perfect cover when he slept with her in hard landing. She turns the talble on them and always protected the innocent. it is who she is and her father is probably right in that she is a "savior" . Could anybody else have done what she did for 3 years and still have compassion left for the feelings of others? season 4 ending rocked, but I understand why she had to set him free.
    You just can't not learn something about life and living it from her!

  39. A few days ago I finished watching the Dead Zone. Thanks, once again, for your reviews. It's a nice substitute for the water-cooler discussion that you can have when you watch a show live. ;)

    When I started watching a few months ago, people on the BtVS101 mailing list said that the first few seasons were very good, the middle kind of lost its way, but finding it again in the last season.

    Well, I thought that season 6 was quite bad. Most of the cast was gone, and I loved many of those characters. JJ was abducted and replaced with some other guy. And no apocalypse. I'm glad that they undid most of the disaster of that season with the last episode, so I can remember the show as something nice that had a few serious hiccups along the way.

    The best of the Dead Zone has to be the first 2 or 3 seasons. The first season had great standalone episodes that defined the character of Johnny. And that last episode, with the apocalypse, just blew me away. Then came the whole deal with Rebecca, the guy from the future, and eventually Janus.

    It was too bad that season 4 was cut in half (the second half being season 5, and shown a year later). That meant that the writers couldn't improve on the problems of the fourth season. It also produced an underwhelming 4th season finale and a confused 5th season premiere.

    And then season 6 came along. The cast & crew hadn't produced Dead Zone episodes for almost two years, and for budget reasons all the expensive cast had to go. It basically became the Johnny-Sarah show. And that often was reduced to the Detective Johnny show. Stillson still made every episode he apeared in better, but since the apocalypse was off, he felt a bit redundant.

    But that last episode made up for a lot of those problems. Purdy and Walt came back for the last time, and the scope was big again. It was a story about saving the world again. It would have been so much better if parts of this episode would have been shown earlier in the season. If small pieces of the puzzle would have been revealed earlier, the off-screen Walt-investigation wouldn't have seemed so pointless, and the season as a whole would have the mystery-vibe to it that the Dead Zone always had.

    Oh well, it ended well. That's more than you could say for some other shows.

  40. Hi! Just stopped by to tell you to maybe give Fringe another shot over Christmas. I completely agreed with your initial reaction: WAY too bloody and not enough of the usual JJ goodness. However, I was watching some episodes on hulu.com the other day, and it has improved dramatically. Still some blood, but much less, and it doesn't overshadow the interesting plotlines. I assume they were just trying to pull in viewers initially by making them vomit while watching...? But seriously the last few episodes have been very third season of Alias, as in the cool memory loss/retrieval thing, not lame Vaughn/British girl hookup. So you might want to check it out. Thanks for all your awesome reviews, they make wonderful shows that much more wonderful.

  41. Hi! Just stopped by to tell you to maybe give Fringe another shot over Christmas. I completely agreed with your initial reaction: WAY too bloody and not enough of the usual JJ goodness. However, I was watching some episodes on hulu.com the other day, and it has improved dramatically. Still some blood, but much less, and it doesn't overshadow the interesting plotlines. I assume they were just trying to pull in viewers initially by making them vomit while watching...? But seriously the last few episodes have been very third season of Alias, as in the cool memory loss/retrieval thing, not lame Vaughn/British girl hookup. So you might want to check it out. Thanks for all your awesome reviews, they make wonderful shows that much more wonderful.


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