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Dexter: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Dexter: "Showing up late at night like this. Is it creepy or is it just what friends do?"

This was the best episode so far this season. Dexter doing pregnancy yoga was worth the price of admission alone.

I loved the pregnant yoga class so, so much. I loved the thing with the milk, too. Dexter the lion slew his prey and dragged food back to the lair for his young. He's ready to be a father, now. I think that Deb being so happy for Dexter helped push him in the right direction; that, and the way she kept punching him in the arm. He can't change the fact that the baby is coming and will need him. Time to accept the situation, make the best of it, and hope that Rita doesn't give birth to Jeffrey Dahmer.

The moment I saw that pervert talking to Astor in the supermarket, I thought, buddy, you are so dead. Interesting that this was the second time, in quick succession, that Dexter killed someone who wasn't a murderer, who didn't fall within the limits of Harry's code. Not that I blame Dexter a bit in this case.

If Dexter is the lion in our metaphoric jungle, and Marten the pervert a (now dead) jackal, what the hell is Miguel Prado? He's like the poster child for ambiguous, and the situation is getting denser and stranger by the minute. That meeting under the bridge made me wonder if Miguel had initially planned a hit on Dexter, and changed his mind. And why on earth did Miguel give his bloody shirt to Dexter? It doesn't make sense to me.

Miguel is ruthless and ambitious; he seemed sincere about serving justice, but he also just sent an innocent man to prison for twenty years. (Maria picked up on that, too.) It seems obvious that the double dates and getting drunk together were all intended to pump Dexter. Miguel is not going to let Dexter live if he thinks there's any chance at all that Dexter could hurt him. In keeping with our episode theme, Miguel doesn't realize that he's dealing with a very dangerous predator and is almost certainly outmatched.

The "skin" killings are escalating and now everyone knows it isn't Freebo. Miami does tend to attract serial killers, doesn't it? Since Deb seems to be on the trail of the killer (she was talking to this week's victim, Javier, last week), I get the feeling that Deb's favorite snitch might be the next victim. That would be a shame, too, because they're a lot of fun together. Loved his "skinny mean bitch" song. And the bathroom scene was like extreme cops-n-robbers flirting.

Bits and pieces:

-- Masuka and the personally autographed issues of Forensics Quarterly were funny, but I'm wondering what this particular thread has to do with the main plot line. If it does. Maybe it's just randomly inserted comic relief.

-- The tree trimmers were carrying very sharp implements. Considering the skin thing, I was wondering if there was a reason the writers included them as witnesses.

-- Miguel and Dexter did relate in one way. They both disappointed their fathers. The topic of Miguel's father keeps coming up. Must be important.

-- Was that scene with Harry and the MRI a flashback or a fantasy? It felt a lot like the one with the baby and the rattle/syringe. Which would make it a fantasy. It's usually easier to tell.

-- Dexter alphabetizes his grocery lists? I don't believe it. That's inefficient, and Dexter is never inefficient. Categories. That's the way to go.


Rita: "Are there any details that you do know?"
Dexter: (to himself) "Like, mom was killed by a chainsaw, my brother was killed by, well, me. That kind of stuff?"

Deb: "A baby? A motherfucking roly-poly chubby-cheeked shit machine, are you kidding me?"
Dexter: "I've never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah."

Yoga instructor: "We are strong warriors. All of us."
Dexter: (to himself) "This is absolutely, without a doubt, the worst moment of my life."
Yoga instructor: "Now, let's go into a little free form yoga. Just let yourself dance."
Dexter: (to himself) "I was wrong. This is."

Masuka: "This is a deliberate insult against me and my people." (leaves)
Quinn: "Who the fuck are his people?"
Angel: "I don't know. Little scientists, I guess."

This probably wasn't a four, but at the very least it was a high three,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Hi Billie!
    I get the feeling that I know what Miquel Prado is up to, giving Dexter his shirt. He's setting Dexter up to take a fall, should something go wrong.
    He's "planting" evidence into Dexters open arms.
    Just as you think, Miguel will NEVER go down for ANYTHING, so he's covering his bases and tracks - much like Dexter did last season with Doakes.
    Also, I'm afraid that Dexter is underestimating Miguel Prado, because Miguel wants him to. What with all the drinking and so on. He's luring Dexter into a sense of safety which is very dangerous.
    Good review as always!

  2. Don't you think is funny that both in Angel's and Dexter's season 3 the titular character knocked up Julie Benz?

  3. I really liked this episode a lot. Probably the best one of the first three that we've gotten.

    Dexter's fatherhood issues were interesting and it seemed that every plot sort of added to it.

    You have Miguel trying to force on a friendship with him and mentioning his father issues yet again.

    You got Deb in her own little ways telling Dexter that he's going to be a great father, event the yellow baby grow was cute.

    You got Nathan posing a danger to Astor and Dexter going into Daddy mode and ridding the world of Nathan.

    You got the yoga classes and Rita and Dexter finally telling her that he wanted to raise their child together.

    As for Miguel, I like the actor but I seriously don't trust him. Dexter's crashed and burned with people he's connected with before (Rudy, Lila) so it's unlikely that Miguel will buck the trend as such.

    Deb getting more clues into Teegan's murder by Dexter was a nice move and I'm trying to figure why Quinn is so eager for Deb not be spending more time with Anton as well as these skinnings, 9/10.

  4. I organize my grocery list by the order of the aisles. :p

  5. The yoga class was one of the funniest things this show has ever done. I laughed through the whole thing.

    Can I just say, Mark and Billie, that organizing a grocery list sounds like hard work to me. I am usually really OCD and highly organized, but grocery lists are made as I run out of things...



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