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Supernatural: Lazarus Rising

Demon: "So you get to just stroll out of the pit, huh? Tell me. What makes you so special?"
Dean: "I like to think it's because of my perky nipples."

Wow. Outstanding premiere, with an unexpected plot twist. I certainly wasn't expecting Dean to return so quickly. After his very Buffy resurrection, I spent the rest of the episode uneasy and wondering when the big, scary shoe would drop. And did it ever. You can't bring out bigger guns than the big guy.

God saved Dean? Really? How intriguing that they might explore the flip side of all of the evil we've seen in the first three seasons. Except that Castiel was a long way from Roma Downey. There was something very Old Testament about that angel, with a visage so intense that he was literally blinding people and a voice that shattered lots and lots of glass. And he possessed someone's body, just like a demon. Very creepy, dark and scary, fitting in this series where pretty much everything is creepy, dark and scary. Great casting of Castiel. Or the accountant that Castiel was possessing. He was beautiful and ooky at the same time.

I kept thinking that Sam had indeed found a way to bring Dean back and was lying about it. He did bury Dean in a shallow grave and a flimsy box, and even left his lighter in his pocket, after all. Sam probably would have found a way eventually. But I think Dean was deeply disappointed that it wasn't Sam, and that Sam apparently didn't love Dean enough to make a deal for him. It fed into Dean's inferiority complex, his conviction that he wasn't worthy of being saved.

So Dean was still pretty much his old self, which made me happy because I love Dean just as he is. Maybe a little more serious, which made sense under the circumstances, and lying to Sam about remembering Hell, although I'm sure Dean did that to protect Sam as he always does. Sam was the one who really changed. I loved their emotional reunion scene, where Chrissy interruptus (whom I didn't realize was Ruby) pretended that she thought they were a couple. And I loved Sam giving Dean back his necklace. The love and connection is still there. Even though they were lying to each other about pretty important stuff.

Dean was just literally touched by an angel and has the handprint to prove it. And Sam, the former aspiring Antichrist, is taking secret psychic lessons from a demon, a hint that he might go dark side after all. Dean rising, Sam descending. Are they setting up a brother-against-brother fight between good and evil?

Bits and pieces:

— New credits again, in hellfire red. And it's just the two guys in the cast; the "girls" experiment is apparently over. I honestly don't care, as long as they bring in Jim Beaver as a frequent guest star as frequently as is frequently possible. Frequently.

— Dean and Sam both have power over demons now, making them less vulnerable. Fun to watch, but it might not be as good for the dramatic tension. We shall see.

— Pamela Barnes, the best psychic in the state. In the space of about a minute, I really liked her, poor thing. The second time through, I noticed that when Bobby first saw Pam, he told her she was a sight for sore eyes. Groan.

— Lots and lots of broken glass because of Castiel's voice. What did that symbolize? Dean shattering the boundaries between life and death. The relationship between the Winchesters breaking. Or maybe it just looked really cool and scary. And the shed covered with symbol graffiti was fun. A few throw pillows, call it home.

— Ruby was back in another body (Genevieve Cortese), with no explanation. And they could just keep recasting her until they find an actress who clicks with the guys, too. (Note from later: I guess she did click with one of the guys, huh?)

— Pontiac, Illinois. And it was the airdate, Thursday, September 18, 2008, on the newspaper. Nice touch there. The motel room had hearts and animal print as well as a mirror on the ceiling. A cheap, sleazy setting for a reunion between two people who love each other in a way that isn't sexual at all.

— Sam had his cell phone under the name of Wedge Antilles, a minor character in the Star Wars saga. I know Star Wars but that was pretty obscure; I had to look it up.


Dean: "Surprise."

Dean: "I know. I look fantastic, huh?"

Dean: "What the hell is that?"
Sam: "That's an iPod jack."
Dean: "You were supposed to take care of her, not douche her up."

Four great big stars out of four,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Loved it. Five out of four stars. Dean's reunion with his car was almost as good as with Sam.

  2. Totally awesome episode (and as always, a totally awesome review to go along with it!).

    Though though the hot accountant's named "Castiel" -- he's named after the Angel of Thursday. Tricky, tricky writers.

    Oh -- and was that BSG's Seelix as the demon waitress girl?

  3. the new Ruby is not a very good actress. But I liked the new angel. which i thought he was after the scene where the demons were scared.

  4. First, great review. Second, I love this episode. It´s intense, scary and mysterious. But poor Dean, he thinks he doesn´t deserve being saved.

