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Heroes: Eris Quod Sum

Tracy: "Let me get this straight. She's the biological mother of your illegitimate daughter, and he's her adopted father."

Primatech versus Pinehearst?

I enjoyed this one. I especially loved Tracy trying to figure out Nathan's relationship to Meredith and HRG. HRG and Meredith make a fun team. So do Nathan and Tracy, for that matter; I've decided I like Tracy a lot more than Niki. I also think it's a hoot that the evil Primatech is now the headquarters of the good guys who have to bring down Pinehearst, the bad guys. Maybe Heroes is finally back on track.

Arthur revealed why he and Angela gave Sylar up for adoption, or at least his version: Angela saw Sylar's future, and tried to kill him. That made sense. But Angela's current "Gabriel, you are my favorite" persona just doesn't reconcile with that. Maybe Sylar really isn't her favorite. Maybe Angela really was lying to save Peter. I'm also wondering how two superpower psychos like Arthur and Angela raised two genuinely good and heroic sons without corrupting them.

Did Sylar indeed save Peter from dying in that seven story fall? I sure hope so, because if that wasn't what he was doing, then Sylar just tried to kill Peter. Maybe Company Man Sylar decided to infiltrate Pinehearst. Then again, he seems so enchanted with all of these new familial relationships, so maybe he just wants to get to know Daddy. They appear to have a lot in common.

Another reason I enjoyed this episode so much was the return of Kristen Bell as Electric Elle. (I just noticed how much that looks like electric eel.) I liked seeing Elle and Claire actually helping each other, especially Claire cancelling Elle out. I also really liked the allusion to the Wicked Witch when they were throwing water on Elle.

I got upset when Knox killed Matt. I should have known better than to fall for that by now. I was also rather touched that Maury died protecting Matt. Even supervillains can love their kids. (Well, maybe not Arthur.) Daphne may be an unwilling undercover agent, but hey -- Matt reads minds, right? Can't she "tell" him somehow?

Isn't Matt supposed to be raising Molly? Where is Molly?

Bits and pieces:

-- The title is the second half of a Latin phrase popular on gravestones that means, "I was what you are; you will be what I am." I wonder if that was about Arthur and Sylar/Gabriel?

-- According to the cable synopsis, African Spirit Guy's name is Usutu. I'm fairly sure his name hasn't been mentioned on the actual show, though. Like our friend the Haitian. And by the way, I've officially had enough of these African sequences with the difficult-to-decipher paintings. Enough, already.

-- Maya is now powerless, which is what she wanted. Goodbye, Maya. Take a plane and go far, far away.

-- If Maya does go, that will again leave us with a cast full of black-haired guys and blonde women.

-- I hope Arthur doesn't strip Elle of her powers, though. Can't he just strip Mohinder's?

-- Arthur was reading Thus Spake Zarathustra.

-- The turtle has landed. The Mohinder/Matt/Molly apartment now has two strange pets that no one will ever feed or take care of. At least they can keep each other company.

-- Hiro is off on a spirit journey. Thankfully, not time travel. The time travel isn't going well this season.

-- Was Hayden Panettiere wearing a wig? But why would she need to? Her hairline just looked odd to me.

-- Apparently, these seven episodes have taken place in only a week.


Arthur: "Son, until you change that attitude, you're grounded."

Mohinder: "What could possibly drive a father to put his children through such grief?"
Arthur: "Have you met their mother?"
Nasty, nasty, nasty. Come on, Arthur. I'd take Angela over you any day of the week.

Elle: "I've been nothing but a bitch and you've been nothing but sweet, which really just makes me hate you more."

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I agree, it definitely feels as if Heroes is getting back on track but Billie! I'm shocked! Did you not see the obvious symbolism of Nathans former and current girlfriend!? Fire...and ice!?
    And yes, thank all the makers that are that sissy little I'm-so-helpless-that-I've-killed-an-entire-village Maya is gone. Goooood riddance!
    Also, obviously this episode was about "becoming what you have been" - 'cause we got TWO infiltrators. Speedy Gonzalez and Gabriel have each infiltrated the other organisation. Question is - what'll it do to them? Well, what's-her-face will obviously cross over to the good guys, does that mean Gabriel will become Sylar again? I kind of get the feeling there'll be a showdown between daddy and son, but for what reason I don't know.

  2. As for Molly: Mohinder mentioned to Maya in the premiere or the 2nd ep that Molly was sent away.

    It's another taller-Walt issue i bet... The same with Micah (but i won't miss him)

  3. this season of heroes has been on track from the start, imo. it seems people are getting frustrated because the writers aren't laying all the cards on the table in one episode.


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