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Dexter: Finding Freebo

Dexter: "As soon as it gets dark, I'm back on the hunt... so I can stay ahead of my sister. This department is becoming annoyingly effective."

Miguel Prado caught Dexter literally red-handed. That was an edge-of-your-seat moment.

It was smart of Dexter to come up with such a plausible story so quickly. But how long will he and Prado be BFFs when Dexter knows such a huge secret about an assistant district attorney? And probably a corrupt ADA, as well? The Chicky Hines thing – the guy who was wrongly convicted by Prado – made me wonder how dirty Prado actually is. And why was Prado at Teegun's place alone, anyway? To kill Freebo himself. Prado thought Freebo killed his little brother, I get it, and hey, our hero Dexter was the one who killed the little brother, but still – Miguel Prado is a wrong guy. He's big, big trouble for Dexter. Nice dinner with the wife or no nice dinner with the wife.

And it's a good thing Dexter talked Prado out of looking at the body, isn't it? Dexter got some of Freebo's blood on Prado's shirt. Must be important since it was pointed out. What will Dexter do? Will he report it and try to bluff his way through with self-defense? I doubt it. He'll get rid of the body like he always does, and tell Prado something.

Poor Maria. She probably hasn't recovered from losing Doakes, and I can just tell that she has a case on Prado. If Prado is dirty, Maria is going to get her heart broken again in a great big way. Maria isn't all that likable a character, but I've grown attached to her and she can be cool at times.

Much confusing conflict with Rita, too. I'm not at all surprised that Rita decided to have the baby. She's a great mother and she loves Dexter, after all. She's probably expecting him to come around and do the right thing. It may not be the right thing, though. It has been proven that the tendency toward alcoholism or suicide is inherited. Why not murder? And it's a time management problem for Dexter, too. How is he going to keep carrying out vigilante murders if he's a husband and father with a full-time job?

Deb managed to connect Teegan's murder to Freebo by putting in a lot of hard police work. The snitch Deb acquired (stole) from Quinn really likes her; I thought that was nice. He was really worried about her confronting that pimp. Why isn't Deb confiding in Dexter about her Internal Affairs problem? She asked him about Teegan's murder, after all.

Who killed Teegan? We still don't know. It might be just too pat for it to be Miguel Prado.

Bits and pieces:

-- Prado's father was a bad guy. I thought that was a deliberate hint that all three Prado brothers might be bad guys, too. As well as a statement about the proclivities of a possible Dexter Junior.

-- Dexter usually wears light colors at work. In this episode, he wore pink, and later a bright green. It just jumped out at me.

-- Loved Masuka's shrine to Forensics Quarterly. I loved even more the way he just threw the whole thing out when he got published.

-- "Finding Freebo" was of course a nod to Finding Nemo.

-- In Dexter's fantasy, Harry was holding a rattle for baby boy Dexter, and there was a syringe on the top of it. Did Harry work for Internal Affairs? It didn't seem so, but I found Yuki's reference to Harry confusing.

-- Quinn was wearing an expensive watch. You could practically hear alarm bells going off.

-- Angel has discovered that management has its drawbacks.

-- This was the second, and also very dangerous, instance this season that Dexter didn't find what he expected when he broke into a place.


Dexter: "I love kids. I can play with them, enjoy them... and leave. I don't have to worry about what they'll become. A Nobel laureate, a drunk, president of the United States, or someone like me."

Deb: "I'm fucking desperate, all right? I got a steaming heap of crap-all on this case. I've gone through every scum-sucking ball sac of a pimp I know, every whacked out hooker. You are my last-ditch, ass-fucked effort."

Anton the snitch: "Damn, you got a mouth on you, woman."
Rita: "I don't want to force Dexter into something. That's kind of what happened with the ex-husband. Well, that and the fact that he was a sociopath."

Deb: "What the fuck is scrapbooking?"
Dexter: "The tradition of putting photos and memorabilia into family keepsake albums along with relevant journaling."
Deb: "I don't even want to know how you know that."
Does Dexter scrapbook?

Dexter: "Should I take the out Rita gave me? What kind of father would I be? After all, I kill people."

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Who killed Teegan? Freebo did, obviously. That one's not even a mystery.

  2. I've just finished reviewing season 2 on TV Tome so it'll be ages before I see this but it's the best show you're reviewing at the moment.

  3. A little better than the opening episode but not as good as beforehand with the series.

    Dexter commenting on how the station was becoming annoyingly efficient is certainly a laugh a minute.

    I'm glad that the Freebo things hasn't dragged out all that much but damn, I don't trust Miguel. Something tells me this is another doomed friendship that Dexter has been forced into.

    Rita's up and down attitude with her pregnancy was Rita to a degree. Economically, things might not be great but Rita for the most part is a good mother to her kids.

    Harry's fantasy sequence appearance was fun, though Dexter is still clearly angry with him.

    Deb seems to have both Anton and Quinn on her tail. Yuki's a bitch but I can see Deb going there with Internal Affairs.

    Some nice little moments with Angel, Masuka and Maria as well this episode, 8/10.

  4. I love kids. I can play with them, enjoy them... and leave. I loved this line and laughed so hard, probably because I understand the sentiment so well.

    I was so tense when Miguel was closing in Dexter. This bromance fascinates me, more than his relationship with Brian.

    Can I just say that I hope Deb doesn't get involved with Quinn. Seriously, she's got to have better instincts than that.


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