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Lost Missing Pieces #9: Tropical Depression


Dr Arzt is catching spiders on the beach when he's approached by Michael. The raft is finished and Michael wants to know the wind conditions for the next day. Arzt confesses to not knowing the first thing about weather prediction. Everything he'd said earlier, about the closeness of the monsoon season, had been nothing more that an elaborate bluff designed to get them off the island ASAP.

Arzt goes on to confess that before the crash he'd fallen in love with a woman over the internet. He'd flown out to Sydney to meet her, and had taken her to the best restaurant he could find. Only to have her skip out on him during the meal, never to return. Oceanic flight 815 was supposed to have been his flight back home.

Michael tells him that everyone on the beach has a story just like his. Arzt acknowledges the fact reluctantly, and apologises to Michael for all the lies.


Now we know why the “monsoon season” predicted by Arzt (in the episode "Born to Run") never materialized. Arzt had been lying in an attempt to hasten their rescue.

Despite the lies, Arzt comes across as a genuinely likable (if somewhat pathetic) character. His angst and his remorse seem genuine enough. Plus, we get an interesting peek into his private life. Poor Arzt. Jilted in Sydney mid-date. And not even able to return the lobster...lol. Great line!

Last webisode Sun suggested that her being on the island was a punishment. Assuming there's some mileage to that, what is Arzt being punished for? His back story is relatively benign in comparison to Sun's (or any of the other survivors for that matter). Is there something hidden in his past that we still don't know about?

This is the second webisode to feature Arzt. Perhaps the producers were feeling guilty for blowing him up. But at least Arzt gets some closure in this episode. He apologises for his past mistakes, and Michael both acknowledges and forgives them. Thus Arzt can die with a clean conscience.


Arzt: “I shouldn't have used my buddy Nick's picture... okay, I admit that, I said that, I said that I was sorry. I thought that we were beyond that, so it made no difference because we really connected.”

Arzt: “I took her out to the nicest restaurant I could find. She ordered lobster. And she frickin' disappeared. Never came back to the table. They wouldn't even let me give the lobster back.”

Michael: “You know what? I would really love to feel sorry for you and all. But take a look around. Everybody on this beach has got a story just like yours. You think any of us want to be here?”

Michael: “The raft is finished. Were getting out of here. We're going to bring back help.”
Arzt: “I know you are. And I'm going to be the first one on this beach waving hello.”

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