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Heroes: Angels and Monsters

Sylar: "Rehabilitation doesn't happen overnight. I am trying."


I absolutely refuse to believe that Hiro just killed Ando. If he did, I'm going to be mondo pissed. As in never watching this show again pissed. If they've made our heroes into villains that black, they've taken the heart out of the story. Then again, nobody really dies on this show, anyway. They were probably faking it so that Hiro could infiltrate Linderman's swat team.

Except it wasn't Linderman. "Linderman" was a vision created by Maury Parkman, who isn't imprisoned in his own mind any more; he's working for Papa Petrelli, who isn't dead after all. (I'm reeling from that surprise plot twist.) I figured out who the guy in the bed had to be before it was revealed; we all knew they would have to trot out Papa Petrelli at some point. What's his power? The paralysis he just imposed on Angela? Has to be pretty scary to keep Maury in line.

At least the confirmation that "Linderman" is real means that Nathan isn't nuts. Nathan believed that his powers came from God. Tracy just corrected his notion; they came from a doctor in Reseda. Nathan is an artificially created superhuman, like Tracy. What about Peter? Claire? Sylar?

As much as I'm enjoying the new and more ambiguous Sylar, it doesn't make up for what they're doing to Peter. He was only around for a few minutes, and tried to kill his own mother. Fortunately, Sylar saved her in time, and I still can't believe I just wrote that sentence. Sylar saved Claire, too. Sylar is Claire's uncle too, right? I wish they would clarify that relationship. Is Sylar the son of Angela and Stuck-in-a-bed-wearing-a-ring Petrelli, or Angela and someone else? Why on earth would the Petrellis raise two sons but adopt out the third?

I'm not happy with what they're doing to Mohinder, either. He's never been one of my favorite characters, but I miss the old Mohinder, the earnest scientist who gave us great narration as he tried to figure out the secrets of the universe. This Mohinder with the ick and the evil is not for me, even if he did make me happy by cocooning the tiresome Maya. (Yes, let's do a scene right out of Aliens, shall we?) I bet Sylar looks pretty good to Maya right about now. The big question is, what is he cocooning them for? Laying his eggs? Lunch? They went out of their way to show that Mohinder was targeting drug dealers. Is that supposed to make it okay?

Claire literally went on a power trip and began her future career of supervillain-hunting. I'm all for nixing the boring high school plots, but I have to go with HRG and Sandra on this one; she should have stayed home. Adam got into trouble, too; he managed to outwit Hiro and Ando, only to be immediately mugged by Knox. I thought this was the most interesting part of the episode, putting immortal and unkillable Claire and Adam in real danger. Even they aren't untouchable.

I'm feeling pretty bummed about Heroes this season. I always watch shows I review a second time, which is usually no problem with shows I love. This season, I've had to push myself to watch a second time. That's not good. Come on, guys. I want to believe.


-- Nathan and Tracy hit the sheets. Sort of again, but not.

-- Meredith is now the prisoner of someone named Eric Doyle, who has some sort of mind control power and a taste for spaghetti and meatballs.

-- Pinehearst is in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The address was on the card Canfield had. Poor Canfield. Cool power. I have a little list. They never will be missed.

-- HRG asked Canfield to vortex Sylar, but Sylar wasn't that far away. I have long since lost track of what Peter and Sylar can do, but I did remember that Sylar acquired superhearing from that woman mechanic.

-- Angela's latest future dream showed Nathan, Peter and Tracy killed by Daddy Petrelli. Killing his own sons. That's not good.

-- Popping Adam Monroe in and out of a coffin was fun. Although it did make the threat less, well, threatening.


Sylar: "You okay?"
Claire: "Peachy."

Hiro: "This is your plan? Go to a bar?"
Adam: "I haven't had a drink in months, and they make a mean apple-tini."
I liked the idea of the specials-for-hire bar. Sort of like the cantina in Mos Eisley. But when did Adam have time to frequent this bar? Wasn't he in a cage for thirty years, and then in a coffin for a few months?

Two stars?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I'm getting disenchanted with Heroes, too. Season two was weak and I understand why they were trying to go edgey, but it's like they overcompensated or something.

  2. I wrote what i thought about Heroes after episode 3.4. Now i'll just comment about that bar thing. I think Adam brought them to just any bar and played Hiro like the gullible fool he is.
    As for Knox and Daphne they found them because they were actively searching not by chance. But that's just me.

    Ando isn't dead because in this show starting from the season 1 finale Nobody Dies(tm). But that doesn't make the scene or the ep any better.

    Two stars is a good score but it's like 1,7 stars rounded up... and i don't see a way to fix the mess. They would have to reboot the entire thing.

  3. very true...heroes has been disappointing...adam defo set up hiro...and his comments about heroes for hire probably was a lie...just cant believe ando and hiro fell for it....they shud have learnt by now...to stay clear of trouble becuase they spend to much time sorting out their own mistakes

  4. Yeah, Sylar has super hearing so should have heard HRG trying to get him killed. Then again, he may have - he did know what HRG had tried to do, so maybe Sylar was listening but they just didn't add the sound effect in for *us* to hear as well.

    I thought Linderman was in the bed, and was somehow astrally projecting or something. But then DL pretty much hollowed his head out didn't he? Obviously Adam was abducted so they could use his magic blood to heal Papa Petrelli and get him out of bed. Really, what *was* Angela thinking getting him unburried?

    As for Hiro killing Ando - well it's hardly a problem, all he has to do is teleport back there at the first chance and then make time flow backwards, thereby undoing the damage ala Prince of Persia. What bugs me is that he said he heard Daphne was recruiting ... when? When and where did they hear that? Who told them? That felt a bit like something had been cut out.

    Another thing that bugs me. They have all these dangerous people with powers, many of whom cause trouble because they got locked up without a trial. And whatever happened to the Haitian pills? You know, the ones that suppress your powers? Why not just tell these people - you got a choice, mandatory medication to suppress your abilities, or life imprisonment. There'd be a lot less villains with grudges around for sure.

    Really, there's the Shanti virus that deprives supers of their powers *and* kills them (a plus for dealing with villains) and the Haitian pills. *Why* arent they using them? And if Sylar's homicidal nature comes from his innate ability, why was he still a murdering nut job when the virus stripped him of his powers? And by that logic, couldn't those pills stop Peter from being a lunatic as well?

    Bleh. I wish they'd bring back the invisible man. I liked him.

  5. Thinking about brothers Petrilli. What if Sylar was the biological and gifted son of Mama and Papa Pretrelli but was taken away from his parents due to his ability. In the meantime, Mama and Papa Petrilli had been/were given Nathan and Peter as artificially gifted boys. I think that would make a great plot twist.

    I have found myself liking this series a lot - okay, so i didn't have really high expectations but I can't wait to see each episode as they are aired.

  6. continued from last message .. or Peter and Nathan were biologically Petrellis, but their parents chose to/were made to have them artificial abilities. That would be better - lots of clever/emotional plot twists!


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