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Heroes: Destiny #2: Intervention


The football game is tied at 2-2. Santiago's team need to score if they're to take the Championship and win the cash prize. Thirty seconds remain on the clock. Santiago tells Esteban that he doesn't play for money. Esteban points out that he'll need money to take out Elisa, who's watching in the stands. So Santiago makes a deal. If he wins the game for them, Esteban must convince the team to donate their winnings to the needy. Esteban agrees, as long as they can keep the trophy.

The whistle blows and Santiago uses his abilities to calculate the best way to score. He calls for the ball and scores with a spectacular scissor kick. They win the match.

He gives the prize money to Elisa, hoping it will lessen her family's burden. He tells her that her prayers have been answered, and buoyed by his new found purpose, he shares with her his belief that God wants him to make a difference.

Elisa kisses Santiago, but when they break she's holding a syringe full of blue liquid. Santiago uses his super speed to escape, only to be caught again by Elisa in liquid form. She materializes in front of him, and before he can escape again the mysterious blonde lady blasts him from behind with a taser. He falls down unconscious.


I'm not sure where MBL got her taser from, but it packs way more punch than Noah's. At first I thought that Elle had blasted him from behind one of the pillars.

You really can't fault Santiago's motives. His Catholic upbringing has certainly instilled in him a generous spirit. And although he fidgeted his way through church last webisode, he still took Father Juan's sermon to heart. What a lovely chap. Something awful's going to happen to him, isn't it?

When Santiago asked Elisa “Do you believe in God?” she replied, “I suppose.” Not overly confident in the big guy's existence then? Despite her telling Santiago she'd been praying for answers last webisode.

I'm not sure that the Heroes webisodes work as well as the Lost webisodes. The Lost webisodes focus on characters we already know, eliminating the need for introductory dialogue and exposition. There's an instant connection. With the Heroes webisodes, every week it feels like you're going in cold. I'm not sure whether I care for any of these new characters yet... in fact I haven't made up my mind whether I care for any of the characters from the first Heroes webisodes yet. And therein lies the rub (sic).


Santiago: “I told you, your prayers have been answered.”

Santiago: “My mother's always telling me that I don't know which way I'm headed. But right now I think I know what I'm supposed to do.”

Santiago: “Do you believe in God, Elisa?”
Elisa: “I suppose. Why do you ask?”
Santiago: “Because I think he's here, all around us. I think he wants me to make a difference.”

Santiago: "What are you?”

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