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Lost Missing Pieces #8: Buried Secrets


Sun sneaks off into the jungle and tries to bury her forged California driver's license. She's disturbed by Michael, who's out looking for Vincent. Sensing that Sun is upset, he goes over to comfort her. Sun looks down at her half buried driver's licence. He picks it up and hands it back to her. She confides in him that she'd been planning to leave Jin and start a new life in America, but had been too afraid to go through with it.

Michael reassures her that they'll all be off the island soon. Sun says it's too late. The island is her punishment and her destiny. She tells him that Jin's not the man she fell in love with. Michael hugs her and strokes her hair gently. Sun softens to his touch and they both move in for a kiss. Vincent barks loudly and shocks them both out of the moment. Sun turns and leaves.


Again, we don't learn much this webisode that we didn't know already. But we do get to see some development in Michael and Sun's relationship. In the last webisode ("Arzt and Crafts") Michael was very protective of Sun, so this seems like a natural progression of the saga. Plus it reignites speculation as to the paternity of Sun's baby.

I'll admit, Michael's never been one of my favourite characters. He didn't have much of an impact on me when the show first aired, and I was more than chagrined when he shot Libby. But somewhere down the line something changed. I began to feel sorry for Michael. He may have done some terrible things... things which make you wonder what you'd have done had you been faced with the same set of choices. But his contrition is so clearly genuine, his pain and self loathing so evident, that you can't help but feel for the guy. I think Harold Perrineau does a sterling job in getting across Michael's inner turmoil.

There's also a fate versus freewill thread running through the webisode. Is Sun's being on the island her punishment for past infidelity? Michael doesn't seem to think so. Sun however is not so sure, and claims it's her destiny to be there. Time will tell, I guess.


Sun: “I was going to leave him. I was going to leave Jin, and start a new life in America. But I changed my mind at the airport because... I was afraid.”
Michael: “Hey, hey, it's... it's... it's okay. We're getting off this island any day now. Things will change.”
Sun: “No, it's too late. This place. It's my punishment. It's my destiny.”

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