  5. Happy now! Excellent episode! Loved the detective work and seeing Dean alive! They gave Castiel a really creepy build-up, and when he showed up, he was still creepy! Glad they explained how Sam was still around, sorta, because I was wondering about that.

    But I am distressed by the fact that the brothers are still lying to each other. The ease with which they do it makes me question their closeness. It's very disappointing. One of the reasons I got into this show was the relationship between the brothers, but I have to say that, other than them being willing to die for each other, which I admit is significant - but kinda easy when you get down to it because normally, you only die once - I haven't seen much of it after 3 whole seasons.

    Still. I love Castiel and the mythology behind the show, so I will keep watching. SL

  6. Lazarus Rising! How did I love thee? Let me count the ways:

    1: Any show that kicks off with the greatest AC/DC song ever and one of the top ten rock songs ever you just know is going to kick the proverbial. Then, follow that up immediately with a 'Buffy' homage, and I was hooked.

    2: The reunions - both of them moved me to tears. I hadn't picked up on Ruby being Chrissy/Kathy until you pointed it out to me. It looks as though they may already be sleeping together. And the necklace - fantastic!

    3: I'm not convinced Dean was disappointed with Sam because he convinced me that he had done everything he could. I think both of them are just freaked out.

    4: The lies. These two are not back together for more than minutes before they are bickering and lieing to each other. This worries me in terms of their relationship moving forward. Right now, it seems that Sam is more emotionally attached to Ruby. I can also see real conflict that arises in the time they have been apart. Sam has been on his own and has developed his powers. I don't see him slotting easily back into the little brother role.

    5: The comic moments in such an intense show. Loved Dean putting the girly magazine in his shopping bag, the douched up car and Dean telling Sam that he was not invited.

    6: Castiel and God. I have said on more than one occasion that I knew angels would be part of this world. During the reveal, I was shouting "I knew it!" at the TV. Having patted myself on the back, I, too can see this becoming a God v. Devil season.

    Something tells me we are in for a wild ride this season.

  7. Angels! Huzzah! I have to confess, one of the reasons I finally sat down to watch this show, knowing how many demons were in it, was that I also knew that eventually, angels would show up. I like a little balance.

    Or perhaps more to the point - Castiel! The perils of watching a show 9 years after everyone else - the first 3 seasons felt like forever...

  8. Yay! So happy we finally made it to S4 so I could hear all about my favorite character on the show: Castiel!!!

    Fun fact: The actor who plays Castiel, Misha Collins, has been quoted many times on this. Because of the way he is first introduced, breaking windows and glass, piercing voice powerful enough to destroy Pamela's eyes, and so on, Misha made a decision that would haunt him forever.

    Believing he would die after six episodes - he was supposed to be killed off in Heaven and Hell - he lowered his voice to sound more badass. He now considers that his curse and jokes that he is getting throat issues because of it.

    Poor guy :)

  9. Wow! Awesome season premiere! I was worried at first that Dean's return would feel forced and unrealistic, but that didn't last long. The reunion with Bobby was funny and happy and I loved when he threw the holy water in Dean's face even after they had hugged. Made me laugh through my happy tears. Then the reunion with Sam was much the same and still wonderful. What a great episode! I can't wait to see what comes next.

  10. "But I think Dean was deeply disappointed that it wasn't Sam, and that Sam apparently didn't love Dean enough to make a deal for him."
    PREPOSTEROUS!!! I want to think it was an unusually but believably mature response from Dean. That he really was glad Sam just took his dying wish to heart and let him go. And that any ill feeling he had there was doubt as to whether Sam could actually hold himself back.
    Loved the recap music. And of course Bobby still feeling the need to do a holy water test with Dean, lolz. Castiel is finally here... surprising to remember there are 3 whole seasons first before him, before proper angel presence. Pretty awesome. Though if demons being nerfed is gonna be the result of that I'm gonna be a little sad. Though the show stopped feeling "bare" ages ago, this is when it officially stops being the case. I think..
    The eyes being burnt out upon seeing an angel's true form was always a little upsetting to me, but it fits Supernatural's brutal universe perfectly. I wish the damage was reversible... As much as I'm annoyed by reddit's general obsession over it, I wonder if Castiel is a "biblically accurate" angel. Size of a planet, layers and layers of spinning, burning wheels with a thousand eyes (and one).
    Ruby's new actress doesn't strike me as a bad actor... I admit I find her incredibly pretty, so maybe that's clouding my judgment. But I think it's mostly that Ruby just plays very differently now.


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